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Artwork Titles starting with 'C'

  1. Cabaret 1975 (Author: Lisa Appignanesi, ID: GB/197)
  2. Cacti and Succulents 1979 (Author: Gina Pavey, ID: GB/4988)
  3. Caine" Mutiny Court-Martial 1955 (Author: Herman Wouk, ID: GB/7254)
  4. Cain's Book 1963 (Author: Alexander Trocchi, ID: GB/6559)
  5. Calder 1969 (Author: Clovis Prevost, ID: GB/481)
  6. Calder at Home 1998 (Author: Pedro E. Guerrero, ID: GB/2628)
  7. Calligraphic Lettering 1967 (Author: Ralph Douglass, ID: GB/1797)
  8. Calligraphy Today 1976 (Author: Heather Child, ID: GB/1178)
  9. Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language 1987 (Author: David Crystal, ID: GB/1499)
  10. Camilla 1965 (Author: Martha Buren, ID: GB/905)
  11. Camille 1988 (Author: Reine-Marie Paris, ID: GB/4938)
  12. Cannery Row (Author: John Steinbeck, ID: GB/6168)
  13. Canterbury Tales 1977 (Author: Geoffrey Chaucer, ID: GB/1150)
  14. Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer 1977 (Author: Nevill Coghill, ID: GB/1273)
  15. Capote Reader 1987 (Author: Truman Capote, ID: GB/1016)
  16. Caprices D'un Bibliophile 1878 (Author: Octave Uzanne, ID: GB/6715)
  17. Captains Courageous (Author: Rudyard Kipling, ID: GB/3494)
  18. Card Conjuring (Author: Wilfred Johnson, ID: GB/3311)
  19. Cardinal (Author: Henry Morton Robinson, ID: GB/5387)
  20. Caricatures of George Cruikshank 1977 (Author: John Wardroper, ID: GB/6921)
  21. Carmen (Author: Prosper Merimee, ID: GB/4361)
  22. Caroline Tisdall 1979 (Author: Joseph Beuys, ID: GB/551)
  23. Carrousel for bibliophiles 1967 (Author: William Targ, ID: GB/6357)
  24. Carter Ratcliff 1982 (Author: John Singer Sargent, ID: GB/5641)
  25. Cartoons and Caricatures 1970 (Author: Bevis Hillier, ID: GB/2936)
  26. Casanova Was a Book Lover 2000 (Author: John Maxwell Hamilton, ID: GB/2703)
  27. Case for Books 2009 (Author: Robert Darnton, ID: GB/12316)
  28. Case for Legibility 1979 (Author: John Ryan, ID: GB/5589)
  29. Cassanoviana (Author: J. Rives Childs, ID: GB/1181)
  30. Catalogue of American Collectibles 1979 (Author: William C. Jr Ketchum, ID: GB/3440)
  31. Catalogue of Books on Africa 1981 (Author: Ida and F. W. Hosken, ID: GB/3062)
  32. Catalogue of Books Printed for Private Circulation 1906 (Author: Bertram Dobell, ID: GB/1756)
  33. Catalogue of Early Printed Books 1471-1600 in the Library 1978 (Author: Jean M. Cowley, ID: GB/1394)
  34. Catalogue of Extraordinary Objects 1971 (Author: Jacques Carelman, ID: GB/1020)
  35. Catcher in the Rye 1958 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5612)
  36. Catcher in the Rye 1963 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5613)
  37. Catcher in the Rye 1966 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5614)
  38. Cautionary Verses 1985 (Author: Hilaire Belloc, ID: GB/483)
  39. Cavalcade 1932 (Author: Noel Coward, ID: GB/1385)
  40. Caxton in Focus 1982 (Author: Lotte Hellinga, ID: GB/2859)
  41. Celebrate People's History 2014 (Author: Josh Macphee, ID: GB/15587)
  42. Celebrity Homes II. Architectural Digest. 1981 (Author: Paige Rense, ID: GB/5307)
  43. Cellini 1985 (Author: John Pope-Hennessy, ID: GB/5134)
  44. Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Painting 1977 (Author: Carl Nordenfalk, ID: GB/4770)
  45. Centenary Cornhill Magazine (Author: Anonymous, ID: GB/156)
  46. Century of Artist's Books 1995 (Author: Johanna Drucker, ID: GB/1824)
  47. Century of Change 1977 (Author: Richard Shone, ID: GB/5921)
  48. Century of Modern Painting 1972 (Author: Joseph-Emile Muller, ID: GB/4626)
  49. Century of Punch 1956 (Author: R. E. Williams, ID: GB/7142)
  50. Century of the Body 2000 (Author: William A. Ewing, ID: GB/10700)
  51. Century of the Impressionists 1967 (Author: Raymond Cogniat, ID: GB/1274)
  52. Certain World 1971 (Author: W. H. Auden, ID: GB/258)
  53. Champ Fleury 1967 (Author: Geofroy Tory, ID: GB/6520)
  54. Channings (Author: Mrs. Henry Wood, ID: GB/7229)
  55. Chapter Nine 1982 (Author: Robert D. Harlan, ID: GB/2742)
  56. Charles M. Schulz 1990 (Author: Giovanni Trimboli, ID: GB/6553)
  57. Cheap Lives 1995 (Author: Anthony Sher, ID: GB/5909)
  58. Cherrywood Cannon 1978 (Author: Ralph Steadman, ID: GB/6144)
  59. Chevalier De Maison Rouge (Author: Alexandre Dumas, ID: GB/1852)
  60. Chicot the Jester (Author: Alexandre Dumas, ID: GB/1853)
  61. Child is Born 1978 (Author: Lennart Nilsson, ID: GB/4751)
  62. Children and Books 1972 (Author: Zena Sutherland, ID: GB/204)
  63. Children and Books 1972 (Author: May Hill Arbuthnot, ID: GB/204)
  64. Children of the Archbishop 1951 (Author: Norman Collins, ID: GB/1311)
  65. Children Solve Problems 1972 (Author: Edward de Bono, ID: GB/1608)
  66. Children's Book on How to Use Books and Libraries 1965 (Author: Carolyn Mott, ID: GB/4603)
  67. Children's Theatre Plays 1948 (Author: David Scott Daniell, ID: GB/1555)
  68. Childs History of England (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1697)
  69. Chinese Lattice Designs 1974 (Author: Daniel Sheets Dye, ID: GB/1878)
  70. Chocolate - The Consuming Passion 1982 (Author: Sandra Boynton, ID: GB/723)
  71. Choice Before South Africa 1952 (Author: E. S. Sachs, ID: GB/5595)
  72. Christ Recrucified (Author: Nikos Kazantzakis, ID: GB/3397)
  73. Christiane Baumgartner 2007 (Author: Johan M. H. Deumens, ID: GB/11535)
  74. Christiane Baumgartner 2007 (Author: Christiane Baumgartner, ID: GB/11535)
  75. Christmas Books (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1698)
  76. Chronology of the Modern World. 1763 to the present time. 1966 (Author: Neville Williams, ID: GB/7141)
  77. Chums Annual 1940 1940 (Author: Anonymous, ID: GB/158)
  78. Cindyella, or I Gotta Shoe 1962 (Author: Caryl Brahms, ID: GB/730)
  79. Cindyella, or I Gotta Shoe 1962 (Author: Tony Walton, ID: GB/730)
  80. Cinema of the Fantastic 1972 (Author: Chris Steinbrunner, ID: GB/6179)
  81. Circa 1492 1991 (Author: Jay A. Levenson, ID: GB/3798)
  82. Circle 1937 (Author: J. L. Martin, ID: GB/4185)
  83. Claes Oldenburg: Large-Scale Projects 1977-1980 1980 (Author: Claes Oldenburg, ID: GB/4832)
  84. Classic Book of Dirty Jokes 1981 (Author: Al Goldstein, ID: GB/2442)
  85. Classic Fairy Tales 1974 (Author: Iona and Peter Opie, ID: GB/4858)
  86. Classics of Librarianship 1957 (Author: John L. Thornton, ID: GB/6470)
  87. Claudius The God 1966 (Author: Robert Graves, ID: GB/2555)
  88. Click - A Pictorial History of the Photograph 1974 (Author: Russell Miller, ID: GB/4437)
  89. Clouds of Aristophanes 1923 (Author: Benjamin Bickley Rogers, ID: GB/5404)
  90. Cock-A-Doodle Dandy 1949 (Author: Sean O'Casey, ID: GB/4812)
  91. Collaboration: Artists & Architects 1981 (Author: Barbaralee Diamonstein, ID: GB/1691)
  92. Collage 1968 (Author: Herta Wescher, ID: GB/7042)
  93. Collapse of Stout Party 1975 (Author: Ronald Pearsall, ID: GB/4996)
  94. Collected Drawings of Aubrey Beardsley 1967 (Author: Arthur (A. J. A.) Symons, ID: GB/6320)
  95. Collected Poems. 1934-1952 1966 (Author: Dylan Thomas, ID: GB/6416)
  96. Collected Stories of Ben Hecht n.d. (Author: Ben Hecht, ID: GB/2829)
  97. Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches & Essays 1984 (Author: Mark Twain, ID: GB/6621)
  98. Collected Verse - From 1929 On 1966 (Author: Ogden Nash, ID: GB/4679)
  99. Collected Works. Volume 20 1972 (Author: Dieter Roth (a.k.a. Diter Rot) (Karl-Dieterich), ID: GB/5467)
  100. Collecting Original Prints 1982 (Author: Rosemary Simmons, ID: GB/5947)
  101. Collecting Printed Ephemera 1976 (Author: John Lewis, ID: GB/3829)
  102. Collection of Pressmarks 1956 (Author: James Lamar Weygand, ID: GB/7050)
  103. Collections of Nothing 2008 (Author: William Davies King, ID: GB/12003)
  104. Collector's Guide to Prints and Printmakers 1972 (Author: F. Salamon, ID: GB/5609)
  105. Collins Authors and Printers Dictionary 1973 (Author: F. Howard Collins, ID: GB/1307)
  106. Colonial Houses of South Africa 1987 (Author: Graham Viney, ID: GB/6841)
  107. Color Zoo 1989 (Author: Lois Ehlert, ID: GB/1921)
  108. Colour 1980 (Author: Helen Varley, ID: GB/6789)
  109. Colour in Interior Decoration 1932 (Author: John M. Holmes, ID: GB/3022)
  110. Come into the Garden Maud 1966 (Author: Noel Coward, ID: GB/1386)
  111. Comix - A History of Comic Books in America 1971 (Author: Les Daniels, ID: GB/1557)
  112. Commercial and Industrial Record Storage 1969 (Author: Robert L. Collinson, ID: GB/1313)
  113. Committed Church 1966 (Author: Simon Clements, ID: GB/1246)
  114. Committed Church 1966 (Author: Lawrence Bright, ID: GB/798)
  115. Common Place Book 1975 (Author: J. Oglethorpe MacNooder, ID: GB/4068)
  116. Commonplace Book 1988 (Author: Anonymous, ID: GB/167)
  117. Commonplace Book 1985 (Author: E. M. Forster, ID: GB/2167)
  118. Compleat Child 1966 (Author: Louis Wyse, ID: GB/7275)
  119. Complete Alice 1986 (Author: Lewis Carroll, ID: GB/1051)
  120. Complete Alice 1986 (Author: Ralph Steadman, ID: GB/6145)
  121. Complete Bond Book 1975 (Author: David M. Darst, ID: GB/1565)
  122. Complete Booksellers Directory 1969 (Author: Gerald Coe, ID: GB/1265)
  123. Complete Course in Oil Painting 1960 (Author: Olle Nordmark, ID: GB/4773)
  124. Complete Essays 1991 (Author: V. S. Pritchett, ID: GB/5191)
  125. Complete Greek Drama 1938 (Author: Whitney J. Oates, ID: GB/4795)
  126. Complete Guide to Acrylic Painting 1971 (Author: Wendon Blake, ID: GB/605)
  127. Complete Guide to Printmaking 1975 (Author: Stephen Russ, ID: GB/5564)
  128. Complete New Yorker 2005 (Author: David Remnick, ID: GB/10661)
  129. Complete Paintings of Bosch 1969 (Author: Mia Cinotti, ID: GB/1208)
  130. Complete Paintings of Cezanne 1970 (Author: Ian Dunlap, ID: GB/1863)
  131. Complete Plays of Bernard Shaw 1931 (Author: Bernard Shaw, ID: GB/5887)
  132. Complete Printmaker 1972 (Author: John Ross, ID: GB/5443)
  133. Complete Science Fiction Treasury 1978 (1934) (Author: H. G. Wells, ID: GB/7024)
  134. Complete Short Stories n.d. (Author: Guy de Maupassant, ID: GB/1628)
  135. Complete Short Stories of W.Somerset Maugham (Author: W. Somerset Maugham, ID: GB/4212)
  136. Complete Upmanship 1977 (Author: Stephen Potter, ID: GB/5153)
  137. Complete Works of John M. Synge. 1972 (Author: John M. Synge, ID: GB/6321)
  138. Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Author: William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5844)
  139. Composition with Cat 1997 (Author: William Warmack, ID: GB/6927)
  140. Composition with Cat: Lost Masterpieces of the Twentieth Century 1997 (Author: William Warmack, ID: GB/6928)
  141. Computer Graphics 1975 (Author: Melvin L. Prueitt, ID: GB/5202)
  142. Concise History of Modern Painting 1969 (Author: Herbert Read, ID: GB/5269)
  143. Concise History of Watercolours 1971 (Author: Grahams Reynolds, ID: GB/5320)
  144. Concise Household Encyclopedia n.d. (Author: J. A. Hammerton, ID: GB/2711)
  145. Concrete Poetry 2022 (Author: Paul Bernard, ID: GB/31607)
  146. Confessions (Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, ID: GB/5520)
  147. Confessions and Impressions 1931 (Author: Ethel Mannin, ID: GB/4112)
  148. Confessions of Aleister Crowley 1979 (Author: Aleister Crowley, ID: GB/1489)
  149. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater 1964 (Author: Thomas De Quincey, ID: GB/1634)
  150. Confessions of Nat Turner 1968 (Author: William Styron, ID: GB/6281)
  151. Constable 1986 (Author: Malcolm Cormack, ID: GB/1365)
  152. Constable 1979 (Author: John Walker, ID: GB/6892)
  153. Constantin Jelensky 1968 (Author: Fini Leonor, ID: GB/3775)
  154. Constitution of Liberty 1963 (Author: F. A. Hayek, ID: GB/2813)
  155. Construction and Deconstruction of a Masterpiece: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France 2018 (Author: Sonia Delaunay, ID: GB/30075)
  156. Construction and Deconstruction of a Masterpiece: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France 2018 (Author: Kitty Maryatt, ID: GB/30075)
  157. Contemporary Decorative Arts 1980 (Author: Philippe Garner, ID: GB/2308)
  158. Contemporary Painting 1981 (Author: Paul Vogt, ID: GB/6844)
  159. Contemporary S.A Art 1985-1995 1997 (Author: Emma Bedford, ID: GB/463)
  160. Continuities 1968 (Author: Frank Kermode, ID: GB/3431)
  161. Contributions to the Clerihew Dictionary of National Biography 1980 (Author: Walter Mee, ID: GB/4315)
  162. Cooking of China 1970 (Author: Emily Hahn, ID: GB/2654)
  163. Cooking of Germany 1970 (Author: Nika Standen Hazelton, ID: GB/2820)
  164. Cooking of Italy 1969 (Author: Waverley Root, ID: GB/5422)
  165. Cooking of Japan 1970 (Author: Rafael Steinberg, ID: GB/6175)
  166. Cooking of Provincial France 1969 (Author: M. F. K. Fisher, ID: GB/2120)
  167. Cooking of Scandanavia 1969 (Author: Dale Brown, ID: GB/842)
  168. Cooking of Spain and Portugal 1970 (Author: Peter S. Feibleman, ID: GB/2055)
  169. Cooking of the British Isles 1970 (Author: Adrian Bailey, ID: GB/293)
  170. Cooking of the Middle-East 1970 (Author: Harry G. Nickles, ID: GB/4736)
  171. Cooking of Vienna's Empire 1969 (Author: Joseph Wechsberg, ID: GB/6985)
  172. Copyart 1978 (Author: Patrick Firpo, ID: GB/2114)
  173. Corner House 1965 (Author: A. P. Cartwright, ID: GB/1081)
  174. Corner-Stone (Author: Zoe Oldenbourg, ID: GB/4831)
  175. Correspondence 1949 (Author: Bernard Shaw, ID: GB/5888)
  176. Correspondence with the Goverment. 1944-1947 1959 (Author: M. K. Gandhi, ID: GB/2297)
  177. Corvo 1971 (Author: Donald Weeks, ID: GB/6987)
  178. Count of Monte Cristo (Author: Alexandre Dumas, ID: GB/1854)
  179. Counting Book 1980 (Author: Helen Craig, ID: GB/1402)
  180. Country Life Book of Book Collecting 1976 (Author: Richard Booth, ID: GB/671)
  181. Country Topics 1974 (Author: Auberon Waugh, ID: GB/6947)
  182. Countryman's Woods 1983 (Author: Hal Borland, ID: GB/691)
  183. Court of Flora 1981 (Author: J. J. Grandville, ID: GB/2548)
  184. Courtship of the Younghy-Bonghy-Bo 1980 (Author: Edward Lear, ID: GB/3712)
  185. Covering the New Yorker 2000 (Author: Francoise Mouly, ID: GB/4605)
  186. Cowardy Custard 1973 (Author: John Hadfield, ID: GB/2647)
  187. Cradle of Mountains 1978 (Author: David A. Doods, ID: GB/1770)
  188. Creating French Culture 1995 (Author: Marie-Hélène Tesnière, ID: GB/6383)
  189. Creative Puzzles of the World 1978 (Author: Pieter van Delft, ID: GB/6733)
  190. Crime Passionnel 1965 (Author: Jean-Paul Sartre, ID: GB/5646)
  191. Critic as Artist: Part 1 and 2 1932 (Author: Oscar Wilde, ID: GB/7096)
  192. Critical Issued in Public Art 1993 (Author: Harriet F. Senie, ID: GB/5801)
  193. Critics of the Nineties. 1970 (Author: Derek Stanford, ID: GB/6133)
  194. Crocodile Trembles (Author: John Deane Potter, ID: GB/5151)
  195. Crooked Bluegum 1955 (Author: Lewis Sowden, ID: GB/6079)
  196. Cross Channel 1996 (Author: Julian Barnes, ID: GB/361)
  197. Crowley on Christ 1974 (Author: Francis King, ID: GB/3466)
  198. Cruel Sea (Author: Nicholas Monsarrat, ID: GB/4510)
  199. Culture of Complaint 1993 (Author: Robert Hughes, ID: GB/3111)
  200. Curating 1997 (Author: Anna Harding, ID: GB/2727)
  201. Curating. The Contemporary Art Museum and Beyond 1997 (Author: Anna Harding, ID: GB/2728)
  202. Curious Sofa 1980 (Author: Ogdred Weary, ID: GB/6975)
  203. Currier and Ives - Chronicles of America 1968 (Author: John Lowell Pratt, ID: GB/5171)
  204. Cut-Outs of Henri Matisse 1978 (Author: John Elderfield, ID: GB/1945)
  205. Cutting through the Mountain 1997 (Author: Immanuel Suttner, ID: GB/6298)
  206. Cyril Pure's Diary 1981 (Author: Michael Geare, ID: GB/2326)

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