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Artwork Titles starting with 'T'

  1. Taboo No More 1990 (Author: (Dr) Mark Thorn, ID: GB/6468)
  2. Tale of Two Cities (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1722)
  3. Tales from Shakespeare 1972 (Author: Nicholas Bentley, ID: GB/509)
  4. Tales from the Calendar 1966 (Author: Bertolt Brecht, ID: GB/763)
  5. Tales from the House Behind (Author: Anne Frank, ID: GB/2206)
  6. Tales of Mystery and Imaginations 1909 (Author: Edgar Allan Poe, ID: GB/5115)
  7. Tales of Mystery and Imaginations 1976? (Author: Edgar Allan Poe, ID: GB/5116)
  8. Tales of the Weirrd 1990 (Author: Ralph Steadman, ID: GB/6151)
  9. Talking Back to The New York Times 1972 (Author: Kalman Seigel, ID: GB/5788)
  10. Talking of Books 1957 (Author: Oliver Edwards, ID: GB/1918)
  11. Talking Off 1984 (Author: Tim Dowly, ID: GB/1801)
  12. Taste 1991 (Author: Stephen Bayley, ID: GB/430)
  13. Taste and Technique in Book Collecting 1948 (Author: John Carter, ID: GB/1075)
  14. Tasteful Interlude 1975 (Author: William Seale, ID: GB/5761)
  15. Tate Gallery 1966 (Author: John Rothenstein, ID: GB/5513)
  16. Tatler 1953 (Author: Sir Richard Steele, ID: GB/6156)
  17. Tattooed Map 1995 (Author: Barbara Hodgson, ID: GB/13142)
  18. Teapots and Quails 1954 (Author: Edward Lear, ID: GB/3717)
  19. Techniques of Modern Artists 1983 (Author: Judith Collins, ID: GB/1309)
  20. Teddy 1963 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5626)
  21. Tempi del Giorno 1994 (Author: Larry Day, ID: GB/1603)
  22. Temples of Convenience 1978 (Author: Lucinda Lambton, ID: GB/3623)
  23. Ten by Ten 1988 (Author: Robert Mapplethorpe, ID: GB/4120)
  24. Tendencies 1993 (Author: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, ID: GB/5781)
  25. Tennant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Gray (Author: Ann Bronte, ID: GB/819)
  26. Textpieces 1996-1998 1999 (Author: Matthias Herrmann, ID: GB/2906)
  27. Thanks: Visible Markers (Author: Allan McCollum, ID: GB/4266)
  28. That Eager Zest 1961 (Author: Frances Walsh, ID: GB/6909)
  29. That Noble Cabinet 1973 (Author: Edward Miller, ID: GB/4426)
  30. Theatre in the East n.d. (Author: Faubion Bowers, ID: GB/709)
  31. Theatre through the Ages 1975 (Author: Cesare Molinari, ID: GB/4503)
  32. Theories, Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results and Findings 2000 (Author: Damien Hurst, ID: GB/3146)
  33. Theory of Cataloguing 1966 (Author: P. J. Quigg, ID: GB/5214)
  34. Theory of Morals 1952 (Author: E. F. Carritt, ID: GB/1041)
  35. There's a Girl in My Soup 1966 (Author: Terence Frisby, ID: GB/2253)
  36. These Lovers Fled Away n.d. (Author: Howard Spring, ID: GB/6112)
  37. They Had Faces Then 1974 (Author: John Springer, ID: GB/6113)
  38. Thinking With Concepts n.d. (Author: John Wilson, ID: GB/7163)
  39. Third Dimension 1965 (Author: Robert E. Spiller, ID: GB/6107)
  40. Thirsty Evil 1981 (Author: Gore Vidal, ID: GB/6835)
  41. Thirty-five years of photographs 1984 (Author: Raymund van Niekerk, ID: GB/30058)
  42. Thirty-five years of photographs 1984 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30058)
  43. This Book-collecting Game 1928 (Author: A. Edward Newton, ID: GB/4729)
  44. This Happy Breed 1943 (Author: Noel Coward, ID: GB/1392)
  45. This Kind of Peace 1967 (Author: T. R. Fehrenbach, ID: GB/2054)
  46. THIS WAS MOVED IN ERROR AND MUST BE REINSTATED n.d. (Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley, ID: GB/5905)
  47. This Wild Darkness 1996 (Author: Harold Brodkey, ID: GB/814)
  48. This Year in Jerusalem 1994 (Author: Mordecai Richler, ID: GB/5343)
  49. Thomas Frognall Dibdin 1967 (Author: E. J. O'Dwyer, ID: GB/4788)
  50. Those in Favour 1973 (Author: George Ross, ID: GB/5452)
  51. Those in Favour 1973 (Author: Campbell Singer, ID: GB/5959)
  52. Thousand Books on Books 1967 (Author: R. D. Pratt, ID: GB/5174)
  53. Three Continents 1944-1945 1946 (Author: Feliks Topolski, ID: GB/6512)
  54. Three Flats 1931 (Author: Malcolm Muggeridge, ID: GB/4616)
  55. Three Hundred Years of Irish Watercolours and Drawings 1990 (Author: Patricia Butler, ID: GB/962)
  56. Three Midshipmen n.d. (1908)? (Author: W. H .G. Kingston, ID: GB/3485)
  57. Three Plays 1956 (Author: James Forsyth, ID: GB/2172)
  58. Three Projects in Johannesburg November 2014 (Author: William Kentridge, ID: GB/30515)
  59. Three Studies in South African History (Author: C. De K. Fowler, ID: GB/2182)
  60. Thriller of the Year 1968 (Author: Glyn Jones, ID: GB/3317)
  61. Thrilling Cities (Author: Ian Flemming, ID: GB/2143)
  62. Through the Kaleidoscope 1985 (Author: Cozy Baker, ID: GB/300)
  63. Thurber Country n.d. (Author: James Thurber, ID: GB/6481)
  64. Thus is the World 1997 (Author: Peter Wüthrich, ID: GB/7266)
  65. Thy Neigbours Wife 1980 (Author: Gay Talese, ID: GB/6332)
  66. Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection 1993 (Author: Elizabeth Storm Nagy, ID: GB/4667)
  67. Tiger and the Horse 1961 (Author: Robert Bolt, ID: GB/651)
  68. Time of Arrival and other Essays 1967 (Author: Dan Jacobson, ID: GB/3220)
  69. Time of Your Life and two other Plays 1942 (Author: William Saroyan, ID: GB/5644)
  70. Time Remaining 1993 (Author: James McCourt, ID: GB/4268)
  71. TJ 2010 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30037)
  72. To be Read at Dusk (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1723)
  73. To Have and to Hold 2002 (Author: Philipp Blom, ID: GB/8701)
  74. To Love and Be Wise n.d. (Author: Josephine Tey, ID: GB/6386)
  75. To Test Your Knowledge (Author: Margaret Dixon, ID: GB/1753)
  76. Tokyo Papers 2020 (Author: Karel Martens, ID: GB/30571)
  77. Tom Wesselmann 1980 (Author: Slim Stealingworth, ID: GB/6152)
  78. Tomfoolery 1904 (Author: James Montgomery Flagg, ID: GB/2141)
  79. Tomorrow and Beyond 1978 (Author: Ian Summers, ID: GB/6289)
  80. Too Late the Phalarope n.d. (Author: Alan Paton, ID: GB/4976)
  81. Too Late to Lament (Author: Maurice Browne, ID: GB/854)
  82. Too Young to Die 1979 (Author: Patricia Fox-Sheinwold, ID: GB/2194)
  83. Toonerville Trolley 1972 (Author: Fontain Fox, ID: GB/2191)
  84. Tortilla Flat n.d. (Author: John Steinbeck, ID: GB/6172)
  85. Tour of the Hebrides 1961 (Author: James Boswell, ID: GB/698)
  86. Tour of the Universe 1980 (Author: Malcolm Edwards, ID: GB/1917)
  87. Tour to the Hebrides 1961 (Author: Samuel Johnson, ID: GB/3299)
  88. Tourist and the Real Japan 1968 (Author: Boye de. Mente, ID: GB/4357)
  89. Toward the Well-Being of Mankind 1964 (Author: Robert Shaplen, ID: GB/5874)
  90. Trade advertisements n.d. (Author: None stated, ID: GB/16748)
  91. Train 1982 (Author: Witold Generowicz, ID: GB/2337)
  92. Trans / Plant 2000 (Author: Barbara Nemitz, ID: GB/4704)
  93. Transatlantic Blues 1978 (Author: Wilfrid Sheed, ID: GB/5901)
  94. Transforming Vision 1994 (Author: Edward Hirsch, ID: GB/2946)
  95. Transgressions: The Offences of Art 2003 (Author: Anthony Julius, ID: GB/3355)
  96. Transported of Kwandebele (Author: Alex Harris, ID: GB/30040)
  97. Transported of Kwandebele (Author: Phillip van Niekerk, ID: GB/30040)
  98. Transported of Kwandebele (Author: Brenda Goldblatt, ID: GB/30040)
  99. Transported of Kwandebele (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30040)
  100. Transported of Kwandebele 2013 (Author: David Goldblatt, ID: GB/30046)
  101. Travels in Hyperreality 1986 (Author: Umberto Eco, ID: GB/1893)
  102. Travesties 1975 (Author: Tom Stoppard, ID: GB/6256)
  103. Treasure Island n.d. (Author: Robert Louis Stevenson, ID: GB/6213)
  104. Treasure of Franchard 1954 (Author: Robert Louis Stevenson, ID: GB/6214)
  105. Treasurers of Childwood 1989 (Author: Iona Opie, ID: GB/4857)
  106. Treasurers of the Library of Congress 1980 (Author: Charles A. Goodrum, ID: GB/2472)
  107. Treasures of the New York Public Library 1988 (Author: Marshall B. Davidson, ID: GB/1584)
  108. Treblinka 1967 (Author: Jean-Francois Steiner, ID: GB/6184)
  109. Tree 1990 (Author: Peter Wood, ID: GB/7231)
  110. Tree of Codes [Safer Code] 2011 (Author: Bruno Schulz, ID: GB/15644)
  111. Tree of Codes [Safer Code] 2011 (Author: Jonathan Safran Foer, ID: GB/15644)
  112. Tree of Codes [Safer Code] 2011 (Author: Robbin Ami Silverberg, ID: GB/15644)
  113. Tree, A Blade of Grass 1993 (Author: Shinzo Maeda, ID: GB/4071)
  114. Trekking On 1944 (Author: Deneys Reitz, ID: GB/5301)
  115. Trojan Women of Euripides n.d. (Author: Gilbert Murray, ID: GB/4647)
  116. Trompe-L'oeil Painting 1983 (Author: Miriam Milman, ID: GB/4446)
  117. Tropic Temper (Author: James Kirkup, ID: GB/3499)
  118. True Confessions of an Albino Terrorist 1985 (Author: Breyten Breytenbach, ID: GB/781)
  119. True Remarkable Occurrences 1978 (Author: John Train, ID: GB/6535)
  120. Truth about Publishing 1960 (Author: Sir Stanley Unwin. Hon LL.D, ID: GB/6698)
  121. Trying to Save Piggy Sneed 1996 (Author: John Irving, ID: GB/3194)
  122. Tulipia 1999 (Author: Emma Sweeney, ID: GB/299)
  123. Tulipia 1999 (Author: Willem Lemmers, ID: GB/299)
  124. Tulipia 1999 (Author: Christopher Baker, ID: GB/299)
  125. Turner - Rain, Steam and Speed 1972 (Author: John Gage, ID: GB/2283)
  126. Turning Wood into Art 2000 (Author: Suzanne Ramljak, ID: GB/5231)
  127. TV Book 1977 (Author: Judy Fireman, ID: GB/2111)
  128. Twelve Night n.d. (Author: William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5864)
  129. Twentieth Century Woodcuts 1971 (Author: Norman Laliberte, ID: GB/3614)
  130. Twentieth-Century Furniture 1980 (Author: Philippe Garner, ID: GB/2309)
  131. Twentieth-Century Prints 1970 (Author: Jiri Siblik, ID: GB/5930)
  132. Twenty-one Tales 1946 (Author: Rudyard Kipling, ID: GB/3497)
  133. Twenty-three abstract Miniature Paintings 2014 (Author: Samson Mnisi, ID: GB/31044)
  134. Twilight on the Floods n.d. (Author: Margurite Steen, ID: GB/6157)
  135. Twister of Twists, a Tangler of Tongues 1974 (Author: Alvin Schwartz, ID: GB/5723)
  136. Two Cultures and A Second Look 1965 (Author: C. P. Snow, ID: GB/6037)
  137. Two Hundred Poems for Boys and Girls n.d. (Author: Herbert Strange, ID: GB/6265)
  138. Two Tales 1983 (Author: Mercè Rodoreda, ID: GB/5399)
  139. Two Weeks in Another Town n.d. (Author: Irwin Shaw, ID: GB/5897)
  140. Two Women 1964 (Author: Alberto Moravia, ID: GB/4535)
  141. Typewriter Art 1975 (Author: Alan Riddell, ID: GB/5350)
  142. Typo-Bloopers 1977 (Author: Kermit Schafer, ID: GB/5665)
  143. Typographic Book. 1450-1935 1963 (Author: Kenneth Day, ID: GB/4561)
  144. Typographic Book. 1450-1935 1963 (Author: Stanley Morison, ID: GB/4561)
  145. Typographics 1969 (Author: Michael Hutchings, ID: GB/3147)
  146. Tyrone Guthrie on Acting 1971 (Author: Tyrone Guthrie, ID: GB/2639)

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