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Authors starting with 'E'

  1. Manie (aka Hoobie) Eager (Book Title: Walter Battiss by Walter Battiss, ID: SA/0802)
  2. Peter Eastman (Book Title: Reflective, ID: SA/0323)
  3. Audun Eckhoff (Book Title: Nicholas Hlobo, ID: SA/1380)
  4. Beate Eckstein (Book Title: Celsius, ID: SA/0180)
  5. Paul Edmonds (Book Title: Violence. Silence., ID: SA/2498)
  6. Paul Edmunds (Book Title: 1st Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial, ID: SA/0256)
  7. Paul Edmunds (Book Title: Aggregate, ID: SA/1013)
  8. Paul Edmunds (Book Title: Season, ID: SA/1940)
  9. Paul Edmunds (Book Title: Set the World on Fire, ID: SA/1045)
  10. Paul Edmunds (Book Title: subtropicalia, ID: SA/1210)
  11. Paul Edmunds (Book Title: Summer 2008/9 Projects, ID: SA/1050)
  12. Alice Edy (Book Title: Uneasy Reading, ID: SA/1847)
  13. Emery Patrick Effiboley (Book Title: From the Heart, ID: SA/1968)
  14. Charles Eglington (Book Title: Maud Sumner, ID: SA/2287)
  15. Jenny Egner (Book Title: I Don't Know Why I Was Created, ID: SA/2220)
  16. Julius Eichbaum (Book Title: Gallery, ID: SA/0051)
  17. Julius Eichbaum (Book Title: Gallery, ID: SA/0052)
  18. Stefan Eisenhofer (Book Title: Tracing the Rainbow, ID: SA/0926)
  19. Frikkie (Frederik) Eksteen (Book Title: Speculum, ID: SA/0263)
  20. Frikkie (Frederik) Eksteen (Book Title: Transcode, ID: SA/2505)
  21. Alice Elahi (Book Title: Alice Elahi, ID: SA/2258)
  22. Alice Elahi (Book Title: Alice Elahi, ID: SA/2242)
  23. David Elliot (Book Title: Art from South Africa, ID: SA/0420)
  24. Peter Elliot (Book Title: Nita Spilhaus (1878-1967), ID: SA/2058)
  25. Peter Elliot (Book Title: Nita Spilhaus (1878-1967), ID: SA/2030)
  26. Zakkie (Zacharias) Eloff (Book Title: Art of Zakkie Eloff, ID: SA/2565)
  27. Zakkie (Zacharias) Eloff (Book Title: Correspondence with Prof. D. M. (Danie) Joubert, ID: SA/2553)
  28. Zakkie (Zacharias) Eloff (Book Title: Drawn from Life, ID: SA/0424)
  29. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: At Home with Irma Stern, ID: SA/0962)
  30. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: Intimate Masculinities, ID: SA/2038)
  31. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: Paul Emmanuel, ID: SA/0329)
  32. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: Paul Emmanuel, ID: SA/2276)
  33. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: Paul Emmanuel's Transitions, ID: SA/1412)
  34. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: 'person without the person' in the early work of Paul Emmanuel, ID: SA/2320)
  35. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: Threads of Knowing, ID: SA/0391)
  36. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: Transitions, ID: SA/1040)
  37. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: Waldsee 1944, ID: SA/1973)
  38. E. P. Engel (Book Title: Ben en Cecilia Jaffe - Versameling, ID: SA/0181)
  39. E. P. Engel (Book Title: Edoardo Villa - Sculpture, ID: SA/0703)
  40. Leanne Engelberg (Book Title: Artists in Conversation, ID: SA/0858)
  41. Despina Engelbrecht (Book Title: Diamond Bozas, ID: SA/1600)
  42. Dick Enthoven (Book Title: Personal Affects - Volume I, ID: SA/0342)
  43. Dick Enthoven (Book Title: Personal Affects - Volume II, ID: SA/0553)
  44. Okwui Enwezor (Book Title: Art in South Africa, ID: SA/0720)
  45. Okwui Enwezor (Book Title: Contemporary African Art Since 1980, ID: SA/1207)
  46. Okwui Enwezor (Book Title: Grey Areas, ID: SA/0436)
  47. Okwui Enwezor (Book Title: Recent Histories, ID: SA/2086)
  48. Okwui Enwezor (Book Title: Reframing the black subject: Ideology and fantasy in contemporary South African art, ID: SA/2315)
  49. Okwui Enwezor (Book Title: Rise and Fall of Apartheid, ID: SA/2022)
  50. Okwui Enwezor (Book Title: Trade Routes: History and Geography, ID: SA/0710)
  51. Nel Erasmus (Book Title: Conflux - A Confluence of Daring and Discovery, ID: SA/2572)
  52. Nel Erasmus (Book Title: Nel Erasmus, ID: SA/1590)
  53. Retha Erasmus (Book Title: Clean // Grime, ID: SA/0522)
  54. Heidi Erdmann (Book Title: Jan Neethling, ID: SA/1668)
  55. Heidi Erdmann (Book Title: Manfred Zylla, ID: SA/1774)
  56. Ekow Eshun (Book Title: Africa Modern, ID: SA/2189)
  57. Liza Essers (Book Title: David Exhibition, ID: SA/1745)
  58. Liza Essers (Book Title: Goodman Gallery, ID: SA/2072)
  59. Liza Essers (Book Title: In Context, ID: SA/1242)
  60. Liza Essers (Book Title: New Revolutions, ID: SA/1839)
  61. Liza Essers (Book Title: Poetry in Between: SouthSouth / A Heteronymous Reader., ID: SA/2379)
  62. Liza Essers (Book Title: Sources- Contemporary Sculpture in the Landscape, ID: SA/1100)
  63. Scats Esterhuyse (Book Title: Beyond the Forgotten: The Intersection of Persistent Memory, ID: SA/1438)
  64. Scats Esterhuyse (Book Title: Recent Oil Paintings by Scats Esterhuyse, ID: SA/0955)
  65. Scats Esterhuyse (Book Title: Scats Esterhuyse: The Transiet Landscape, ID: SA/1441)
  66. Bertha Everard (Book Title: Women of Bonnefoi, ID: SA/0446)
  67. Ruth Everard-Haden (Book Title: Women of Bonnefoi, ID: SA/0446)
  68. Rosamund Everard-Steenkamp (Book Title: Women of Bonnefoi, ID: SA/0446)

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