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Authors starting with 'M'

  1. John Maeda (Book Title: art of typewriting, ID: GB/30537)
  2. Felix H. Man (Book Title: Artists' Lithographs, ID: GB/4100)
  3. Margaret Manion (Book Title: Wharncliffe Hours, ID: GB/4107)
  4. Giovanni Mardersteig (Book Title: Alphabet of Francesco Torniello da Novara (1517), ID: GB/4130)
  5. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (Book Title: Pioneers of Modern Typography, ID: GB/6095)
  6. James H. Marrow (Book Title: Golden Age of Dutch Manuscript Painting, ID: GB/4154)
  7. Massin (Book Title: Letter and Image, ID: GB/4199)
  8. William Matheson (Book Title: Vision of a Collector, ID: 3268)
  9. John O. C. McCrillis (Book Title: Printer's Abecedarium, ID: GB/7371)
  10. Ronald B. McKerrow (Book Title: Printers' and Publishers Devices in England & Scotland, ID: GB/16338)
  11. Mildred Meiss (Book Title: Visconti Hours, ID: GB/4328)
  12. Millard Meiss (Book Title: Belles Heures de Jean Duc de Berry, ID: GB/4329)
  13. Millard Meiss (Book Title: Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, ID: GB/13314)
  14. Vivienne Menkes (Book Title: Letter and Image, ID: GB/4199)
  15. Yadoya no Meshimori (Book Title: Songs of the Garden, ID: GB/6714)
  16. Francis Meynell (Book Title: Printing for Pleasure, ID: GB/5591)
  17. John Miller (Book Title: Design: Alexander Rodchenko, ID: GB/12651)
  18. John Miller (Book Title: Design: El Lissitzky, ID: GB/12652)
  19. James Moran (Book Title: Heraldic Influence on Early Printers' Devices, ID: GB/4531)
  20. James Moran (Book Title: Printing in the 20th Century, ID: GB/4532)
  21. James Moran (Book Title: Printing Presses, ID: GB/4533)
  22. James Moran (Book Title: Stanley Morison, ID: GB/4534)
  23. Stanley Morison (Book Title: Newly Discovered Treatise on Classic Letter Design Printed at Parma by Damianus Moyllus, A Circa 1480, ID: GB/4559)
  24. Stanley Morison (Book Title: Roman Italic & Black Letter, ID: GB/4560)
  25. Percy Muir (Book Title: London Bookshop, ID: GB/850)
  26. Percy H. Muir (Book Title: Printing and the Mind of Man, ID: GB/1073)

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