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Authors starting with 'K'

  1. Elbie Kachelhoffer (Book Title: Album from Hoffer Art Gallery, ID: GB/30617)
  2. Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler (Book Title: Correspondence between Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler and Walter Battiss, ID: GB/30167)
  3. Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler (Book Title: Walter Battiss meeting with Daniel Henri Kahnweiler in Paris, ID: GB/30354)
  4. Michele Kraft (Book Title: Habitat Interview, ID: GB/30638)
  5. Braam Kruger (Book Title: Art (supplement), ID: GB/30221)
  6. Braam Kruger (Book Title: Fook Nooks (2), ID: SA/2440)
  7. Sydney Kumalo (Book Title: Artists of Fame and Promise, ID: GB/30209)

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