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Artwork Titles starting with 'F'

  1. F Word 1995 (Author: Jesse Sheidlower, ID: GB/5903)
  2. Faber Book of Anecdotes 1985 (Author: Clifton Fadiman, ID: GB/2026)
  3. Fabrics 1994 (Author: Caroline Lebeau, ID: GB/3724)
  4. Faces 1977 (Author: Ben Maddow, ID: GB/4070)
  5. Facetiae Frankliana 1940 (Author: Benjamin Franklin, ID: GB/2210)
  6. Facts on File Visual Dictionary 1986 (Author: Jean-Claude Corbell, ID: GB/1361)
  7. Fake 1969 (Author: Clifford Irving, ID: GB/3189)
  8. Fakes and Frauds 1989 (Author: Michael Harris, ID: GB/2756)
  9. Fakes and Frauds 1989 (Author: Robin Myers, ID: GB/4655)
  10. Falling out of Love 1964 (Author: Alan Sillitoe, ID: GB/5940)
  11. Fame 1980 (Author: Brad Benedict, ID: GB/490)
  12. Familiar Stdies of Men and Books 1963 (Author: Robert Louis Stevenson, ID: GB/6206)
  13. Family Markowitz 1996 (Author: Allegra Goodman, ID: GB/2468)
  14. Family Reunion 1939 (Author: T. S. Eliot, ID: GB/1953)
  15. Famous American Political Families 1965 (Author: Don Lawson, ID: GB/3692)
  16. Fanny Hill (Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure) (Author: John Cleland, ID: GB/1242)
  17. Fantastic Alphabets 1976 (Author: Jean Larcher, ID: GB/3641)
  18. Farewell to Arms (Author: Ernest Hemingway, ID: GB/2861)
  19. Fascination of Books 1912 (Author: Joseph Shaylor, ID: GB/5899)
  20. Fell's Guide to Papercraft 1963 (Author: Walter B. Gibson, ID: GB/2364)
  21. Festival (Author: Struthers Burt, ID: GB/940)
  22. Festival at Farbridge (Author: J. B. Priestly, ID: GB/5186)
  23. Fiction and the Reading Public 1965 (Author: Q. D. Leavis, ID: GB/3722)
  24. Fiction Guides 1967 (Author: Gerald B. Cotton, ID: GB/1376)
  25. Fiction of J.D. Salinger 1960 (Author: Frederick L. Gwynn, ID: GB/2643)
  26. Fifo Stricker 1987 (Author: Sibylle Vater, ID: GB/6799)
  27. Fifteen Joys of Marriage 1959 (Author: Elisabeth Abott, ID: GB/6)
  28. Fifteenth Century English Books 1917 (Author: E. Gordon Duff, ID: GB/1847)
  29. Fifty Classic Motion Pictures 1973 (Author: David Zinman, ID: GB/7320)
  30. Fifty Penguin Years 1985 (Author: Penguin Books, ID: GB/5012)
  31. Film of Murder in the Cathedral 1952 (Author: T. S. Eliot, ID: GB/1954)
  32. Film Review. 1974-1975 1974 (Author: Maurice Speed, ID: GB/6088)
  33. Film Review. 1975-1976 1975 (Author: Maurice Speed, ID: GB/6089)
  34. Film Review. 1976-1977 1976 (Author: Maurice Speed, ID: GB/6090)
  35. Filmgoer's Companion 1970 (Author: Leslie Halliwell, ID: GB/2666)
  36. Filmgoer's Companion 1977 (Author: Leslie Halliwell, ID: GB/2667)
  37. Films of Robert Bresson 1970 (Author: Sundry, ID: GB/6293)
  38. Final Days 1976 (Author: Carl Bernstein, ID: GB/534)
  39. Final Days 1976 (Author: Bob Woodward, ID: GB/534)
  40. Final Days 1976 (Author: Bob Woodward, ID: GB/7247)
  41. Final Postponement 1998 (Author: Cecil Margo, ID: GB/4134)
  42. Fine Words Fine Books 1991 (Author: Pat Russell, ID: GB/5581)
  43. Fire Raisers 1965 (Author: Max Frisch, ID: GB/2254)
  44. First Encounters 1994 (Author: Edward Sorel, ID: GB/6071)
  45. First Folio of Shakespeare 1968 (Author: Charles Hinman, ID: GB/2942)
  46. First Hundred Years of the Standard Bank (Author: J. A. Henry, ID: GB/2872)
  47. Fish Can Sing 1966 (Author: Haldor Laxness, ID: GB/3694)
  48. Five Finger Excercise 1958 (Author: Peter Shaffer, ID: GB/5838)
  49. Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry 1981 (Author: Thomas Tusser, ID: GB/6606)
  50. Five Hundred Years of Printing 1959 (Author: Sigfrid Henry Steinberg, ID: GB/6178)
  51. Five Poems 1971 (Author: Khatchik Minasian, ID: GB/4459)
  52. Flags Through the Ages and Across the World 1975 (Author: Whitney Smith, ID: GB/6025)
  53. Flare Path (Author: Tetence Rattigan, ID: GB/5253)
  54. Flipbook No. 2 1999 (Author: Katrin Anliker, ID: GB/138)
  55. Floored Masterpieces with Worse Verse 1985 (Author: Spike Milligan, ID: GB/4439)
  56. Florid and Unusual Alphabets 1976 (Author: Silvestre Midolle, ID: GB/4403)
  57. Flowers from a Painter's Garden 1983 (Author: Paul Gell, ID: GB/2334)
  58. Fold-out Atlas of the Human Body 1984 (Author: Alfred Mason M.D. Amadon, ID: GB/112)
  59. Follow that Girl 1967 (Author: Julian Slade, ID: GB/5983)
  60. Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought 1977 (Author: Alan Bullock, ID: GB/894)
  61. Food of the Western World 1976 (Author: Theodora FitzGibbon, ID: GB/2135)
  62. For Esmé with Love and Squalor 1963 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5617)
  63. For the Defense 1947 (Author: Lloyd Paul Stryker, ID: GB/6278)
  64. For the Sake of Argument 1994 (Author: Christopher Hitchens, ID: GB/2952)
  65. Forest 1991 (Author: Tim Fitzharris, ID: GB/2136)
  66. Forgotten Alley (Author: Pierre Van Paassen, ID: GB/6768)
  67. Format of the English Novel 1971 (Author: A. Edward Newton, ID: GB/4727)
  68. Forrest Read 1968 (Author: Joyce Pound, ID: GB/5156)
  69. Fortune Cookie and The Apartment 1971 (Author: Billy Wilder, ID: GB/7111)
  70. Fortunes of Richard Mahony (Author: Harry Handel Richardson, ID: GB/5329)
  71. Forty-Five (Author: Alexandre Dumas, ID: GB/1856)
  72. Fotografia Publica 1999 (Author: Horacio Fernandez, ID: GB/2076)
  73. Found on Ebay 2002 (Author: Marc Hartzman, ID: GB/2787)
  74. Fountain (Author: Charles Morgan, ID: GB/4547)
  75. Fountainhead (Author: Ayn Rand, ID: GB/5232)
  76. Four Centuries of Fine Printing 1960 (Author: Stanley Morison, ID: GB/4557)
  77. Four Great SF Novels 1978 (Author: Arthur C. Clarke, ID: GB/1229)
  78. Four Quartets 1952 (Author: T. S. Eliot, ID: GB/1955)
  79. Fournier the Compleat Typographer 1972 (Author: Allen Hutt, ID: GB/3161)
  80. Fox Girls 1972 (Author: James Robert Parish, ID: GB/4939)
  81. Fox in the Attic 1962 (Author: Richard Hughes, ID: GB/3107)
  82. Fragments for a History of the Human Body 1989 (Author: Michel Feher, ID: GB/2052)
  83. Francis Sarzano n.d. (Author: Sir John Tenniel, ID: GB/6375)
  84. Francois Villon 1945 (Author: D. B. Wyndham Lewis, ID: GB/7274)
  85. Frank Auerbach 1990 (Author: Robert Hughes, ID: GB/3112)
  86. Franklin's Tale 1965 (Author: Geoffrey Chaucer, ID: GB/1151)
  87. Franny and Zooey 1964 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5618)
  88. Frans Hals (Author: Haarlem Museum, ID: GB/2644)
  89. French at Table 1967 (Author: Raymond Oliver, ID: GB/4834)
  90. French without Tears (Author: Tetence Rattigan, ID: GB/5254)
  91. Freud's Da Vinci 1977 (Author: Mark Podwal, ID: GB/5110)
  92. From the Ends of the Earth 1991 (Author: Abraham J. Karp, ID: GB/3382)
  93. From Time to Time 1997 (Author: Richard Long, ID: GB/3943)
  94. From Union to Apartheid 1969 (Author: Margaret Ballinger, ID: GB/318)
  95. Frontier Family (Author: Johannes Meintjes, ID: GB/4324)
  96. Frustration 1982 (Author: Claire Bretecher, ID: GB/773)
  97. Function of Bibliography 1982 (Author: Roy Stokes, ID: GB/6225)
  98. Fuseli - The Nightmare 1973 (Author: Nicolas Powell, ID: GB/5160)
  99. Future Imperfect 1994 (Author: Anthony Burgess, ID: GB/910)

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