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Authors starting with 'D'

  1. John Dawson (Book Title: Complete Guide to Prints and Printmaking, ID: GB/1600)
  2. Kenneth Day (Book Title: Book Typography 1815-1965, ID: GB/1602)
  3. Lewis F. Day (Book Title: Alphabets Old and New, ID: GB/1604)
  4. Guillaume de Laubier (Book Title: Most Beautiful Libraries in the World, ID: GB/8736)
  5. Juan de Yciar (Book Title: Arte Subtilissima, ID: GB/1648)
  6. Henri L. M. Defoer (Book Title: Golden Age of Dutch Manuscript Painting, ID: GB/4154)
  7. Hermann Degering (Book Title: Lettering, ID: GB/1659)
  8. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Christmas Carol, ID: GB/1699)
  9. Monica Dickens (Book Title: Christmas Carol, ID: GB/1699)
  10. Dickson (Book Title: Dickson's Stamp Collection, ID: GB/1734)
  11. Michael Dirda (Book Title: Odyssey in Print, ID: GB/6440)
  12. David Diringer (Book Title: History of the Alphabet, ID: GB/1746)
  13. Annette Dixon (Book Title: Pictures from Another Time, ID: GB/30117)
  14. C. R. Dodwell (Book Title: Great Lambeth Bible, ID: GB/1757)
  15. James E. Doyle (Book Title: Chronicle of England, ID: GB/1808)
  16. John Dreyfus (Book Title: ABC-XYZapf, ID: GB/1816)
  17. John Dreyfus (Book Title: Alphabet at Work, ID: GB/2305)
  18. John Dreyfus (Book Title: Book of Alphabets for Douglas Cleverdon, ID: GB/30511)
  19. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Alphabetic Labyrinth, ID: GB/1820)
  20. Mindell Dubansky (Book Title: Pattern and Flow, ID: GB/31622)

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