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Artwork Titles starting with 'D'

  1. D .W. Griffith - His Life and Work 1972 (Author: Robert M. Henderson, ID: GB/2864)
  2. D. H. Lawrence and his World 1966 (Author: Warren Roberts, ID: GB/5379)
  3. D.H. Lawrence and his World 1966 (Author: Harr T. Moore, ID: GB/4515)
  4. Dada and Surrealsim 1980 (Author: Robert Short, ID: GB/5922)
  5. Daisychains 1983 (Author: Janet & Allan Ahlberg, ID: GB/15835)
  6. Dali 1975 (Author: Luis Romero, ID: GB/5414)
  7. Dancers Dancing 1978 (Author: Herbert Migdoll, ID: GB/4405)
  8. Dancing Bees 1966 (Author: Karl von Frisch, ID: GB/6853)
  9. Daphnis and Chloe 1937 (Author: Longus, ID: GB/3960)
  10. Daphnis and Chloe 1937 (Author: Geo. Thornley, ID: GB/3960)
  11. Das Gesamte Werk 1971 (Author: Jacques Callot, ID: GB/988)
  12. Data Processing Made Simple 1976 (Author: Susan Wooldridge, ID: GB/7248)
  13. Daughter (Author: Arthur Markowitz, ID: GB/4147)
  14. Daumier n.d. (Author: Jacques Lassaigne, ID: GB/3658)
  15. David Copperfield (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1700)
  16. David Goldberg. 55 2001 (Author: Lesley Lawson, ID: GB/30053)
  17. David Goldberg. 55 2001 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30053)
  18. David Goldberg. Baptiste Lignel 2014 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30051)
  19. David Goldberg. Baptiste Lignel 2014 (Author: Baptiste Lignel, ID: GB/30051)
  20. David Goldberg. Conversations with Photographers 2011 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30052)
  21. David Goldberg. Conversations with Photographers 2011 (Author: Katherine Slusher, ID: GB/30052)
  22. David Goldberg. Photographs 2006 (Author: Rory Bester, ID: GB/30038)
  23. David Goldberg. Photographs 2006 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30038)
  24. David Goldberg. Photographs 2006 (Author: Lionel Abrahams, ID: GB/30038)
  25. David Goldberg. Photographs 2018 (Author: Rachel Kent, ID: GB/30041)
  26. David Goldberg. Photographs 2018 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30041)
  27. David Goldberg. South Africa 1986 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30050)
  28. David Goldberg. South Africa 1986 (Author: Sue Davies, ID: GB/30050)
  29. David Goldberg. Structures of Dominion and Democracy 2018 (Author: Karolina Ziebinska-Lewandowska, ID: GB/30042)
  30. David Goldberg. Structures of Dominion and Democracy 2018 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30042)
  31. David Goldberg. The Last Interview 2019 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30049)
  32. David Goldberg. The Last Interview 2019 (Author: Brenda Goldblatt, ID: GB/30049)
  33. David Goldberg. The Last Interview 2019 (Author: Alexandra J. Dodd, ID: GB/30049)
  34. David Goldblatt (Author: Njabulo S. Ndebele, ID: GB/31068)
  35. David Goldblatt (Author: Matthew S. Witkovsky, ID: GB/31068)
  36. David Goldblatt (Author: Matthew S. Witkovsky, ID: GB/31068)
  37. David Goldblatt (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/31068)
  38. David Goldblatt (Author: Leslie N. Wilson, ID: GB/31068)
  39. David Goldblatt Collection of Photobooks (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30132)
  40. David Goldblatt: In Miniera / On the Mines 2013 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30073)
  41. David Goldblatt: In Miniera / On the Mines 2013 (Author: François Hébel, ID: GB/30073)
  42. David Hicks on Bathrooms 1970 (Author: David Hicks, ID: GB/2924)
  43. David Hicks on Decorating with Fabrics 1971 (Author: David Hicks, ID: GB/2925)
  44. Day in the Death of Joe Egg 1967 (Author: Peter Nichols, ID: GB/4734)
  45. Day in the Life of a Very Famous Artist 1993 (Author: Peggy Doody, ID: GB/1771)
  46. Day the Bubble Burst. 1979 (Author: Gordon Thomas, ID: GB/6425)
  47. Days of October 1974 (Author: Betty Misheiker, ID: GB/4462)
  48. Days of the Week (1980?) (Author: Helen Craig, ID: GB/1403)
  49. De Daumier-Smith's Blue Period 1966 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5615)
  50. Dear Doctor Hip Pocrates 1968 (Author: Eugene Schoenfeld, ID: GB/5689)
  51. Dearest Mother 1942 (Author: Paul Elbogen, ID: GB/1940)
  52. Death of Tragedy 1963 (Author: George Steiner, ID: GB/6181)
  53. Debrett's Correct Form 1976 (Author: Patrick Montague-Smith, ID: GB/4511)
  54. Decade of Collecting 2000 (Author: Richard Kuhta, ID: GB/3587)
  55. Decade of Printmaking 1973 (Author: Charles Spencer, ID: GB/6093)
  56. Decameron (Author: Richard Aldington, ID: GB/643)
  57. Decameron (Author: Giovanni Boccaccio, ID: GB/643)
  58. Décoration 1965 (Author: La Décoration, ID: GB/3599)
  59. Decoration and Design 1971 (Author: Jacqueline Inchbald, ID: GB/3177)
  60. Decorative Alphabets 1988 (Author: Pat Russell, ID: GB/5580)
  61. Decorative Alphabets and Initials 1959 (Author: Alexander Nesbit, ID: GB/4708)
  62. Decorative Art and Modern Interiors 1980 (Author: Maria Schofield, ID: GB/5691)
  63. Decorative Butterflies and Insects 1977 (Author: E. A. Seguy, ID: GB/5784)
  64. Decorative Ironwork 1969 (Author: Umberto Zimelli, ID: GB/7315)
  65. Decorative Silhouettes of the Twenties 1975 (Author: Jo Anne C. Day, ID: GB/1601)
  66. Definitive Edition of the Plays of J. M. Barrie 1948 (Author: J. M. Barrie, ID: GB/367)
  67. Degas 1979 (Author: Ian Dunlop, ID: GB/1865)
  68. Delightful Food (Author: Marjorie Salter, ID: GB/5630)
  69. Delights of Reading 1987 (Author: Otto L. Bettmann, ID: GB/547)
  70. Delights of Reading 1987 (Author: Daniel J. Boorstin, ID: GB/547)
  71. Democracy in the United States 1965 (Author: William H. Riker, ID: GB/5357)
  72. Demoiselles d'Avignon - A Sketchbook 1988 (Author: Brigitte Leal, ID: GB/3707)
  73. Depression Years 1978 (Author: Arthur Rothstein, ID: GB/5515)
  74. Descriptive Cataloguing 1968 (Author: James A. Tait, ID: GB/6331)
  75. Design and Construction of the British Library 1998 (Author: Colin St John Wilson, ID: GB/7157)
  76. Design Focus 1978 (Author: Hal Missingham, ID: GB/4463)
  77. Designer's Guide to Color 1984 (Author: James Stockton, ID: GB/6222)
  78. Designing for the Theatre 1965 (Author: Jo Mielziner, ID: GB/4404)
  79. Desperate Years 1962 (Author: James D. Horan, ID: GB/3048)
  80. Destruction Business 1971 (Author: Donald McCullin, ID: GB/4270)
  81. Destruction of the European Jews 1961 (Author: Raul Hilberg, ID: GB/2930)
  82. Devaluation and Futures Markets 1972 (Author: John R. Dominguez, ID: GB/1759)
  83. Devils 1961 (Author: John Whiting, ID: GB/7079)
  84. Devil's Advocate (Author: Morris West, ID: GB/7044)
  85. Devil's Mode 1989 (Author: Anthony Burgess, ID: GB/908)
  86. Dialogues of the Courtesans 1973 (Author: Pierre Louys, ID: GB/3988)
  87. Diary of an Old Man 1966 (Author: Chaim Bermant, ID: GB/527)
  88. Diary of Samuel Pepys 1970 etc (Author: Robert Latham, ID: GB/3661)
  89. Diary of Samuel Pepys 1925 (Author: G. Gregory Smith, ID: GB/5999)
  90. Dickens Encyclopaedia (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1701)
  91. Dickens' London (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1703)
  92. Dictionaries 1966 (Author: Kenneth Whittaker, ID: GB/7088)
  93. Dictionary of Biographical Quotation 1978 (Author: Justin Wintle, ID: GB/7179)
  94. Dictionary of Cultural Literacy 1988 (Author: E.D. Hirsch, ID: GB/2945)
  95. Dictionary of Fictional Characters 1963 (Author: William Freeman, ID: GB/2230)
  96. Dictionary of Fictional Characters 1965 (Author: J. M. F. Leaper, ID: GB/3708)
  97. Dictionary of Quotations 1968 (Author: Bergen Evans, ID: GB/2012)
  98. Dictionary of Southern African Place Names 1987 (Author: P.E. Raper, ID: GB/5246)
  99. Dictionary of Visual Language 1980 (Author: Philip Thompson, ID: GB/6457)
  100. Dictionnaire des Oevers Érotiques 1971 (Author: Pascal Pia, ID: GB/5065)
  101. Diderot Encyclopedia - The Complete Illustrations 1978 (Author: Denis Diderot, ID: GB/1736)
  102. Diminutive Dramas 1932 (Author: Maurice Baring, ID: GB/349)
  103. Dirty Business 1974 (Author: Ovid Demaris, ID: GB/1668)
  104. Disraeli - A Picture of the Victorian Age 1928 (Author: Andre Maurois, ID: GB/4222)
  105. Dissemination of Information 1966 (Author: T. D. Wilson, ID: GB/7172)
  106. Distaff Side 1933 (Author: John van Druten, ID: GB/6752)
  107. Divided Circle 1987 (Author: J. A. Bennett, ID: GB/500)
  108. Do Not Disturb 1996 (Author: Gianni Versace, ID: GB/6811)
  109. Documenta X : Short Guide 1997 (Author: Cornelia Barth, ID: GB/375)
  110. Documenta: Short Guide 1997 (Author: Jutta Buness (unverified name), ID: GB/7332)
  111. Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? 1973 (Author: Arnold Benjamin, ID: GB/496)
  112. Dogs on Rocks 2008 (Author: William Wegman, ID: GB/12578)
  113. Dombey and Son (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1704)
  114. Dont Hate Sculp 1997 (Author: Bob and Roberta Smith, ID: GB/15282)
  115. Don't look now but it's Christmas 1983 (Author: Fritz Wegner, ID: GB/6992)
  116. Don't Stop the Carnival (Author: Herman Wouk, ID: GB/7255)
  117. Doonesbury Chronicles 1975 (Author: G. B. Trudeau, ID: GB/6570)
  118. Doonesbury Dossier: The Reagan Years. 1984 (Author: G. B. Trudeau, ID: GB/6571)
  119. Doonesbury Special 1977 (Author: G. B. Trudeau, ID: GB/6572)
  120. Doonesbury's Greatest Hits 1978 (Author: G. B. Trudeau, ID: GB/6573)
  121. Double Negative 2010 (Author: Ivan Vladislavic, ID: GB/30036)
  122. Down at the Dinghy 1963 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5616)
  123. Dr Johnson's Doorknob 2007 (Author: Liz Workman, ID: GB/11629)
  124. Dr Johnson's Doorknob 2007 (Author: Germaine Greer, ID: GB/11629)
  125. Drama Bedside Book 1966 (Author: H. F. Rubinstein, ID: GB/5535)
  126. Drawing and Painting the Portrait 1983 (Author: John Devane, ID: GB/1683)
  127. Drawings 1979 (Author: William Steig, ID: GB/6160)
  128. Drawings from Life 1940 (Author: Eric Gill, ID: GB/2378)
  129. Drawings of Paul Cadmus 1989 (Author: Guy Davenport, ID: GB/1576)
  130. Drawn in Colour. African Contrasts 1966 (Author: Noni Jabavu, ID: GB/3206)
  131. Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages 1858 (Author: Henry Shaw, ID: GB/5896)
  132. Drôle de Vie 1980 (Author: Tetsu, ID: GB/6385)
  133. Duane Hanson 1985 (Author: Kirk Varnedoe, ID: GB/6790)
  134. Duchess of Bloomsbury Street 1974 (Author: Helene Hanff, ID: GB/2721)
  135. Duel of Angels 1958 (Author: Jean Giraudoux, ID: GB/2400)
  136. Dufy 1989 (Author: Dora Perez-Tibi, ID: GB/5025)
  137. Dukedom Large Enough 1969 (Author: David A. Randall, ID: GB/5233)

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