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Authors starting with 'G'

  1. Johannes Gachnang (Book Title: On Kawara. One Year's Production, ID: GB/12285)
  2. Peter Galassi (Book Title: Aleksandr Rodchenko, ID: GB/1534)
  3. Marie Odile Germain (Book Title: Trésors de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, ID: GB/14582)
  4. Ralph Gibson (Book Title: Ex Libris, ID: GB/2363)
  5. Massimiliano Gioni (Book Title: Pen of All Work, ID: GB/15916)
  6. Andre Gloeckner (Book Title: Maillol, ID: GB/5313)
  7. Mark Godfrey (Book Title: Roni Horn aka Roni Horn, ID: GB/12302)
  8. Jane Goldman (Book Title: Modernism, ID: GB/16744)
  9. Ann Goldstein (Book Title: Thinking of You, ID: GB/3581)
  10. Felix Gonzales-Torres (Book Title: Symptoms of Interference, Conditions of Possibility, ID: GB/30029)
  11. Jeremy Gordin (Book Title: Magical Universe of Joan Miro, ID: GB/16793)
  12. Rigby Graham (Book Title: Sketchbook Drawings, ID: GB/2544)
  13. Rigby Graham (Book Title: Woodcuts and Words, ID: GB/2545)
  14. Natalia Granero (Book Title: Blaise Cendrars et Sonia Delaunay, ID: GB/15463)
  15. Marie Gray (Book Title: Historical Pop-Up Book for 1890 and 1920, ID: GB/2562)
  16. Shary Grossman (Book Title: Sonia Delaunay, ID: GB/14578)
  17. George Grosz (Book Title: Ecce Homo, ID: GB/2614)
  18. Madeleine Grynsztejn (Book Title: Olafur Eliasson, ID: GB/11891)
  19. Madeleine Grynzstejn (Book Title: Art of Richard Tuttle, ID: GB/11605)
  20. Lynn Gumpert (Book Title: Christian Boltanski, ID: GB/15942)

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