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Authors starting with 'Y'

  1. Tina Yapelli (Book Title: Long Day, ID: SA/0401)
  2. Lynette Yiadom-Boakye (Book Title: Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, ID: SA/1206)
  3. Elizsabeth Yntema (Book Title: South African Painting and Sculpture, ID: SA/0642)
  4. Ute Ben Yosef (Book Title: Graven Image, ID: SA/0231)
  5. Ed Young (Book Title: One Million and Forty Four Years (and Sixty Three Days), ID: SA/1140)
  6. Gavin Young (Book Title: Cradle Snatcher, ID: SA/1261)
  7. Gavin Young (Book Title: Prosthesis, ID: SA/1322)
  8. Gavin Young (Book Title: The Homage Portfolio, ID: SA/2293)
  9. Joseph Young. (Book Title: Oh to Believe in Another World, ID: SA/2473)
  10. Gavin Younge (Book Title: Art of the South African Townships, ID: SA/0749)
  11. Gavin Younge (Book Title: Artworks in Progress (4), ID: SA/0285)
  12. Gavin Younge (Book Title: Celsius, ID: SA/0180)
  13. Gavin Younge (Book Title: Salt River Soliloquies, ID: SA/0526)
  14. Basie Yssel (Book Title: Basie Yssel, ID: SA/1290)

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