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Authors starting with 'G'

  1. Meschac Gaba (Book Title: Monde, ID: SA/1580)
  2. Meschac Gaba (Book Title: The Street, ID: SA/1250)
  3. Neville Gabie (Book Title: Neville Gabie, ID: SA/2247)
  4. Peter Galison (Book Title: Refusal of Time, ID: SA/1436)
  5. Peter Galison (Book Title: Refusal of Time, ID: SA/1519)
  6. Federica Galloni (Book Title: Triumphs and Laments, ID: SA/1853)
  7. Marina Galvani (Book Title: Africa Now!, ID: SA/1172)
  8. Marina Galvani (Book Title: Africa Now!, ID: SA/1172)
  9. Thuli Gamedze (Book Title: Adjective, ID: SA/2212)
  10. Tracy Gander (Book Title: Art Throb 1998-2003: The Archive, ID: SA/1707)
  11. Christian Ganzenberg (Book Title: Ampersand, ID: SA/1244)
  12. Tamar Garb (Book Title: Conversations in Letters and Lines, ID: SA/1854)
  13. Tamar Garb (Book Title: Home Lands - Land Marks, ID: SA/2327)
  14. Tamar Garb (Book Title: Hylton Nel, ID: SA/0173)
  15. Tamar Garb (Book Title: Made Routes, ID: SA/2235)
  16. Tamar Garb (Book Title: Umlindelo wamaKholwa, ID: SA/2040)
  17. Maranthe Staden Garbett (Book Title: Guy du Toit, ID: SA/1508)
  18. Maranthe Staden Garbett (Book Title: In die Bos, ID: SA/1297)
  19. Maranthe Staden Garbett (Book Title: Seretse Moletsane, ID: SA/1507)
  20. Michael Gardiner (Book Title: South African Literary Magazines, ID: SA/0546)
  21. Sally Gaule (Book Title: Jo'burg Gini, ID: SA/1974)
  22. Joseph Gaylard (Book Title: Notes to Home, ID: SA/2278)
  23. Sakhisizwe Gcina (Book Title: Nobukho Nqaba, ID: SA/2260)
  24. Bernard Gcwensa (Book Title: Bernard Gcwensa and Ruben Xulu, ID: SA/0792)
  25. Kendell Geers (Book Title: Contemporary South African Art, ID: SA/0725)
  26. Kendell Geers (Book Title: Grey Areas, ID: SA/0436)
  27. Kendell Geers (Book Title: Intersections, ID: SA/0682)
  28. Kendell Geers (Book Title: Irrespektiv, ID: SA/1033)
  29. Kendell Geers (Book Title: Voyage from Fook Island, ID: SA/2426)
  30. Stephan Gehmacher (Book Title: Red Bridge Project, ID: SA/2459)
  31. D. J. C. Geldenhuis (Book Title: Akademiekunsversameling, ID: SA/0803)
  32. Aymeric Gentric (Book Title: Dark Stains, ID: SA/0593)
  33. Katja Gentric (Book Title: Film Will Always Be You, ID: SA/2254)
  34. Katja Gentric (Book Title: Nonplussed, ID: SA/0311)
  35. Daniella Geo (Book Title: re)construcoes, ID: SA/2377)
  36. Philip Georgas (Book Title: Positive : Pulse : 2007, ID: SA/2562)
  37. Madelaine Serena Georgette (Book Title: Just Society, ID: SA/1526)
  38. Chonat Getz (Book Title: Africa Meets Africa, ID: SA/1372)
  39. Chonat Getz (Book Title: Africa meets Africa, ID: SA/0390)
  40. Chonat Getz (Book Title: Ndebele Women designing Identity, ID: SA/1141)
  41. Mark Gevisser (Book Title: Gerard Marx, ID: SA/1738)
  42. Mark Gevisser (Book Title: Sue Williamson, ID: SA/1901)
  43. Hendrik Geyer (Book Title: Changing our Worlds, ID: SA/2081)
  44. Ida Gianelli (Book Title: William Kentridge [2004], ID: SA/0188)
  45. Angus Gibson (Book Title: What remains is tomorrow, ID: SA/1885)
  46. Karl Gietl (Book Title: City People Mythologies, ID: SA/2506)
  47. Karl Gietl (Book Title: One for the Road, ID: SA/0992)
  48. Jeanette Gilks (Book Title: Fibreworks, ID: SA/2507)
  49. Douglas Gimberg (Book Title: One Million and Forty Four Years (and Sixty Three Days), ID: SA/1140)
  50. Jack M. Ginsberg (Book Title: After New York, ID: SA/2290)
  51. Jack M. Ginsberg (Book Title: Collection, ID: SA/2209)
  52. Jack M. Ginsberg (Book Title: Mamba Awards, ID: SA/2291)
  53. Jack M. Ginsberg (Book Title: People give to People, ID: SA/2208)
  54. Jack M. Ginsberg (Book Title: Walter Battiss: "I invented myself", ID: SA/1833)
  55. Jack M. Ginsberg (Book Title: Walter Battiss: "I invented myself", ID: SA/1844)
  56. Jared Ginsburg (Book Title: Jared Ginsburg, ID: SA/1912)
  57. Jared Ginsburg (Book Title: Standards, ID: SA/1721)
  58. Joshua Ginsburg (Book Title: Off the Wall, ID: SA/1842)
  59. Joshua Ginsburg (Book Title: Walkabout, ID: SA/1390)
  60. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Book Title: Art and Justice, ID: SA/1084)
  61. Maria Antonia Giraldo (Book Title: Fortuna, ID: SA/2450)
  62. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: 2011 Art Benefit, ID: SA/1384)
  63. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: Cyprian Shilakoe, ID: SA/0161)
  64. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: Hodgins at Goodman, ID: SA/0023)
  65. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: Off the Wall, ID: SA/1842)
  66. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: On the Road, ID: SA/0093)
  67. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: Revelations by Johannes Mashego Segogela, ID: SA/0306)
  68. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: South African Art, ID: SA/0514)
  69. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: Sue Williamson, ID: SA/0578)
  70. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: Walter Battiss Gentle Anarchist, ID: SA/0498)
  71. Linda A. Givon (Goodman) (Book Title: World of Johannes Mashego Segogela, ID: SA/0684)
  72. Marc Glaser (Book Title: Dream of Rosita, ID: SA/1488)
  73. Antoinette Glattharr-Theron (Book Title: Nel Erasmus, ID: SA/1590)
  74. Melissa Goba (Book Title: Ten Years of Democracy, ID: SA/0587)
  75. Michael Godby (Book Title: Battleground, ID: SA/2332)
  76. Michael Godby (Book Title: Drawings for Projection: Four Animated Films, ID: SA/0116)
  77. Michael Godby (Book Title: Hogarth in Johannesburg, ID: SA/0435)
  78. Michael Godby (Book Title: Home Truths, ID: SA/2215)
  79. Michael Godby (Book Title: Irma Stern Nudes, ID: SA/2601)
  80. Michael Godby (Book Title: Is there Still Life?, ID: SA/1093)
  81. Michael Godby (Book Title: Lie of the Land, ID: SA/1320)
  82. Michael Godby (Book Title: Pippa Skotnes, ID: SA/0669)
  83. Michael Godby (Book Title: South African Association of Art Historians, ID: SA/0833)
  84. Neil Goedhals (Book Title: Neil Goedhals, ID: SA/0036)
  85. Greta Goiris (Book Title: Oh to Believe in Another World, ID: SA/2607)
  86. Sandile Goje (Book Title: 9 Linocuts and Embroideries, ID: SA/1619)
  87. RoseLee Goldberg (Book Title: Every Interaction Interrupts the Future, ID: SA/0204)
  88. David Goldblatt (Book Title: De Arte (54), ID: SA/2502)
  89. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Deborah Poynton, ID: SA/1082)
  90. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Dislocación, ID: SA/2399)
  91. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Fifty-One Years, ID: GB/30054)
  92. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Haunch of Venison, ID: SA/2346)
  93. David Goldblatt (Book Title: In Boksburg, ID: SA/0817)
  94. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Ndebele, ID: SA/0770)
  95. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Sharp, ID: SA/1267)
  96. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Staffrider, ID: SA/2547)
  97. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Summer 2008/9 Projects, ID: SA/1050)
  98. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Unfoldings, ID: SA/2383)
  99. Wendy Goldblatt (Book Title: Craft South Africa, ID: SA/0376)
  100. Wendy Goldblatt (Book Title: Craft South Africa, ID: SA/2274)
  101. Wendy Goldblatt (Book Title: FNB Vita Craft Now Awards, ID: SA/0529)
  102. Wendy Goldblatt (Book Title: FNB Vita Craft Now Millennium Awards, ID: SA/0020)
  103. Sheldon Goldstein (Book Title: Zulus and Landscapes of South Africa, ID: SA/2533)
  104. Gabrielle Goliath (Book Title: Murder on 7th, ID: SA/1337)
  105. Ann Gollifer (Book Title: I Don't Know Why I Was Created, ID: SA/2220)
  106. Ann Gollifer (Book Title: Men with Tales, ID: SA/2221)
  107. Sipho Gongxeka (Book Title: Skeem' Saka, ID: SA/2375)
  108. Thembinkosi Goniwe (Book Title: Space: Currencies in Contemporary African Art, ID: SA/1497)
  109. Thembinkosi Goniwe (Book Title: Visual Century, ID: SA/1420)
  110. Ann Gonsalves (Book Title: Muse, ID: SA/1722)
  111. Frances Goodman (Book Title: Frances Goodman, ID: SA/1687)
  112. Frances Goodman (Book Title: Juncture, ID: SA/0179)
  113. Gwelo Goodman (Book Title: Exhibition of Ten Years' Painting in South Africa by Gwelo Goodman, ID: SA/0835)
  114. Gwelo Goodman (Book Title: Gwelo Goodman, ID: SA/0479)
  115. Linda Goodman (Book Title: Battiss 75, ID: SA/0777)
  116. Nadine Gordimer (Book Title: David Koloane, ID: SA/0214)
  117. Nadine Gordimer (Book Title: South African Art Now, ID: SA/1156)
  118. Deborh Gordin (Book Title: My Room at the Centre of the Universe, ID: SA/1663)
  119. Jeremy Gordin (Book Title: Africa Meets Africa, ID: SA/1372)
  120. Jeremy Gordin (Book Title: My Room at the Centre of the Universe, ID: SA/1663)
  121. Hilda May Gordon (Book Title: Hilda May Gordon, ID: SA/0087)
  122. A. Gordon-Brown (Book Title: Pictorial Art in South Africa, ID: SA/0385)
  123. Kate Gottgens (Book Title: Asleep Inside You, ID: SA/1224)
  124. Kate Gottgens (Book Title: Kate Gottgens, ID: SA/2055)
  125. Kate Gottgens (Book Title: Kate Gottgens, ID: SA/1796)
  126. Kate Gottgens (Book Title: Little Deaths, ID: SA/1225)
  127. Heather Gourlay-Conyngham (Book Title: Unfoldings, ID: SA/2383)
  128. Andries Gouws (Book Title: Hiding Behind Simple Things, ID: SA/2098)
  129. Carolina Odman Govender (Book Title: My Room at the Centre of the Universe, ID: SA/1663)
  130. Kevin Govender (Book Title: My Room at the Centre of the Universe, ID: SA/1663)
  131. Ravi Govender (Book Title: Cuss, ID: SA/1395)
  132. Peter Gowenius (Book Title: Rorke's Drift, ID: SA/0449)
  133. Anne Graaff (Emslie) (Book Title: Sentences, ID: SA/0254)
  134. Carol Graff (Book Title: Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors, ID: SA/0480)
  135. Katherine Graham (Book Title: Passionate Vision, ID: SA/263)
  136. Michael Graham-Stewart (Book Title: Mlungu in Africa, ID: SA/0322)
  137. Eddie Granderson (Book Title: Common and Uncommon Ground. South African Art to Atlanta, ID: SA/0082)
  138. Sue-Pam Grant (Book Title: I Am Not Me, The Horse Is Not Mine, ID: SA/1062)
  139. Georgina Gratrix (Book Title: Georgina Gratrix, ID: SA/2020)
  140. Georgina Gratrix (Book Title: Some new paintings by Georgina Gratrix, ID: SA/2214)
  141. Willem Gravett (Book Title: François Krige, ID: SA/0747)
  142. Stephen Gray (Book Title: Letters between Cecil & Thelma Skotnes and Stephen Gray, ID: SA/2266)
  143. Marianne Greber (Book Title: Steven Cohen, ID: SA/1608)
  144. Catherine Green (Book Title: Joburg Art Fair 2008, ID: SA/0988)
  145. Lew Green (Book Title: Cross Currents, ID: SA/1065)
  146. Phyllis Green (Book Title: Phyllis Green, ID: SA/1305)
  147. Judy A. Greenberg (Book Title: Against the Grain, ID: SA/1165)
  148. Christopher Gregorowski (Book Title: Bill Davis Sculptor, ID: SA/1248)
  149. Anne E. Gregory (Book Title: So, ID: SA/1632)
  150. Bill Gregory (Book Title: films ° drawings ° printmaking ° sculpture, ID: SA/0592)
  151. Bill Gregory (Book Title: So, ID: SA/1632)
  152. Bill Gregory (Book Title: Tapestries, ID: SA/2463)
  153. Bill Gregory (Book Title: Telegrams From the Nose, ID: SA/1030)
  154. Martyn Gregory (Book Title: Hilda May Gordon, ID: SA/0087)
  155. Robert Greig (Book Title: Grey Areas, ID: SA/0436)
  156. Yvette Gresle (Book Title: Hobby Heroes, ID: SA/1470)
  157. Yvette Gresle (Book Title: Strangers Of Commanding Aspect, ID: SA/2015)
  158. Jeanne L. Gressler (Book Title: Works of Art by the People of Southern Africa IV, ID: SA/0182)
  159. Tammy Griffin (Book Title: Tammy Griffin, ID: SA/0953)
  160. Per Ø. Grimstad (Book Title: Bearded Seals and Fifteen Geese, ID: SA/0192)
  161. Liza Grobler (Book Title: Blindfolded Line, Dancing Through Time, ID: SA/1697)
  162. Liza Grobler (Book Title: Waste at Work, ID: SA/0884)
  163. Hofstra Grogg (Book Title: African Cosmos: Stellar Arts, ID: SA/1518)
  164. Ian Grose (Book Title: Ian Grose, ID: SA/1744)
  165. Ian Grose (Book Title: Ian Grose, ID: SA/1787)
  166. J. W. Grossert (Book Title: Art and Craft for Africans, ID: SA/2581)
  167. J. W. Grossert (Book Title: Art of Africa, ID: SA/0467)
  168. Jack Grossert (Book Title: Bernard Gcwensa and Ruben Xulu, ID: SA/0792)
  169. J. F. W. Grosskopf (Book Title: Hendrik Pierneef, ID: SA/0708)
  170. Migs Grove (Book Title: African Cosmos: Stellar Arts, ID: SA/1518)
  171. Geoffrey Grundlingh (Book Title: Public Sculpture & Reliefs, ID: SA/0413)
  172. Kathy Grundlingh (Book Title: PhotoSynthesis, ID: SA/0168)
  173. Kenneth W. Grundy (Book Title: Art and Craft of Southern Africa, ID: SA/0459)
  174. Richard Grusin (Book Title: Dynamic Stasis, ID: SA/1541)
  175. Egon Guenther (Book Title: African Art from the Egon Guenther Family Collection, ID: SA/0619)
  176. Egon Guenther (Book Title: Cecil Skotnes Retrospective, ID: SA/1189)
  177. Egon Guenther (Book Title: Villa at 90, ID: SA/0760)
  178. Jaap Guldemond (Book Title: More Sweetly Play the Dance, ID: SA/1859)
  179. Khwezi Gule (Book Title: South African Mirror, ID: SA/2372)
  180. Haroon Gunn-Salie (Book Title: What remains is tomorrow, ID: SA/1885)
  181. Kim Gurney (Book Title: Birth of the Modernist Body, ID: SA/0929)
  182. Kim Gurney (Book Title: Frugi Bonae, ID: SA/1166)
  183. Simon Gush (Book Title: Side Gallery 2007, ID: SA/1937)
  184. Simon Gush (Book Title: Simon Gush, ID: SA/2057)
  185. Simon Gush (Book Title: Simon Gush, ID: SA/1669)
  186. Simon Gush (Book Title: Simon Gush, ID: SA/2057)
  187. Simon Gush (Book Title: Simon Gush, ID: SA/1249)
  188. Thelma Gutsche (Book Title: Microcosm, ID: SA/0442)
  189. Thelma Gutsche (Book Title: No Ordinary Woman, ID: SA/0443)

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