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Authors starting with 'F'

  1. Shalbu Faraji Bin Hamet Al-Bakariy Al-Lumy (Book Title: Khabar Al-Lamu, ID: GB/30281)
  2. Dumile Feni (Zwelidumile Jeremiah Mgxaji) (Book Title: South African Breweries Art Prize 1966, ID: GB/30824)
  3. Emily Fern (Book Title: Exhibition of Pictures by Emily Fern and Walter W. Battiss, ID: GB/30297)
  4. Leo Francois (Book Title: Memorial Exhibition of the Paintings of Leo Francois, ID: GB/30921)
  5. Esmé D. Fuller (Book Title: Photography by Esme D. Fuller, ID: GB/30178)

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