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Authors starting with 'G'

  1. William Gardner (Book Title: Alphabet at Work, ID: GB/2305)
  2. Albert Garrett (Book Title: History of Wood Engraving, ID: GB/2313)
  3. Bamber Gascoigne (Book Title: How to Identify Prints, ID: GB/2316)
  4. Christian Gastgeber (Book Title: In the Beginning was the Word, ID: GB/10313)
  5. Kathleen McCarthy Gauss (Book Title: Photography and Art, ID: GB/2620)
  6. Bryan Nash Gill (Book Title: Woodcut, ID: GB/13390)
  7. Eric Gill (Book Title: Book of Alphabets for Douglas Cleverdon, ID: GB/30511)
  8. David Lance Goines (Book Title: Constructed Roman Alphabet, ID: GB/2427)
  9. Thelma Golden (Book Title: Pictures from Another Time, ID: GB/30117)
  10. Maggie Gordon (Book Title: Alphabets and Images, ID: GB/2480)
  11. Till Gottheiner (Book Title: Illuminated Manuscripts, ID: GB/648)
  12. Edward M. Gottschall (Book Title: Typographic Communications Today, ID: GB/2526)
  13. Frederic W, Goudy (Book Title: Alphabet and Elements of Lettering, ID: GB/2527)
  14. Nicolete Gray (Book Title: History of Lettering, ID: GB/2563)
  15. Nicolete Gray (Book Title: Lettering as Drawing, ID: GB/2564)
  16. Nicolete Gray (Book Title: Nineteenth Century Ornamented Typefaces, ID: GB/2565)
  17. C. B. Griesbach (Book Title: Historic Ornament - A Pictorial Archive, ID: GB/2597)
  18. Andy Grundberg (Book Title: Photography and Art, ID: GB/2620)
  19. Nancy E. Gwinn (Book Title: Odyssey in Print, ID: GB/6440)

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