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Artwork Titles starting with 'L'

  1. La Science Fiction et le Fantastique de 1981 (Author: Tim White, ID: GB/7075)
  2. La Verite Toute Nue 1981 (Author: Pino Zac, ID: GB/7297)
  3. La Vie Parisienne 1971 (Author: Joanna Richardson, ID: GB/5331)
  4. Lachaise 1993 (Author: Sam Hunter, ID: GB/3141)
  5. Lady Luxborough Goes To Bath (Author: Marjorie Williams, ID: GB/7140)
  6. Lady Winderemer's Fan 1932 (Author: Oscar Wilde, ID: GB/7099)
  7. Lady Winderemer's Fan 1964 (Author: Oscar Wilde, ID: GB/7100)
  8. Lair 1991 (Author: Stephen Fry, ID: GB/2266)
  9. Lamplighter (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1708)
  10. Land 1985 (Author: John Fowles, ID: GB/2187)
  11. Land and Environment Art (Author: Unknown, ID: GB/6689)
  12. Land Art 1995 (Author: Gilles A. Tiberghien, ID: GB/6484)
  13. Land of the Afternoon 1968 (Author: Lewis Sowden, ID: GB/6081)
  14. Landscape Alphabet 1981 (Author: Ruth Mortimer, ID: GB/4588)
  15. Landscape and Memory 1995 (Author: Simon Schama, ID: GB/5666)
  16. Language and Communication 1968 (Author: Julian Huxley, ID: GB/7336)
  17. Language and Silence. Essays 1958-1966. 1967 (Author: George Steiner, ID: GB/6183)
  18. Language of Prejudice 1969 (Author: Fred Hooper, ID: GB/7337)
  19. Last Bookman 1968 (Author: Peter Ruber, ID: GB/5532)
  20. Last Exit to Brooklyn 1964 (Author: Hubert Selby Jr., ID: GB/5792)
  21. Last Watch of the Night 1994 (Author: Paul Monette, ID: GB/4507)
  22. Late Antique and Early Christian Book Illumination 1977 (Author: Kurt Weitzmann, ID: GB/7021)
  23. Latin American Cooking 1970 (Author: Jonathan Norton Leonard, ID: GB/3774)
  24. Laughing Diplomat 1939 (Author: Daniele Vare, ID: GB/6783)
  25. Laughing Man 1963 (Author: J. D. Salinger, ID: GB/5622)
  26. Lawless Decade 1957 (Author: Paul Sann, ID: GB/5637)
  27. Laws Affecting Race Relations in S. A. 1978 (Author: Muriel Horrell, ID: GB/7339)
  28. Le Demi-Siecle Lettriste n.d. (Author: Francois Letaillieur, ID: GB/3791)
  29. Le Mort Darthur 1972 (Author: Aubrey Beardsley, ID: GB/445)
  30. Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women 1987 (Author: Ricky Jay, ID: GB/3244)
  31. Learning and Human Abilities: Educational Psychology 1961 (Author: Herbert J. Klausmeier, ID: GB/3508)
  32. Leaves of Grass and Selected Prose. (Author: Walt Whitman, ID: GBX/7081)
  33. Leaving Town Alive 1993 (Author: John Frohnmayer, ID: GB/2255)
  34. Legal Daisy Spacing 1985 (Author: Chrisopher Winn, ID: GB/7176)
  35. Lenin Krupskaia and Libraries 1968 (Author: S. Simsova, ID: GB/5954)
  36. Leonor Fini 1968 (Author: Constantin Jelenski, ID: GB/3250)
  37. Lets get Radical about Cataloging Winter 2012 (Author: Richard J. Lec, ID: GB/14206)
  38. Letter Forms 1972 (Author: Frederick Lambert, ID: GB/3618)
  39. Letter Forms and Type Designs 1976 (Author: Eric Gill, ID: GB/2380)
  40. Letterheads/1 1977 (Author: David E. Carter, ID: GB/1068)
  41. Lettering and Alphabets 1946 (Author: Albert Cavanagh, ID: GB/2a)
  42. Lettering of Today 1937 (Author: C. G. Holme, ID: GB/3019)
  43. Lettering on Architecture 1976 (Author: Alan Bartram, ID: GB/389)
  44. Libertine Lyrics n.d. (Author: Anthony Amour, ID: GB/7343)
  45. Libertine Lyrics n.d. (Author: Anonymous, ID: GB/7343)
  46. Librarians Glossary & Reference Book 1977 (Author: L. M. Harrod, ID: GB/2765)
  47. Libraries 2011 (Author: Katy Lee, ID: GB/15584)
  48. Library Administration 1961 (Author: Reginald Northwood Lock, ID: GB/3927)
  49. Library Work with Young People 1966 (Author: Stella Pinches, ID: GB/5087)
  50. Life and Times of Shakespeare (Author: Enzo Orlandi, ID: GB/7345)
  51. Life Goes to the Movies 1975 (Author: Life, ID: GB/7346)
  52. Light from Many Lamps 1951 (Author: Lilian Eichler Watson, ID: GB/6942)
  53. Likeness Guaranteed 1995 (Author: David Mach, ID: GB/4062)
  54. Lillian Browse 1956 (Author: William Nicholson, ID: GB/4745)
  55. Limeratomy 1917 (Author: Anthony Euwer, ID: GB/7349)
  56. Line of Attack 1988 (Author: Gerald Scarfe, ID: GB/5658)
  57. Lion in Love 1963 (Author: Shelagh Delaney, ID: GB/1663)
  58. Lipstick Traces 1990 (Author: Griel Marcus, ID: GB/4126)
  59. Lisle Letters 1983 (Author: Muriel St. Clare Byrne, ID: GB/6121)
  60. List of Books 1981 (Author: Frederick Raphael, ID: GB/5247)
  61. List of Books Forming the Reference Library in the Reading Room of the British Museum. 1910 (Author: Trustees of the British Museum, ID: GB/805)
  62. Literary Blunders 1893 (Author: Henry B. (F.S.A.) Wheatley, ID: GB/7061)
  63. Literary Dog 1978 (Author: William E. Maloney, ID: GB/4095)
  64. Little Boy Who? 1967 (Author: William Morum, ID: GB/4592)
  65. Little Dorrit (Author: Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1709)
  66. Little Madeleine (Author: Mrs. Robert Henrey, ID: GB/2868)
  67. Liveliest Art 1978 (Author: Arthur Knight, ID: GB/3527)
  68. Living City 1957 (Author: Edwin Smith, ID: GB/15a)
  69. Living For Today 1972 (Author: Karen Fisher, ID: GB/2119)
  70. Living Shores of Southern Africa 1983 (Author: Margo and George Branch, ID: GB/733)
  71. Living Tradition (Author: T. Tyfield, ID: GB/6634)
  72. Living White House (Author: Lynnelle Aikman, ID: GB/7359)
  73. Living with Books 1961 (Author: Helen E. Haines, ID: GB/2655)
  74. Living with Books (Author: Alan Powers, ID: GB/5165)
  75. Living with Books 1973 (Author: Rita Reif, ID: GB/5294)
  76. Lloyd Goodrich 1993 (Author: Edward Hopper, ID: GB/3045)
  77. Locating Sol Sewitt 2021 (Author: David S. Areford, ID: GB/31636)
  78. Lolita 1955 (Author: Vladimar Nabokov, ID: GB/4663)
  79. London 1960 (Author: Ivor Brown, ID: GB/844)
  80. London Book of English Prose 1960 (Author: Herbert Read, ID: GB/5270)
  81. Lonely Crowd 1961 (Author: David Riesman, ID: GB/5354)
  82. Long Overdue 1993 (Author: Alan Taylor, ID: GB/6363)
  83. Long View (Author: Elizabeth Jane Howard, ID: GB/3069)
  84. Long View 1968 (Author: Alan Paton, ID: GB/4973)
  85. Longing for Darkness 1990 (Author: Peter Beard, ID: GB/443)
  86. Look Back in Anger (Author: John Osborne, ID: GB/4889)
  87. Looking Forward 1970 (Author: Ray Brosseau, ID: GB/833)
  88. Lord Rochester's Monkey 1976 (Author: Graham Greene, ID: GB/2583)
  89. Lost Beauties of the English Landscape 1987 (Author: Charles Mackay, ID: GB/7364)
  90. Lost Classics 2000 (Author: Michael Ondaatje, ID: GB/4852)
  91. Lost World of the Kalahari 1988 (Author: Laurens van der Post, ID: GB/6748)
  92. Louise Bourgeois 1994 (Author: Charlotta Kotik, ID: GB/3558)
  93. Love for Sale 1990 (Author: Kate Linker, ID: GB/3901)
  94. Love-Girl and the Innocent 1969 (Author: Alexander Solzhenitsyn, ID: GB/6059)
  95. Lowly and the Worldly (Author: Chriss Weismar, ID: GB/7010)
  96. Loyalties 1930 (Author: John Galsworthy, ID: GB/2293)
  97. Luce and His Empire 1972 (Author: W. A. Swanberg, ID: GB/6306)
  98. Luciano Caramel 1988 (Author: Medardo Rosso, ID: GB/5459)
  99. Lucien Freud 1996 (Author: Bruce Bernard, ID: GB/529)
  100. Lunch Hour and Other Plays 1960 (Author: John Mortimer, ID: GB/4586)

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