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Authors starting with 'M'

  1. Michael Macnamara (Book Title: Butterfly Has Flown Away. . ., ID: GB/30170)
  2. Michael Macnamara (Book Title: Pasquino Society, ID: GB/30325)
  3. Michael Macnamara (Book Title: Pasquino Society, ID: GB/30325)
  4. Michael Macnamara (Book Title: Walter Battiss, ID: GB/30316)
  5. Henri Matisse (Book Title: Paintings and Drawings of Matisse, ID: GB/15419)
  6. Frank McEwen (Book Title: Contemporary Transvaal Art, ID: GB/30182)
  7. A. L. Meiring (Book Title: Walter Battiss, ID: GB/30351)
  8. E. E. Merritt (Book Title: Little Jacaranda Tree, ID: SA/2075)
  9. Corneel Mertens (Book Title: Is Zuid-Afrika "apart"?, ID: GB/30679)
  10. Mikinaak Migwans (Book Title: Exhibition catalogue, ID: GB/30372)
  11. Otto Moszeik (Book Title: Die Malereien der Buschmänner in Südafrika von Otto Moszeik, ID: GB/30645)

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