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Authors starting with 'R'

  1. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: As Terras do Fim do Mundo, ID: SA/1378)
  2. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: Bear, A Giraffe, Snow, Dogs, Flowers and Verbotstafein, ID: SA/0253)
  3. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: Jo Ractliffe, ID: SA/0774)
  4. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: Jo Ractliffe , ID: SA/0325)
  5. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: Jo Ractliffe. Photographs 1980s - now, ID: SA/2312)
  6. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: Jo Ractliffe: Artist's Book, ID: SA/0215)
  7. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: Johannesburg Circa Now, ID: SA/0177)
  8. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: Signs of Life, ID: SA/2225)
  9. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: Terreno Ocupado, ID: SA/1041)
  10. Jo Ractliffe (Book Title: What remains is tomorrow, ID: SA/1885)
  11. Stefanus Rademeyer (Book Title: Stefanus Rademeyer, ID: SA/0895)
  12. Stefanus Rademeyer (Book Title: Surface Depth, ID: SA/0338)
  13. Sam Raditlhalo (Book Title: Santu Mofokeng, ID: SA/0228)
  14. Ella Raidel (Book Title: Chinafrika, ID: SA/1884)
  15. Dan Sefudi Rakgoathe (Book Title: Behold the Mystic Sign, ID: SA/0579)
  16. Dan Sefudi Rakgoathe (Book Title: Unfolding Man, ID: SA/0288)
  17. Maria Ramos (Book Title: ABSA L'Atelier 2010, ID: SA/1253)
  18. Maria Ramos (Book Title: ABSA L'Atelier 2011, ID: SA/1363)
  19. Maria Ramos (Book Title: Absa L'Atelier 2013, ID: SA/1576)
  20. Maria Ramos (Book Title: Barclays L'Atelier, ID: SA/2037)
  21. Meredith Randall (Book Title: Site Specific, ID: SA/1482)
  22. Elizabeth Rankin (Book Title: Diane Victor, ID: SA/0964)
  23. Elizabeth Rankin (Book Title: Images of Metal, ID: SA/0595)
  24. Elizabeth Rankin (Book Title: Images of Wood, ID: SA/0594)
  25. Elizabeth Rankin (Book Title: Listening to Distant Thunder, ID: SA/1347)
  26. Elizabeth Rankin (Book Title: Penelope Siopis, ID: SA/0657)
  27. Elizabeth Rankin (Book Title: Printmaking in a Transforming South Africa, ID: SA/0596)
  28. Elizabeth Rankin (Book Title: Rorke's Drift, ID: SA/0449)
  29. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Art's on the Wall, ID: SA/2207)
  30. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Auction of high quality South African Art, ID: SA/1551)
  31. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Endowment Auction, ID: SA/1561)
  32. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Engaging Modernities, ID: SA/0218)
  33. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Figuring Faith, ID: SA/1435)
  34. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Halakasha!, ID: SA/1283)
  35. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Long Way Home, ID: SA/1657)
  36. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Ngezinyawo - Migrant Journeys, ID: SA/2367)
  37. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Peter Schütz, ID: SA/1777)
  38. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Seen, Heard and Valued, ID: SA/2369)
  39. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Stars of the North, ID: SA/1751)
  40. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: TENX10: 100 artworks, ID: SA/2471)
  41. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: UBU: +-101, ID: SA/0654)
  42. Fiona Rankin-Smith (Book Title: Voice-Overs, ID: SA/0303)
  43. Jane Raphaely (Book Title: Bill Davis Sculptor, ID: SA/1248)
  44. Debbie Rasiel (Book Title: Women on Purpose, ID: SA/1481)
  45. Ciraj Rassool (Book Title: South African Mirror, ID: SA/2372)
  46. David Rattray (Book Title: Soldier-Artist in Zululand, ID: SA/2173)
  47. Laura Rautenbach (Book Title: Laura Rautenbach, ID: SA/0786)
  48. Marie Rautenbach (Book Title: Marie Rautenbach Collection of Walter Battiss Materials, ID: SA/1837)
  49. Lucy Raynor (Book Title: National Treasures, ID: SA/1256)
  50. Everard W. Read (Book Title: Collectors' Guide to South African Artists, ID: SA/0922)
  51. Everard W. Read (Book Title: Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors, ID: SA/0480)
  52. Everard W. Read (Book Title: Eric Heilbronner Collection, ID: SA/0085)
  53. Everard W. Read (Book Title: John Meyer in retrospect, ID: SA/0001)
  54. Mark Read (Book Title: Anton Van Wouw, ID: SA/1068)
  55. Mark Read (Book Title: Cradle Snatcher, ID: SA/1261)
  56. Mark Read (Book Title: Dylan Lewis, ID: SA/0375)
  57. Mark Read (Book Title: Great South African Nude, ID: SA/1090)
  58. Mark Read (Book Title: Harold Voigt, ID: SA/1685)
  59. Mark Read (Book Title: Harold Voigt, ID: SA/1685)
  60. Mark Read (Book Title: Horse Horse, ID: SA/1386)
  61. Mark Read (Book Title: Penelope and the Cosmos, ID: SA/1163)
  62. Trent Read (Book Title: Al(l)een, ID: SA/1753)
  63. Trent Read (Book Title: Phillemon Hlungwani, ID: SA/1451)
  64. Trent Read (Book Title: State of the Art, ID: SA/0170)
  65. Diane Reddy (Book Title: One Skin too Few, ID: SA/0404)
  66. J. J. Redgrave (Book Title: Frederick I'ons, ID: SA/0490)
  67. Maria Fidel Regueros (Book Title: [co]production, ID: SA/1614)
  68. Chloe Reid (Book Title: Hats off!, ID: SA/1597)
  69. Chloe Reid (Book Title: Song for Sekoto, ID: SA/1548)
  70. Graeme Reid (Book Title: Country Girls, ID: SA/1259)
  71. Rebecca Hourwich Reyher (Book Title: Irma Stern & Rebecca Hourwich Reyher, ID: SA/2391)
  72. Marjorie Reynolds (Book Title: Dorothy Kay - A biography, ID: SA/0491)
  73. Marjorie Reynolds (Book Title: Elvery Family: A Memory, ID: SA/0787)
  74. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Africa and Abstraction: Johannesburg, ID: SA/1543)
  75. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Dislocación, ID: SA/2399)
  76. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Fresh - Robin Rhode, ID: SA/0271)
  77. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Paper Planes, ID: SA/1554)
  78. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Parabolic Bike, ID: SA/1553)
  79. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Robin Rhode: Catch Air, ID: SA/1555)
  80. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Robin Rhode: Paries Pictus, ID: SA/1560)
  81. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Section Cinema, ID: SA/1792)
  82. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Street Level, ID: SA/0979)
  83. Robin Rhode (Book Title: Walk Off, ID: SA/0982)
  84. Robin Rhode (Book Title: What remains is tomorrow, ID: SA/1885)
  85. Peter Rich (Book Title: Ndebele Women Designing Identity, ID: SA/1956)
  86. Peter Rich (Book Title: Ndebele Women designing Identity, ID: SA/1141)
  87. Peter Rich (Book Title: Ndebele Women Designing Identity, ID: SA/1957)
  88. Colin Richards (Book Title: My Lovely Day, ID: SA/0580)
  89. Colin Richards (Book Title: Penny Siopis, ID: SA/1898)
  90. Colin Richards (Book Title: Sandile Zulu, ID: SA/0474)
  91. Gordon Richings (Book Title: Life and Work of Charles Michell, ID: SA/1185)
  92. Leni Riefenstahl (Book Title: Africa, ID: SA/2368)
  93. David Riep (Book Title: Africa Meets Africa, ID: SA/1372)
  94. David Riep (Book Title: Africa Meets Africa, ID: SA/1950)
  95. David Robbins (Book Title: Keith Alexander, ID: SA/1025)
  96. Carl Roberts (Book Title: Meeting Carl Roberts, ID: SA/1732)
  97. Mary Nooter Roberts (Book Title: Inscribing Meaning, ID: SA/1042)
  98. Guus Röell (Book Title: Furniture, ID: SA/0753)
  99. Guus Röell (Book Title: Uit Verre Streken (2002), ID: SA/0751)
  100. Guus Röell (Book Title: Uit Verre Streken (2004), ID: SA/0752)
  101. Guus Röell (Book Title: Uit Verre Streken (2005), ID: SA/0515)
  102. Guus Röell (Book Title: Uit Verre Streken (2008), ID: SA/1020)
  103. Guus Röell (Book Title: Uit Verre Streken (2009), ID: SA/1127)
  104. Gavin Rooke (Book Title: 6x6, ID: SA/0995)
  105. Gavin Rooke (Book Title: Drain of Progress, ID: SA/0996)
  106. Gavin Rooke (Book Title: Ten, ID: SA/0994)
  107. Izette Roos (Book Title: Izette Roos, ID: SA/1317)
  108. Liesl Roos (Book Title: Liesl Roos, ID: SA/2257)
  109. Nico Roos (Book Title: Art in South-West Africa, ID: SA/0494)
  110. Jeremy Rose (Book Title: What remains is tomorrow, ID: SA/1885)
  111. Tracey Rose (Book Title: Fresh - Tracy Rose, ID: SA/0272)
  112. Rhoda Rosen (Book Title: Neil Goedhals, ID: SA/0036)
  113. Susan Rosenberg (Book Title: Paper Works, ID: SA/0241)
  114. Ruth Rosengarten (Book Title: Jornal de Exposicao 22, ID: SA/0006)
  115. Ruth Rosengarten (Book Title: Seven fragments for Georges Melies, ID: SA/1143)
  116. Ruth Rosengarten (Book Title: Still, life, ID: SA/1494)
  117. Mark Rosenthal (Book Title: Five Themes, ID: SA/1144)
  118. Stephanie Rosenthal (Book Title: Walk Off, ID: SA/0982)
  119. Annabel Rosholt (Book Title: Moving in Time and Space, ID: SA/0265)
  120. Alexandra Ross (Book Title: Black, White & Everything in-Between, ID: SA/1959)
  121. Alexandra Ross (Book Title: Roger Ballen, ID: SA/1509)
  122. Susan Imrie Ross (Book Title: Inner Image, ID: SA/2358)
  123. Susan Imrie Ross (Book Title: This is my world, ID: SA/2330)
  124. Nadine Rottau (Book Title: Double Vision, ID: SA/1849)
  125. Ester Rousso (Book Title: Wendy Anziska, ID: SA/0300)
  126. David Roussouw (Book Title: Dialoguing Dialect, ID: SA/2495)
  127. Marie-Louise Roux (Book Title: Volschenks, ID: SA/0717)
  128. Fenella Rowse (Book Title: Hilda May Gordon, ID: SA/0087)
  129. Jalmar and Ione Rudner (Book Title: Hunter and His Art, ID: SA/0745)
  130. Nicola Ruffo (Book Title: UP UP. Stories of Johannesburg's Highrises, ID: SA/1887)
  131. Athi-Patra Ruga (Book Title: Side Gallery 2007, ID: SA/1937)
  132. Liam Rumma (Book Title: Streets of the City (and other tapestries), ID: SA/1188)
  133. Anton Rupert (Book Title: Hester Rupert-Kunsmuseum, ID: SA/0680)
  134. Edward Russell-Walling (Book Title: Johan van Heerden, ID: SA/0656)
  135. Elgin Rust (Book Title: Masters Moving Out, ID: SA/1340)
  136. Alan Rycroft (Book Title: Community of Artists, ID: SA/2497)
  137. Alan Rycroft (Book Title: Community of Artists, ID: SA/0758)
  138. H. B. Rycroft (Book Title: Our Flower Paradise, ID: SA/2362)

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