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Artwork Titles starting with 'H'

  1. Hadrian the Seventh 1950 (Author: Rolfe Corvo, ID: GB/1372)
  2. Hair 1971 (Author: Wendy Cooper, ID: GB/1353)
  3. Hair - The Film 1979 (Author: Anonymous, ID: GB/174)
  4. Halliwell's Film Guide 1977 (Author: Leslie Halliwell, ID: GB/2665)
  5. Hamlet (Author: William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5845)
  6. Handbook of Elocution 1924 (Author: Edward Minshall, ID: GB/4461)
  7. Hanging on in Paradise 1975 (Author: Fred Lawrence Guiles, ID: GB/2633)
  8. Hans Haacke: Unfinished Business n.d. (Author: Brian Wallis, ID: GB/6904)
  9. Hans Kanters 1987 (Author: Koen Nieuwendijk, ID: GB/4750)
  10. Hapworth 16, 1924 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5619)
  11. Hard Times (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1707)
  12. Hardy Country 1983 (Author: Gordon Beningfield, ID: GB/494)
  13. Hardy Country 1983 (Author: Anthea Zeman, ID: GB/494)
  14. Harold Rosenberg 1978 (Author: Saul Steinberg, ID: GB/6176)
  15. Harvest in the North (Author: James Lansdale Hudson, ID: GB/3083)
  16. Hasselblad Award 2006 2006 (Author: Gunilla Knape, ID: GB/30039)
  17. Hasselblad Award 2006 2006 (Author: Michael Godby, ID: GB/30039)
  18. Hasselblad Award 2006 2006 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30039)
  19. Hawaii n.d. (Author: James A. Michener, ID: GB/4397)
  20. Helen A. Harrison 1984 (Author: Larry Rivers, ID: GB/5375)
  21. Helen Suzman's Solo Years 1991 (Author: Phyllis Lewsen, ID: GB/3866)
  22. Henri Matisse A Retrospective 1992 (Author: John Elderfield, ID: GB/1941)
  23. Henry Moore (words by) 1968 (Author: Henry Moore, ID: GB/2831)
  24. Henry Moore (words by) 1968 (Author: John Hedgecoe, ID: GB/2831)
  25. Here of All Places 1959 (Author: Osbert Lancaster, ID: GB/3624)
  26. Heritage 1984 (Author: Abba Eban, ID: GB/1887)
  27. Heritage of the Bounty (Author: H. L. Shapiro, ID: GB/5872)
  28. Hidden Flower (Author: Pearl S. Buck, ID: GB/882)
  29. Hidden Treasures Revealed 1995 (Author: Albert Kostenevich, ID: GB/3556)
  30. High & Low 1990 (Author: Kirk Varnedoe, ID: GB/6792)
  31. High and Low 1990 (Author: Kirk Varnedoe, ID: GB/6793)
  32. High Line 2015 (Author: Matthew Johnson, ID: GB/15271)
  33. High Line 2015 (Author: Lisa Switkin, ID: GB/15271)
  34. High Line 2015 (Author: Elizabeth Diller, ID: GB/15271)
  35. High Line 2015 (Author: James Corner, ID: GB/15271)
  36. High Line 2015 (Author: Ricardo Scofidio, ID: GB/15271)
  37. High Wind in Jamaica (Author: Richard Hughes, ID: GB/3108)
  38. Hirschhorn 1979 (Author: Barry Hyams, ID: GB/3169)
  39. Historic Houses of South Africa 1922 (Author: Dorothea Fairbridge, ID: GB/2031)
  40. History for South African Schools (Author: A. N. Boyce, ID: GB/716)
  41. History of Art 1995 (Author: H. W. Janson, ID: GB/3241)
  42. History of England from the accession of James the Second 1883 (Author: Macaulay, ID: GB/4053)
  43. History of Fashion 1975 (Author: J. Anderson Black, ID: GB/594)
  44. History of Greek Political Thought 1959 (Author: T. A. Sinclair, ID: GB/5955)
  45. History of Henry Esmond (Author: William Makepeace Thackeray, ID: GB/6389)
  46. History of Herodotus 1956 (Author: Herodotus, ID: GB/2897)
  47. History of Printmaking 1996 (Author: History of Printmaking, ID: GB/2951)
  48. History of Reading 1996 (Author: Alberto Manguel, ID: GB/4105)
  49. History of the House 1971 (Author: E. Canesasca, ID: GB/1008)
  50. History of Western Philosophy 1955 (Author: Bertrand Russell, ID: GB/5570)
  51. Hittites 1954 (Author: O. R. Gurney, ID: GB/2637)
  52. Hockney on Photography 1988 (Author: Paul Joyce, ID: GB/3351)
  53. Hofmekler's People 1982 (Author: Ori Hofmekler, ID: GB/2997)
  54. Hofmeyer 1964 (Author: Alan Paton, ID: GB/4970)
  55. Hogarth - The Complete Engravings 1968 (Author: Joseph Burke, ID: GB/928)
  56. Hollywood 1990 (Author: Gore Vidal, ID: GB/6826)
  57. Hollywood Musicals 1981 (Author: Ted Sennett, ID: GB/5802)
  58. Holy Bible 1963 (Author: Anonymous, ID: GB/162)
  59. Honore Daumier - Selected Works 1969 (Author: Bruce and Seena Harris, ID: GB/2753)
  60. Hooking Up 2000 (Author: Tom Wolfe, ID: GB/7218)
  61. Hope for South Africa 1958 (Author: Alan Paton, ID: GB/4971)
  62. Hopper 2011 (Author: Mark Strand, ID: GB/14047)
  63. Horses 1992 (Author: Donald Kuspit, ID: GB/3595)
  64. Horses 1992 (Author: Debora Butterfield, ID: GB/965)
  65. Hot Gates and other occasional pieces 1967 (Author: William Golding, ID: GB/2435)
  66. House of Paper 2005 (Author: Carlos María Domínguez, ID: GB/11628)
  67. House of Paper 2005 (Author: Peter Sís, ID: GB/11628)
  68. House on the Cliff 1957 (Author: George Batson, ID: GB/401)
  69. How the Other Half Lives 1971 (Author: Jacob A. Riis, ID: GB/5356)
  70. How to Draw a Radish 1995 (Author: Joy Sikorski, ID: GB/5938)
  71. How to Draw and Paint 1981 (Author: Stan Smith, ID: GB/6021)
  72. How to Retire Successfully (Author: Carlton Wallace, ID: GB/6897)
  73. How to Travel with a Salmon & Other Essays 1994 (Author: Umberto Eco, ID: GB/1892)
  74. Howard Hodgkin 1994 (Author: Andrew Graham-Dixon, ID: GB/2546)
  75. Howl and Other Poems 1967 (Author: Allen Ginsberg, ID: GB/2394)
  76. Hugging the Shore 1984 (Author: John Updike, ID: GB/6705)
  77. Human Comedy (Author: William Saroyan, ID: GB/5642)
  78. Human Figure in Motion 1955 (Author: Eadweard Muybridge, ID: GB/4652)
  79. Human Scandals 1977 (Author: Brad Holland, ID: GB/3010)
  80. Humor, Wit and Fantasy 1976 (Author: Harold H. Hart, ID: GB/2773)
  81. Humour in Memoriam 1970 (Author: George Mikes, ID: GB/4406)

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