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Authors starting with 'L'

  1. Eugene Labuschagne (Book Title: Artists of Fame and Promise, ID: GB/30209)
  2. Maggie Laubser (Book Title: Act zeitgenössische maler aus Südafrika, ID: GB/30653)
  3. Lawrence Adler (Book Title: Kind of Living, ID: GB/30837)
  4. Doreen Levin (Book Title: Pasquino Society and Censorship in South Africa, ID: GB/30289)
  5. Doreen Levin (Book Title: Sunday Times article on Battiss, ID: GB/30286)
  6. Guy Lionnet (Book Title: Coco-de-Mer, ID: GB/30305)
  7. I. Lippy Lipschitz (Book Title: Sculpture of Lippy Lipschitz, ID: GB/30313)
  8. E. K. Lorimer (Book Title: Exhibition "Own and Loan", ID: GB/30832)

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