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Authors starting with 'D'

  1. Mads Damsbo (Book Title: Show Me Home, ID: SA/0416)
  2. Nicola Danby (Book Title: FNB Vita Art Now, ID: SA/0094)
  3. Nicola Danby (Book Title: Vita Art Now, ID: SA/0024)
  4. Nicola Danby (Book Title: Vita Art Now, ID: SA/0140)
  5. Nicola Danby (Book Title: Vita Art Now, ID: SA/0152)
  6. Dominique Darbois (Book Title: Masks and Figures from Eastern and Southern Africa, ID: SA/2590)
  7. Mary-Jane Darroll (Book Title: Mmakgoba Mmapula Sebidi, ID: SA/1742)
  8. Mary-Jane Darroll (Book Title: Place in Time, ID: SA/1982)
  9. Mary-Jane Darroll (Book Title: Song for Sekoto, ID: SA/1548)
  10. Oliver Poivre d'Arvor (Book Title: Lumieres D'Afriques, ID: SA/2326)
  11. Barry Davidow (Book Title: Walter Battiss by Walter Battiss, ID: SA/0802)
  12. Hugh M. Davies (Book Title: Weighing . . . And Wanting, ID: SA/0512)
  13. Lady Linda Wong Davies (Book Title: Africa Modern, ID: SA/2189)
  14. Bill Davis (Book Title: Bill Davis Sculptor, ID: SA/1248)
  15. Ellen Davis-Mesman (Book Title: Bill Davis Sculptor, ID: SA/1248)
  16. Ellen Davis-Mesman (Book Title: Colourful Palette of Alfred Krenz, ID: SA/0730)
  17. Patricia Davison (Book Title: Miscast, ID: SA/0728)
  18. Nic Dawes (Book Title: Aggregate, ID: SA/1013)
  19. Ziphozenkosi Dayile (Book Title: You and I, ID: SA/2371)
  20. Laura De Becker (Book Title: Activate / Captivate, ID: SA/1812)
  21. Laura De Becker (Book Title: Doing Hair: Art and Hair in Africa, ID: SA/1688)
  22. Laura De Becker (Book Title: -Life-Line-Knot-, ID: SA/1761)
  23. Laura De Becker (Book Title: Lifelines, ID: SA/1760)
  24. Fleur De Bondt (Book Title: Talent Unlocked, ID: SA/2106)
  25. F. de Chasseloup Laubat (Book Title: Art Rupestre au Hoggar (Haut Mertoutek), ID: SA/2076)
  26. Antoine de Galbert (Book Title: Guide of the artistic scene, ID: SA/2359)
  27. Danie de Jager (Book Title: Correspondence with Prof. D. M. (Danie) Joubert, ID: SA/2553)
  28. Danie de Jager (Book Title: Sculptor par Exellence, ID: SA/2446)
  29. E. J. de Jager (Book Title: Black Art Today, ID: SA/0098)
  30. E. J. de Jager (Book Title: Contemporary African Art in South Africa, ID: SA/2028)
  31. E. J. de Jager (Book Title: Images of Man, ID: SA/0417)
  32. Elsa de Jager (Book Title: Sculptor par Exellence, ID: SA/2446)
  33. Maureen de Jager (Book Title: In Sepia, ID: SA/1054)
  34. Angela de Jesus (Book Title: Re-envisioning the Anglo-Boer (South African) War, ID: SA/2400)
  35. Angela de Jesus (Book Title: Representations of Otherness and Resistance, ID: SA/2336)
  36. Ernst de Jong (Book Title: Ernst de Jong, ID: SA/0693)
  37. Ernst de Jong (Book Title: Ernst de Jong, ID: SA/2245)
  38. Annemieke de Kler (Book Title: Heart of the African City, ID: SA/1314)
  39. Annemieke de Kler (Book Title: Titus Matiyane, ID: SA/1099)
  40. Brandon de Kock (Book Title: Paul du Toit, ID: SA/0418)
  41. Amanda de la Garza (Book Title: Fortuna, ID: SA/2460)
  42. Johann de Lange (Book Title: Lord is my Shepherd, and I am His Leopard, ID: SA/2115)
  43. Shane de Lange (Book Title: Heart of the African City, ID: SA/1314)
  44. Shane de Lange (Book Title: Shane de Lange, ID: SA/1288)
  45. Gerard de Leeuw (Book Title: Gerard de Leeuw, ID: SA/0722)
  46. José M. de Prada-Samper (Book Title: On the Trail of Qing and Orpen, ID: SA/1831)
  47. Simon de Pury (Book Title: Africa, ID: SA/1281)
  48. Pierre Crocquet de Rosemond (Book Title: Pinky Promise, ID: SA/1392)
  49. Abraham de Smidt (Book Title: Abraham de Smidt 1829-1908, ID: SA/2593)
  50. Celia de Villiers (Book Title: Transcode, ID: SA/2505)
  51. Johanna de Villiers (Book Title: Jean Welz, ID: SA/1557)
  52. Karen de Villiers (Book Title: Comics Brew, ID: SA/2317)
  53. Riaan de Villiers (Book Title: Edge of Town, ID: SA/1969)
  54. Rina de Villiers (Book Title: Ex Africa, ID: SA/0685)
  55. Rina de Villiers (Book Title: J. H. Pierneef, ID: SA/0783)
  56. Simon A. de Villiers (Book Title: Otto Landsberg 1803-1905, ID: SA/2001)
  57. Johann de Waal (Book Title: Esias Bosch, ID: SA/0368)
  58. Shaun de Waal (Book Title: Steven Cohen, ID: SA/0261)
  59. Barend de Wet (Book Title: Black, White & Everything in-Between, ID: SA/1959)
  60. Janette Deacon (Book Title: My Heart Stands in the Hill, ID: SA/0857)
  61. Nele Dechmann (Book Title: UP UP. Stories of Johannesburg's Highrises, ID: SA/1887)
  62. Jacqueline Delange (Book Title: Contemporary African Art, ID: SA/2517)
  63. Peter Delius (Book Title: Long Way Home, ID: SA/1657)
  64. Elizabeth Dell (Book Title: Images of Wood, ID: SA/0594)
  65. Sebastien Delot (Book Title: Poem That Is Not Our Own, ID: SA/2452)
  66. Philipp Demandt (Book Title: Handbook to O Sentimental Machine, ID: SA/2454)
  67. Philipp Demandt (Book Title: Handbuch zu O Sentimental Machine, ID: SA/2230)
  68. Robyn Denny (Book Title: Juncture, ID: SA/0179)
  69. Valerie Desmore (Book Title: Adams Clarke Desmore & Dollar Brand, ID: SA/0537)
  70. Laurent Deveze (Book Title: Fire!, ID: SA/0163)
  71. Anne d'Harnoncourt (Book Title: Tapestries, ID: SA/0965)
  72. Happy Dhlame (Book Title: Happy Dhlame, ID: SA/1307)
  73. Jabulani Dhlamini (Book Title: UMama, ID: SA/2398)
  74. Bongi Dhlomo-Mautloa (Book Title: Resistance Reconciliation Reconstruction, ID: SA/0650)
  75. Bongi Dhlomo-Mautloa (Book Title: Switch, ID: SA/0083)
  76. Bongi Dhlomo-Mautloa (Book Title: Trade Routes: History and Geography, ID: SA/0710)
  77. Alessandra Atti Di Sarro (Book Title: Art Residency Project ARP, ID: SA/2284)
  78. Catherine Dickerson (Book Title: Masters Moving Out, ID: SA/1340)
  79. Christiaan (Chris) Diedericks (Book Title: Artists in Conversation, ID: SA/0858)
  80. Christiaan (Chris) Diedericks (Book Title: Chris Diedericks, ID: SA/0638)
  81. Christiaan (Chris) Diedericks (Book Title: Christiaan Diedericks, ID: SA/2148)
  82. Keith Dietrich (Book Title: Eloquent Picture Gallery, ID: SA/2545)
  83. Keith Dietrich (Book Title: Exhibition of Paintings by Keith Dietrich, ID: SA/2068)
  84. Keith Dietrich (Book Title: Stained Paper, ID: SA/0029)
  85. Corinne Diserens (Book Title: Fifty-One Years, ID: GB/30054)
  86. Philippa Dissel (Book Title: Zebra Register of South African Artists & Galleries , ID: SA/0419)
  87. Christine Dixie (Book Title: Corporeal Prospects, ID: SA/0935)
  88. Christine Dixie (Book Title: Figuring Maternity, ID: SA/0991)
  89. Christine Dixie (Book Title: To be King, ID: SA/2054)
  90. Leng Dixon (Book Title: Malay and Cape Sketches, ID: SA/0793)
  91. Marion Dixon (Book Title: Water, the [Delicate] Thread of Life, ID: SA/1377)
  92. Pamella Dlungwana (Book Title: Simunye Summit, ID: SA/2090)
  93. Alex Dodd (Book Title: Human Currents, ID: SA/0898)
  94. Alex Dodd (Book Title: Projected Development, ID: SA/0776)
  95. Alexandra J. Dodd (Book Title: Birth of the Modernist Body, ID: SA/0929)
  96. Alexandra J. Dodd (Book Title: Feral Territory, ID: SA/1894)
  97. Rebecca Dodd (Book Title: A Learner Resource on Soccer Arts, Crafts and Memorabilia. Halakasha!, ID: SA/1455)
  98. Rebecca Dodd (Book Title: A Learner Resource on the Art of Andrew Verster, ID: SA/1458)
  99. Rebecca Dodd (Book Title: A Learner Resource on the Art of Ephraim Ngatane, ID: SA/1454)
  100. Rebecca Dodd (Book Title: A Learner Resource on the Art of Nicholas Hlobo, ID: SA/1456)
  101. Rebecca Dodd (Book Title: A Learner Resource on the Art of Nontsikelelo Veleko, ID: SA/1175)
  102. Rebecca Dodd (Book Title: A Learner Resource on the Art of the Caersham Press, ID: SA/1453)
  103. Rebecca Dodd (Book Title: A Learner Resource on the Art of the Standard Bank Corporate Collection, ID: SA/1452)
  104. Rebecca Dodd (Book Title: Life & Workl of Louis Khehla Maqhubela, ID: SA/1457)
  105. Rebecca Dodd (Book Title: Standard Bank Learner Resources, ID: SA/2366)
  106. Rory Doepel (Book Title: Every Interaction Interrupts the Future, ID: SA/0204)
  107. Rory Doepel (Book Title: Karel Nel: Transforming Symbols, ID: SA/0240)
  108. Rory Doepel (Book Title: UBU: +-101, ID: SA/0654)
  109. Kirsten Doermann (Book Title: Back and Forth, ID: SA/1734)
  110. Kirsten Doermann (Book Title: Portfolio 08, ID: SA/1611)
  111. Joe Dolby (Book Title: Albert Adams, ID: SA/1201)
  112. Joe Dolby (Book Title: Friend's Choice, ID: SA/0141)
  113. Pranas Domsaitis (Book Title: Pranas Domsaitis, ID: SA/0367)
  114. Joël Mpah Dooh (Book Title: 9 Linocuts and Embroideries, ID: SA/1619)
  115. Ronald Dorris (Book Title: Dumile Feni, ID: SA/2045)
  116. Jon Dowling (Book Title: From Africa, ID: SA/2530)
  117. Jean Doyle (Book Title: Artists' Palate, ID: SA/0601)
  118. Loni Dräger (Book Title: Loni Dräger, ID: SA/1512)
  119. Carolyn H Drake (Book Title: Poetry in Between: SouthSouth / A Heteronymous Reader., ID: SA/2379)
  120. Elfriede Dreyer (Book Title: Dystopia, ID: SA/1485)
  121. Elfriede Dreyer (Book Title: Majak Bredell, ID: SA/0934)
  122. Antoinette du Plessis (Book Title: Some Strange Alphabet, ID: SA/1427)
  123. Francois du Plessis (Book Title: Francois du Plessis, ID: SA/2249)
  124. Johann du Plessis (Book Title: Contempo 01, ID: SA/0838)
  125. Johann du Plessis (Book Title: Contempo 02, ID: SA/0868)
  126. Leon du Plessis (Book Title: Sasol Art Collection. Vol III, ID: SA/0260)
  127. Menan du Plessis (Book Title: On the Trail of Qing and Orpen, ID: SA/1831)
  128. Amanda du Preez (Book Title: South African Visual Culture, ID: SA/0440)
  129. Linda du Preez (Book Title: Linda du Preez, ID: SA/1291)
  130. Max du Preez (Book Title: Graceland, ID: SA/1168)
  131. Max du Preez (Book Title: Vrye Weekblad, ID: SA/0632)
  132. Chris du Toit (Book Title: Ander Het Gesê, ID: SA/1819)
  133. Guy du Toit (Book Title: Absa L'Atelier 2007, ID: SA/0936)
  134. Guy du Toit (Book Title: Guy du Toit, ID: SA/1508)
  135. Guy du Toit (Book Title: Horse, ID: SA/0088)
  136. Paul du Toit (Book Title: Paul du Toit, ID: SA/0388)
  137. Paul du Toit (Book Title: Paul du Toit, ID: SA/0418)
  138. Paul du Toit (Book Title: Some Strange Alphabet, ID: SA/1427)
  139. Suzanne du Toit (Book Title: art at Santa Sophia, ID: SA/2488)
  140. John Dube (Book Title: Jeqe the Bodyservant of King Tshaka, ID: SA/2583)
  141. Prince Mbusi Dube (Book Title: Dumile Feni, ID: SA/2045)
  142. Prince Mbusi Dube (Book Title: Dumile Feni Resource Book, ID: SA/0604)
  143. Prince Mbusi Dube (Book Title: Dumile Feni Retrospective, ID: SA/0901)
  144. Steven C. Dubin (Book Title: Contending Cultures & Creative Commerce in a South African Photography Studio, ID: SA/1579)
  145. Steven C. Dubin (Book Title: Mounting Queen Victoria, ID: SA/1226)
  146. Steven C. Dubin (Book Title: Spear-Heading Debate, ID: SA/1514)
  147. Jessica Dubow (Book Title: Work from 1990 - 2005, ID: SA/2219)
  148. Neville E. Dubow (Book Title: Battiss 75, ID: SA/0777)
  149. Neville E. Dubow (Book Title: Exhibition of Small Paintings from the Nineties, ID: SA/0457)
  150. Neville E. Dubow (Book Title: Irma Stern, ID: SA/0421)
  151. Neville E. Dubow (Book Title: Paradise, ID: SA/0422)
  152. Neville E. Dubow (Book Title: Wolf Kibel, ID: SA/0456)
  153. Georges Duby (Book Title: Our Art 3, ID: SA/0673)
  154. Alexander E. Duffey (Book Title: Anton Van Wouw, ID: SA/1433)
  155. Marlene Dumas (Book Title: Intimate Relations, ID: SA/2334)
  156. Marlene Dumas (Book Title: Mankind, ID: SA/2378)
  157. Pieter A. Duminy (Book Title: Battiss 75, ID: SA/0777)
  158. Pieter A. Duminy (Book Title: George Pemba: Against All Odds, ID: SA/0727)
  159. Fabienne Dumont (Book Title: Sue Williamson, ID: SA/0578)
  160. Fabienne Dumont (Book Title: Tremor, ID: SA/0683)
  161. Paul Duncan (Book Title: Hidden Johannesburg, ID: SA/1867)
  162. Paul Duncan (Book Title: South African Artists at Home, ID: SA/1980)
  163. Neil Dundas (Book Title: 14/30, ID: SA/1655)
  164. Neil Dundas (Book Title: Leeto. Educational Supplement, ID: SA/2156)
  165. Neil Dundas (Book Title: Leeto. Educational Supplement, ID: SA/2196)
  166. Neil Dundas (Book Title: Sources- Contemporary Sculpture in the Landscape, ID: SA/1100)
  167. Neil Dundas (Book Title: Ten Years of Democracy, ID: SA/0587)
  168. Neil Dundas (Book Title: Walter Oltmann, ID: SA/1621)
  169. Eric Duplan (Book Title: Eric Duplan, ID: SA/1285)
  170. Oriane Durand (Book Title: Gerda Scheepers, ID: SA/1909)
  171. Erin Dziedzic (Book Title: Deborah Poynton, ID: SA/1082)

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