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Artwork Titles starting with 'Y'

  1. Yankee at the Court of King Arthur 1890 (Author: Mark Twain, ID: GB/6629)
  2. Year Books 1945-1946, 1957, 1958 (Author: Carlyle S. Baer, ID: GB/16032)
  3. You Can't Have Yor Kayak and Heat It 1973 (Author: Denis Norden, ID: GB/4769)
  4. You Know Me Al 1945 (Author: Ring Lardner, ID: GB/3643)
  5. Young Lions n.d. (Author: Irwin Shaw, ID: GB/5898)
  6. Youngblood Hawke 1962 (Author: Herman Wouk, ID: GB/7257)
  7. Your Walrus Hurt the One You Love 1985 (Author: Philip Norman, ID: GB/4775)
  8. Youth (Author: Joseph Conrad, ID: GB/1333)
  9. You've Had Your Time 1990 (Author: Anthony Burgess, ID: GB/919)

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