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Authors starting with 'K'

  1. On Kawara (Book Title: On Kawara - Silence, ID: GB/15272)
  2. On Kawara (Book Title: On Kawara. One Year's Production, ID: GB/12285)
  3. William Kentridge (Book Title: Memorials of Identity, ID: GB/11124)
  4. Robert Kettell (Book Title: Animal Alphabet, ID: GB/3441)
  5. Annie Randall King (Book Title: alphabet of deadly sins and lesser evils peculiar to the House and Garden, ID: GB/3465)
  6. Peter Kingston (Book Title: Harbourlights, ID: GB/11977)
  7. Martin Kippenberger (Book Title: Kippenberger, ID: GB/15960)
  8. Richard Klein (Book Title: Surface Mail (or The Limitations of Magic), ID: GB/15183)
  9. Vassiliki Kolocotroni (Book Title: Modernism, ID: GB/16744)
  10. Joseph Kosuth (Book Title: Symptoms of Interference, Conditions of Possibility, ID: GB/30029)
  11. Márta Kovalovszky (Book Title: András Böröcz: Talált és kitalált tárgyak, ID: GB/16107)
  12. T. Peter Kraus (Book Title: Rare Books, ID: 1683)
  13. Barbara Kruger (Book Title: Thinking of You, ID: GB/3581)
  14. Miwon Kwon (Book Title: Mark Dion, ID: GB/10840)

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