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Authors starting with 'J'

  1. Fanie Jansen van Rensburg (Book Title: Poschefstr Oom, ID: GB/12300)
  2. Fanie Jansen van Rensburg (Book Title: Poschefstr Oom, ID: GB/12300)
  3. Lynwoodt B. Jenkins (Book Title: Father The Son and the Gift of Noble Silence, ID: GB/30719)
  4. Lynwoodt B. Jenkins (Book Title: Nine, ID: GB/30755)
  5. Wopko Jensma (Book Title: Izwi 09, ID: GB/16387)
  6. Wopko Jensma (Book Title: No Dice, ID: GB/15682)
  7. Wopko Jensma (Book Title: Sing for Our Execution, ID: GB/16384)
  8. Wopko Jensma (Book Title: Wurm 8, ID: GB/30156)
  9. Candice Jezek (Book Title: Leg'kaarte, ID: GB/14903)
  10. Jessica Jindrich (Book Title: Re_Activity, ID: GB/16275)
  11. Ben Johnson (Book Title: U-Saved-Me, ID: GB/16359)
  12. F. Geoffrey Johnson (Book Title: Brickworks, ID: GB/30708)
  13. F. Geoffrey Johnson (Book Title: Penny For Your Thoughts, ID: GB/30711)
  14. Basil Jones (Book Title: Emandulo Re-Creation, ID: GB/00525)
  15. Bernard Jordaan (Book Title: Izwi 18, ID: GB/16096)
  16. Jan Jordaan (Book Title: Address / Redress Print Collection '99, ID: GB/16120)
  17. Jan Jordaan (Book Title: Print Exchange '95, ID: GB/16119)
  18. Sydney Jose (Book Title: Izwi 01, ID: GB/16086)
  19. Dian Joubert (Book Title: Homage to Seferis, ID: GB/12288)

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