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Artwork Titles starting with 'G'

  1. Game of Words 1972 (Author: Willard R. Espy, ID: GB/2005)
  2. Game of Words 1994 (Author: Willard R. Espy, ID: GB/2006)
  3. Games Competition and Quizzes (Author: Joyce Nicholson, ID: GB/4735)
  4. Gang of Eight 1985 (Author: Tom Brokaw, ID: GB/816)
  5. Gate of Happy Sparrows 1955 (Author: Daniele Vare, ID: GB/6782)
  6. Gauguin 1967 (Author: Paul C. Nicholls, ID: GB/4733)
  7. Genet. A Biography 1993 (Author: Edmund White, ID: GB/7065)
  8. Genius of Venice 1500-1600 1983 (Author: Jane Martineau, ID: GB/4186)
  9. Gentle Madness 1995 (Author: Nicholas A. Basbanes, ID: GB/391)
  10. Gentleman's Relish 1979 (Author: Ronnie Barker, ID: GB/356)
  11. Gentlemen's Clubs of London 1984 (Author: Anthony Lejeune, ID: GB/3765)
  12. George Baselitz 1998 (Author: Deutsche Bank Collection, ID: GB/1681)
  13. George Washington - Man and Monument (Author: Frank Freidel, ID: GB/2231)
  14. Gerard Legrand 1979 (Author: Giorgio de Chirico, ID: GB/1612)
  15. German Art in the 20th Century 1985 (Author: C. M. Joachimides, ID: GB/3261)
  16. Giant Book of Insults 1981 (Author: Louis A. Safian, ID: GB/5605)
  17. Glitter and the Gold (Author: Consulo Vanderbilt Balsan, ID: GB/319)
  18. Glorious Morning (Author: Norman MacOwan, ID: GB/7385)
  19. Glossary of the Book 1960 (Author: Geoffrey Ashall Glaister, ID: GB/2406)
  20. Going Steady 1970 (Author: Pauline Kael, ID: GB/3358)
  21. Gold Miners (Author: A. P. Cartwright, ID: GB/1082)
  22. Golden Age 1979 (Author: Marcel Thomas, ID: GB/6438)
  23. Golden Age of B Movies 1981 (Author: Doug McClelland, ID: GB/4263)
  24. Golden Age of the Renaissance. Italy 1460-1500 1965 (Author: Andre Chastel, ID: GB/1148)
  25. Golden Boy n.d. (Author: Clifford Odets, ID: GB/4822)
  26. Good Companions (Author: J. B. Priestly, ID: GB/5187)
  27. Good English (Author: G. H. Vallins, ID: GB/6728)
  28. Good Person of Szechwan 1965 (Author: Bertolt Brecht, ID: GB/760)
  29. Good Reading About Many Books 1894-1895 (Author: T. Fisher Unwin, ID: GB/6699)
  30. Good School 1978 (Author: Richard Yates, ID: GB/7279)
  31. Good Stamp Collecting (Author: Kenneth F. Chapman, ID: GB/1139)
  32. Gordon Hendricks 1979 (Author: Homer, ID: GB/3029)
  33. Gorey Games 1979 (Author: Edward Gorey, ID: GB/2491)
  34. Gospel According to Peanuts (Author: Robert Short, ID: GB/5923)
  35. Grammar of Elocution 1923 (Author: John Millard, ID: GB/4415)
  36. Grand Design 1997 (Author: Malcolm Baker, ID: GB/303)
  37. Grand Illusions 1974 (Author: Richard Lawton, ID: GB/3693)
  38. Grand Panorama of London 1972 (Author: Asa Briggs, ID: GB/789)
  39. Grand Tour 1969 (Author: Christopher Hibbert, ID: GB/2921)
  40. Grapes of Wrath (Author: John Steinbeck, ID: GB/6169)
  41. Graphic Design 1954 (Author: John Brinkley, ID: GB/800)
  42. Graphic Trade Symbols by German Designers 1974 (Author: F. H. Ehmcke, ID: GB/1922)
  43. Grass Won't Grow Till Spring 1968 (Author: David Lytton, ID: GB/4049)
  44. Great Acting 1967 (Author: Hal Burton, ID: GB/942)
  45. Great Architecture of the World 1978 (Author: John Julius Norwich, ID: GB/4783)
  46. Great Expectations (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1706)
  47. Great Houses of Britain 1971 (Author: Nigel Nicolson, ID: GB/4741)
  48. Great Houses of Europe 1970 (Author: Sacheverell Sitwell, ID: GB/5968)
  49. Great Housewives of Art Revisited 1992 (Author: Sally Swain, ID: GB/6305)
  50. Great Libraries 1970 (Author: Anthony Hobson, ID: GB/2961)
  51. Great Monuments in Architecture 1979 (Author: David Macaulay, ID: GB/4054)
  52. Great Movies 1973 (Author: William Bayer, ID: GB/427)
  53. Great Prints and Printmakers 1977 (Author: Herman J. Wechsler, ID: GB/6986)
  54. Great Private Collections 1963 (Author: Douglas Cooper, ID: GB/1348)
  55. Great Ship and Rabelais Replies 1944 (Author: Eric Linklater, ID: GB/3902)
  56. Great Wave 1974 (Author: Colta Geller Ives, ID: GB/3204)
  57. Greatest Book in the World 1925 (Author: A. Edward Newton, ID: GB/4728)
  58. Greatest Works of Art of Western Civilisation 1997 (Author: Thomas Hoving, ID: GB/3068)
  59. Greek Handicraft 1969 (Author: S. A. Papadopoulos, ID: GB/4935)
  60. Greek Myths 1955 (Author: Robert Graves, ID: GB/2556)
  61. Gretta (Author: Erskine Caldwell, ID: GB/982)
  62. Guerrilla Girls in the Artworld and Beyond 2012 (Author: Jane M. Saks, ID: GB/14815)
  63. Guide to Painting (Author: Henry Gasser, ID: GB/2320)
  64. Guide to Traditional and Modern Painting Methods. 1963 (Author: Frederic Taubes, ID: GB/6362)
  65. Guinness Book of Humerous Anecdotes 1994 (Author: Nigel Rees, ID: GB/5282)
  66. Gustav Klimt 1972 (Author: Werner Hofmann, ID: GB/2996)
  67. Guys and Dolls (Author: Damon Runyon, ID: GB/5544)

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