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Authors starting with 'M'

  1. Jan Mark (Book Title: Two Stories, ID: GB/4145)
  2. Frank Martin (Book Title: Newhaven Dieppe, ID: GB/4182)
  3. Frank Martin (Book Title: Shadowland. Pictures from a Silent Screen, ID: GB/4183)
  4. Sara Martinetti (Book Title: Seth Siegelaub. Beyond Conceptual Art, ID: GB/15337)
  5. Peter C. Marzio (Book Title: Brassaï: The Eye of Paris, ID: GB/14656)
  6. Alex Masdem (Book Title: Sonia Delaunay, ID: GB/14573)
  7. Matilda McQuaid (Book Title: Color Moves, ID: GB/14590)
  8. James Meyer (Book Title: Cuts, ID: GB/10403)
  9. John Milton (Book Title: Temptation, ID: GB/4458)
  10. Bill Moggridge (Book Title: Color Moves, ID: GB/14590)
  11. Gerard Lo Monaco (Book Title: Madame Sonia Delaunay, ID: GB/15133)
  12. Elizabeth Morano (Book Title: Sonia Delaunay, ID: GB/14575)
  13. Timothy Morton (Book Title: Olafur Eliasson. Reality Machines, ID: GB/15247)
  14. Pia Müller-Tamm (Book Title: Hiroshi Sugimoto, ID: GB/13106)

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