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Artwork Titles starting with 'M'

  1. M.G.M. Stock Company - The Golden Era. 1972 (Author: James Robert Parish, ID: GB/4940)
  2. Mabe You Should Write a Book 1977 (Author: Ralph Daigh, ID: GB/1542)
  3. Macbeth 1966 (Author: William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5852)
  4. Macbeth 1963 (Author: William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5853)
  5. Macbeth (Author: William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5854)
  6. Macbeth n.d. (Author: William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5855)
  7. Madam & Eve Collection 1993 (Author: S. Francis, ID: GB/2198)
  8. Madam & Eve. Somewhere over the Rainbow Nation 1996 (Author: S. Francis, ID: GB/2199)
  9. Madam & Eve. Free at Last 1994 (Author: S. Francis, ID: GB/2200)
  10. Madam & Eve. Free at Last 1995 (Author: S. Francis, ID: GB/2201)
  11. Madam and Eve 1995 (Author: S. Francis, ID: GB/2202)
  12. Madame Bovary 1967 (Author: Gustave Flaubert, ID: GB/4a)
  13. Madams are from Mars, Maids are from Venus 1997 (Author: S. Francis, ID: GB/2203)
  14. Made in the Midwest 1993 (Author: Bruce W. Pepich, ID: GB/5019)
  15. Magdalena Abakanowicz 1994 (Author: Barbara Rose, ID: GB/5427)
  16. Magic Symbols 1975 (Author: Robert Reynolds, ID: GB/5322)
  17. Magritte 1979 (Author: Richard Calvocoressi, ID: GB/993)
  18. Magryoshka 1993 (Author: Maryline Poole Adams, ID: GB/21)
  19. Maillol Vivant 1947 (Author: Claude Roy, ID: GB/5531)
  20. Maillol Vivant 1947 (Author: Aristide Maillol, ID: GB/5531)
  21. Major Thompson and I (Author: Pierre Daninos, ID: GB/1559)
  22. Maker of Heavenly Trousers 1956 (Author: Daniele Vare, ID: GB/6784)
  23. Makers of Mathematics (Author: Alfred Hooper, ID: GB/3036)
  24. Making a Sacher Torte 1981 (Author: Diane Wakoski, ID: GB/6882)
  25. Making a Sacher Torte 1981 (Author: Walter (Samuel Haatoum) Hamady, ID: GB/6882)
  26. Making Mischief: Dada Invades New York 1996 (Author: Francis M. Naumann, ID: GB/4687)
  27. Making of a Publisher 1968 (Author: Victor Weybright, ID: GB/7048)
  28. Making Three-Dimensional Pictures 1976 (Author: Robin Capon, ID: GB/1014)
  29. Malraux - Past, Present, Future 1974 (Author: Guy Suares, ID: GB/6283)
  30. Man in the Grey Flannel Suit 1957 (Author: Sloan Wilson, ID: GB/7171)
  31. Man to Man 2007 (Author: Pierre Borhan, ID: GB/11344)
  32. Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices 1974 (Author: Peter F. Drucker, ID: GB/1832)
  33. Manet a Retrospective 1990 (Author: T. A. Gronberg, ID: GB/2607)
  34. Manhattan in Maps 1997 (Author: Robert T. Augustyn, ID: GB/262)
  35. Manners and Morals in the Age of Optimism 1966 (Author: James Laver, ID: GB/3673)
  36. Manon Lescaut 1841 (Author: The Abbe Prevost, ID: GB/7400)
  37. Many-Splendoured Thing (Author: Han Suyin, ID: GB/6301)
  38. Mapplethorpe 1992 (Author: Arthur C. Danto, ID: GB/1560)
  39. Marcel Proust 1999 (Author: Edmund White, ID: GB/7066)
  40. Margin for Error 1940 (Author: Clare Boothe, ID: GB/686)
  41. Marie Antoinette (Author: Stefan Zweig, ID: GB/7331)
  42. Marilyn in Art 1984 (Author: Roger G. Taylor, ID: GB/6371)
  43. Marjorie Morningstar (Author: Herman Wouk, ID: GB/7256)
  44. Mark Di Suvero 1996 (Author: Irving Sandler, ID: GB/5633)
  45. Mark Twain's Library of Humor 1969 (Author: Mark Twain, ID: GB/7409)
  46. Martin Chuzzlewit (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1710)
  47. Mary Powell and Deborah's Diary (Author: Anne Manning, ID: GB/4113)
  48. Master Humphrey's Clock (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1711)
  49. Masterpiece Library of Short Stories (Author: Various, ID: GB/7410)
  50. Masterpieces 1995 (Author: David Frankel, ID: GB/2209)
  51. Masters of the Colour Print 1929 (Author: V. -P. L. Debucourt, ID: GB/1652)
  52. Masterworks in Berlin 1996 (Author: Colin Eisler, ID: GB/1931)
  53. Matrix of Man 1969 (Author: Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, ID: GB/4499)
  54. Maybe the Moon 1992 (Author: Armistead Maupin, ID: GB/4218)
  55. Maze Book 1973 (Author: Greg Bright, ID: GB/797)
  56. Meals on Wheels 1989 (Author: W. Heath Robinson, ID: GB/5393)
  57. Meaning of Modern Art 1985 (Author: John Russell, ID: GB/5573)
  58. Measure of My Days 1955 (Author: Sarah Gertrude Millin, ID: GB/4442)
  59. Mechanick Exercises on the Whole Art of Printing 1978 (Author: Joseph Moxon, ID: GB/4608)
  60. Medardo Rosso 1988 (Author: Luciano Caramel, ID: GB/1017)
  61. Medici Aesop 1989 (Author: Everett Fahe, ID: GB/2029)
  62. Medici Aesop 1989 (Author: Everett Fahy, ID: GB/2030)
  63. Medici Aesop 1989 (Author: Bernard McTigue, ID: GB/2030)
  64. Medieval Drawings 1969 (Author: M. W. Evans, ID: GB/2017)
  65. Medieval Stained Glass 1964 (Author: Heribert Hutter, ID: GB/3162)
  66. Memoirs of a Russian Lady 1986 (Author: Miriamna Davydoff, ID: GB/1599)
  67. Memoirs of Hecate County 1951 (Author: Edmund Wilson, ID: GB/7159)
  68. Memories of the Ford Administration 1992 (Author: John Updike, ID: GB/6708)
  69. Men Never Know (Author: Vicki Baum, ID: GB/418)
  70. Men Who Made the Movies 1975 (Author: Richard Schickel, ID: GB/5673)
  71. Merchant of venice n.d. (Author: William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5856)
  72. Methuen Handbook of Roses 1966 (Author: Eigil Kiaer, ID: GB/3448)
  73. Mezzotint 1990 (Author: Carol Wax, ID: GB/6973)
  74. Michael Ayrton - An Illustrated Commentary 1978 (Author: Peter Cannon-Brookes, ID: GB/1010)
  75. Michelangelo's Three Pietas 1976 (Author: Frederick Hartt, ID: GB/2786)
  76. Micomacrocosm 1989 (Author: Monty Python, ID: GB/5206)
  77. Micro Millinnium 1980 (Author: Christopher Evans, ID: GB/2013)
  78. Microcosmos 1987 (Author: Jeremy Burgess, ID: GB/920)
  79. Middle East Diary 1944 (Author: Noel Coward, ID: GB/1388)
  80. Middlepost 1989 (Author: Anthony Sher, ID: GB/5911)
  81. Millennium of the Book 1994 (Author: Robin Myers, ID: GB/2757)
  82. Millennium of the Book 1994 (Author: Michael Harris, ID: GB/2757)
  83. Millennium of the Book 1994 (Author: Robin Myres, ID: GB/4657)
  84. Miniature Defined 1963 (Author: Raymond Lister, ID: GB/3910)
  85. Mirage 1998 (Author: Richard Long, ID: GB/3945)
  86. Miscellanies 1902 (Author: Augustine Birrell, ID: GB/583)
  87. Mitchell Beazley Library of Art 1981 (Author: David Piper, ID: GB/5096)
  88. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Exlibris-Gesellschaft e.V., gegrundet 1891 1996 (Author: Klaus Thoms, ID: GB/16031)
  89. Mix Me a Metaphor 1972 (Author: Jeremy Lawrence, ID: GB/3685)
  90. Moby Dick 1957 (Author: Herman Melville, ID: GB/4331)
  91. Modern African Prose 1969 (Author: Richard Rive, ID: GB/5374)
  92. Modern and Primitive Art 1978 (Author: Charles Wentinck, ID: GB/7036)
  93. Modern Art - A Graphic Guide 1987 (Author: Dave Clarke, ID: GB/1230)
  94. Modern Art 1884-1914 1979 (Author: Jean-Luc Daval, ID: GB/1573)
  95. Modern Ballet 1970 (Author: John Percival, ID: GB/5023)
  96. Modern Book Collecting 1980 (Author: Robert A. Wilson, ID: GB/7170)
  97. Modern Book Design 1958 (Author: Ruari McLean, ID: GB/4291)
  98. Modern Book Productive 1968 (Author: Dorothy A. Harrop, ID: GB/2766)
  99. Modern Comedy (Author: John Galsworthy, ID: GB/2294)
  100. Modern Constitutions 1967 (Author: K. C. Wheare, ID: GB/7059)
  101. Modern English Readings (Author: Loomis Clarke, ID: GB/1233)
  102. Modern First Editions 1984 (Author: Joseph Connolly, ID: GB/1327)
  103. Modern Japanese Print 1982 (Author: James A. Michener, ID: GB/4399)
  104. Modern Marvals Encyclopedia (Author: John R. Crossland, ID: GB/1485)
  105. Modern Movement 1965 (Author: Cyril Connolly, ID: GB/1326)
  106. Modern Outline of Library Classification 1967 (Author: J. Mills, ID: GB/4444)
  107. Modern Small Country House 1936 (Author: Roger Smithells, ID: GB/6026)
  108. Modigliani n.d. (Author: Alfred Werner, ID: GB/7038)
  109. Modigliani the Sculptor 1965 (Author: Alfred Werner, ID: GB/7039)
  110. Mona Lisas 1980 (Author: Mary Rose Storey, ID: GB/6258)
  111. Monet's Giverny 1993 (Author: William H. Gerdts, ID: GB/2344)
  112. Money Game 1968 (Author: Adam Smith, ID: GB/5989)
  113. Mongrams and Alphabetic Devices 1970 (Author: Hayward Cirker, ID: GB/1209)
  114. Mongrams and Alphabetic Devices 1970 (Author: Blanche Cirker, ID: GB/1209)
  115. Monograms and Ciphers 1968 (Author: A. A. Turbayne, ID: GB/6592)
  116. Monotypes of Joseph Solman 1977 (Author: Una E. Johnson, ID: GB/3302)
  117. Monsters 1996 (Author: Dugald Steer, ID: GB/6158)
  118. Monsters 1996 (Author: Justine Peek, ID: GB/6158)
  119. Months of the Year 1981 (Author: Helen Craig, ID: GB/1404)
  120. Morbid Curiosities 1983 (Author: Derek Pell, ID: GB/5010)
  121. More Frustration 1983 (Author: Claire Bretecher, ID: GB/774)
  122. More Obiter Dicta 1924 (Author: Augustine Birrell, ID: GB/584)
  123. More Quizzes and Word Games (Author: Jay Bee, ID: GB/464)
  124. Most Remarkable Occurrences 1990 (Author: John Train, ID: GB/6532)
  125. Mother Courage and her Children 1962 (Author: Bertolt Brecht, ID: GB/762)
  126. Mother Tongue 1991 (Author: Bill Bryson, ID: GB/870)
  127. Mountain Village n.d. (Author: Chun-Chan Yeh, ID: GB/7281)
  128. Mountains and Waters 1993 (Author: Richard Long, ID: GB/3946)
  129. Mouse and Kelly 1979 (Author: Stanley Mouse, ID: GB/4606)
  130. Movement and Metaphor 1970 (Author: Lincoln Kirstein, ID: GB/3501)
  131. Movies 1974 (Author: Richard Griffith, ID: GB/2598)
  132. Mr Beck's Underground Map 2003 (Author: Ken Garland, ID: GB/11183)
  133. Mrs Harris Goes to New York (Author: Paul Gallico, ID: GB/2288)
  134. Multilingual ABC 2020 (Author: Xolisa Guzula, ID: GB/31046)
  135. Multilingual ABC 2020 (Author: Nicolaas Maritz, ID: GB/31046)
  136. Multiples in Retrospect 1964-1990 1991 (Author: Claes Oldenburg, ID: GB/4833)
  137. Museum Transformed 1990 (Author: Douglas Davis, ID: GB/1594)
  138. Music Makers 1979 (Author: Clive Unger-Hamilton, ID: GB/6686)
  139. Musicians 1980 (Author: Jean Jacques Sempé, ID: GB/5799)
  140. My Beloved Country 1960 (Author: Tommy Boydell, ID: GB/719)
  141. My Crowd 1971 (Author: Charles Adams, ID: GB/16)
  142. My D. H. 2008 (Author: D. H. Lawrence, ID: GB/30134)
  143. My D. H. 2008 (Author: Anton Kannemeyer, ID: GB/30134)
  144. My Dear Gogarty 1991 (Author: Oliver St. John Gogarty, ID: GB/6119)
  145. My Gandhi 1954 (Author: John Haynes Holmes, ID: GB/3021)
  146. My Life 1975 (Author: Golda Meir, ID: GB/4325)
  147. My Life in Court 1963 (Author: Louis Nizer, ID: GB/4759)
  148. My Name is Celia (Author: Rayne Kruger, ID: GB/3582)
  149. My Secret History 1989 (Author: Paul Theroux, ID: GB/6404)
  150. Myself as a Printer 1970 (Author: Count Potocki of Montalk, ID: GB/5150)
  151. Myself When Young 1964 (Author: Harry Handel Richardson, ID: GB/5330)
  152. Mythopoeikon 1976 (Author: Patrick Woodruffe, ID: GB/7241)
  153. Myths of Greece and Rome (Author: H. A. Guerber, ID: GB/2627)

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