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Authors starting with 'P'

  1. Suzanne Pagé (Book Title: Olafur Eliasson: Contact, ID: GB/14788)
  2. Raymond Pettibon (Book Title: Pen of All Work, ID: GB/15916)
  3. Raymond Pettibon (Book Title: Raymond Pettibon, ID: GB/15355)
  4. Lisa Phillips (Book Title: Pen of All Work, ID: GB/15916)
  5. Fiona Pitt-Kethley (Book Title: School for Life, ID: GB/5100)
  6. Jochen Poetter (Book Title: Richard Tuttle, ID: GB/11066)
  7. K. G. Pontus Hulten (Book Title: Machine, ID: GB/5130)
  8. Marla Prather (Book Title: Unrepentant Ego, ID: GB/10000)
  9. Matthew Prior (Book Title: Poems on Several Occasions, ID: GB/5190)

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