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Authors starting with 'S'

  1. Lucas Samaras (Book Title: Photographs of Lucas Samaras, ID: GB/12311)
  2. Lucas Samaras (Book Title: Unrepentant Ego, ID: GB/10000)
  3. Nick Savage (Book Title: Hogarth's Peregrination, ID: GB/5652)
  4. Alain Sayag (Book Title: Brassaï, ID: GB/15959)
  5. Dorothy L. Sayers (Book Title: Abominable History of the Man with Copper Fingers, ID: GB/5655)
  6. Peter Schjeldahl (Book Title: Edward Ruscha Stains, ID: GB/10523)
  7. Pamela Scott (Book Title: Alphabet of Circus Skills, ID: GB/5755)
  8. Ronald Searle (Book Title: Predatory Bite of the Steel Nib, ID: GB/10194)
  9. Ronald Searle (Book Title: Predatory Bite of the Steel Nib, ID: GB/10194)
  10. Ronald Searle (Book Title: Watteau Revisited, ID: GB/11870)
  11. David Shapiro (Book Title: Jim Dine, ID: GB/5871)
  12. Judi Sharwood (Book Title: Le Weekend, ID: GB/5884)
  13. Shunk-Kender (Book Title: Autobiography & Sex Life of Andy Warhol, ID: GB/12290)
  14. Seth Siegelaub (Book Title: Seth Siegelaub. Beyond Conceptual Art, ID: GB/15337)
  15. C. H. Sisson (Book Title: Night Thoughts and Other Poems, ID: GB/5966)
  16. Edwin Smith (Book Title: Cuts, ID: GB/5996)
  17. Helene Smuts (Book Title: Magical Universe of Joan Miro, ID: GB/16793)
  18. Michael Speaks (Book Title: Olafur Eliasson, ID: GB/11891)
  19. Werner Spies (Book Title: Max Ernst Collages, ID: GB/6104)
  20. Anne Stevenson (Book Title: Black Grate Poems, ID: GB/6201)
  21. Martino Stierli (Book Title: MoMA Now, ID: GB/16439)
  22. Sylvia Stokeld (Book Title: Pinks, ID: GB/15761)
  23. Sylvia Stokeld (Book Title: Some Dolls, ID: GB/6224)
  24. Sylvia Stokeld (Book Title: Three Weddings Attended by Beatrice D'Este, ID: GB/11041)
  25. Hiroshi Sugimoto (Book Title: Hiroshi Sugimoto, ID: GB/13106)
  26. Dag Sveen (Book Title: Kurt Johannessen, ID: GB/10979)
  27. Matthew Sweeney (Book Title: Thorpeness Poems, ID: GB/6308)

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