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Authors starting with 'H'

  1. Frieda Harmsen (Book Title: Art in South Africa, ID: GB/30618)
  2. Frieda Harmsen (Book Title: Artlook (39), ID: GB/30622)
  3. Frieda Harmsen (Book Title: Butterfly Has Flown Away. . ., ID: GB/30170)
  4. Frieda Harmsen (Book Title: De Arte (03), ID: GB/30327)
  5. Frieda Harmsen (Book Title: Paradox and Enigma - Walter Battiss, ID: GB/30388)
  6. Frieda Harmsen (Book Title: Report from South Africa, ID: GB/30190)
  7. Frieda Harmsen (Book Title: Sanctuary unveiled for Walter Battiss, ID: GB/30335)
  8. Frieda Harmsen (Book Title: Sanctuary unveiled for Walter Battiss, ID: GB/30328)
  9. Henry Hartley (Book Title: Battiss Family including The Hartley Family, ID: GB/30233)
  10. Frieda Hattingh (Book Title: Homage to Thabang Noto Matseke (1930 - 1997), ID: GB/30946)
  11. S. H. Haughton (Book Title: Trans-Karoo Excursion, ID: GB/30298)
  12. Jules Heller (Book Title: Sixth British International Print Biennale, ID: GB/16132)
  13. Cecil Higgs (Book Title: Act zeitgenössische maler aus Südafrika, ID: GB/30653)
  14. Gerrit Hilhorst (Book Title: Letters from Gerrit Hilhorst, ID: GB/30236)
  15. Gerrit Hilhorst (Book Title: Postcard from Gerrit [Hilhorst], ID: GB/30194)
  16. Lancelot Hogben (Book Title: From Cave Painting to Comic Strip, ID: GB/30950)
  17. Humpagherkin (Book Title: Fook Nooks (2), ID: SA/2440)

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