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Authors starting with 'B'

  1. Philip B. Meggs (Book Title: Meggs' History of Graphic Design, ID: GB/31629)
  2. Janet Backhouse (Book Title: Illuminated Manuscript, ID: GB/281)
  3. Janet Backhouse (Book Title: Lindisfarne Gospels, ID: GB/282)
  4. J. F. Badeley (Book Title: Bookplates, ID: GB/16024)
  5. Carlyle S. Baer (Book Title: Bibliography of Medical Ex Libris Literature, ID: GB/16022)
  6. Christopher Baglee (Book Title: Street Jewellery, ID: GB/289)
  7. Arthur Baker (Book Title: Calligraphic Alphabets, ID: GB/297)
  8. Stephen Bann (Book Title: Concrete Poetry, ID: GB/329)
  9. Richard Barber (Book Title: Bestiary, ID: GB/346)
  10. Nicolas Barker (Book Title: Printing and the Mind of Man, ID: GB/1073)
  11. Nicolas Barker (Book Title: Treasures of the British Library, ID: GB/355)
  12. Nicholas A. Basbanes (Book Title: Patience and Fortitude, ID: GB/392)
  13. A. D. Baynes-Cope (Book Title: Caring for Books and Documents, ID: GB/433)
  14. Alice H. R. H. Beckwith (Book Title: Victorian Bibliomania, ID: GB/13189)
  15. Andrea Bellini (Book Title: Writing by Drawing - Scrivere Disegnando, ID: GB/30555)
  16. Stephan Berg (Book Title: Kara Walker:, ID: GB/30111)
  17. Leo Bernard (Book Title: Antiquarian Books, ID: GB/532)
  18. Philippa Bernard (Book Title: Antiquarian Books, ID: GB/532)
  19. W. Turner Berry (Book Title: Annals of Printing, ID: GB/6605)
  20. George Bickham (Book Title: Universal Penman, ID: GB/561)
  21. John R. Biggs (Book Title: Lettercraft, ID: GB/569)
  22. John R. Biggs (Book Title: Story of the Alphabet, ID: GB/570)
  23. James H. Billington (Book Title: Most Beautiful Libraries in the World, ID: GB/8736)
  24. James H. Billington (Book Title: Vision of a Collector, ID: 3268)
  25. J. G. Bishop (Book Title: South African Bookplates, ID: GB/16020)
  26. Roland Blythe (Book Title: First Friends, ID: GB/641)
  27. T. S. R. Boase (Book Title: York Psalter, ID: GB/642)
  28. Miloslav Bohatec (Book Title: Illuminated Manuscripts, ID: GB/648)
  29. Willem Hendrik Adriaan Boshoff (Book Title: art of typewriting, ID: GB/30537)
  30. Jacques Bosser (Book Title: Most Beautiful Libraries in the World, ID: GB/8736)
  31. Theresa Brakeley (Book Title: Lithography and Silkscreen, ID: GB/1927)
  32. Richard Braungart (Book Title: Der Akt im Moderen Exlibris, ID: GB/743)
  33. Frank Broomhead (Book Title: Zaehnsdorfs (1842-1947), ID: GB/831)
  34. Richard Brown (Book Title: London Bookshop, ID: GB/850)
  35. Richard Brown (Book Title: London Bookshop - Part Two, ID: GB/852)
  36. Aaron Burns (Book Title: Liberated Page, ID: GB/6094)
  37. Darlene J. Butler (Book Title: Golden Era of American Bookplate Design, ID: GB/16012)
  38. William E. Butler (Book Title: Golden Era of American Bookplate Design, ID: GB/16012)

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