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Authors starting with 'C'

  1. Jean Cassau (Book Title: Paintings and Drawings of Matisse, ID: GB/15419)
  2. Janet Catherine (Book Title: Fook Flag (Ferd III), ID: GB/50148)
  3. Norman Catherine (Book Title: Fook Flag (Ferd III), ID: GB/50148)
  4. Norman Catherine (Book Title: Fook Island - Art & Objects, ID: SA/1563)
  5. Norman Catherine (Book Title: Fook Isle Banknote (1ak), ID: GB/50151)
  6. Norman Catherine (Book Title: Fook Nooks (1), ID: SA/2439)
  7. Norman Catherine (Book Title: Professor Walter Battiss, ID: GB/30245)
  8. Giuseppe Cattaneo (Book Title: Artists of Fame and Promise, ID: GB/30209)
  9. Ella Chilton (Book Title: Minute Book of the New Group, ID: GB/30628)
  10. Jenny Christie (Book Title: FOOK letters from Jenny Christie, ID: GB/31501)
  11. Gabriel Clark-Brown (Book Title: South African Art Times, ID: GB/30333)
  12. Marie Coetzee (Book Title: John Wickens' Scrapbook of Walter Battiss materials, ID: GB/30172)
  13. Victoria Cullinan (Book Title: Discussion of 23 drawings by Walter Battiss, ID: GB/30171)
  14. Victoria Cullinan (Book Title: Walter Battiss, ID: GB/30318)

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