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Authors starting with 'L'

  1. Allen Lane (Book Title: Boxwood & Graver, ID: GB/3630)
  2. George Laws (Book Title: Flight of Butterflies, ID: GB/7322)
  3. Jean Le Carpentier (Book Title: Bayeux Tapestry, ID: GB/7158)
  4. Brian North Lee (Book Title: Bookplates and Labels by Leo Wyatt, ID: GB/3729)
  5. Brian North Lee (Book Title: British Bookplates, ID: GB/3730)
  6. Brian North Lee (Book Title: London Bookplates, ID: GB/16011)
  7. John Leech (Book Title: Christmas Carol, ID: GB/1699)
  8. Ernest Lehner (Book Title: Alphabets and Ornaments, ID: GB/3752)
  9. Ernest Lehner (Book Title: Symbols, Signs and Signets, ID: GB/3754)
  10. W. R. Lethaby (Book Title: Writing and Illuminating and Lettering, ID: GB/3313)
  11. John Lewis (Book Title: Anatomy of Printing, ID: GB/3828)
  12. John Lewis (Book Title: Handbook of Type and Illustration, ID: GB/3830)
  13. John Lewis (Book Title: Printed Ephemera, ID: GB/3832)
  14. J. Ben Lieberman (Book Title: Type and Typefaces, ID: GB/3877)
  15. Erik Lindegren (Book Title: ABC of Lettering and Printing Typefaces, ID: GB/3889)
  16. El Lissitzky (Book Title: Pioneers of Modern Typography, ID: GB/6095)
  17. Karen Livingstone (Book Title: Bookplates and Badges of C.F.A. Voysey, ID: GB/16018)
  18. Marcia Loeb (Book Title: New Art Deco Alphabets, ID: GB/3931)
  19. Sarah Lombardi (Book Title: Writing by Drawing - Scrivere Disegnando, ID: GB/30555)
  20. Jean Longnon (Book Title: Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, ID: GB/13314)
  21. Jean Longnon (Book Title: Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, ID: GB/13314)
  22. William Longyear (Book Title: Type and Lettering, ID: GB/3961)
  23. Phillipp Luidl (Book Title: Typographical Ornaments, ID: GB/4030)

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