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Authors starting with 'W'

  1. Kara Elizabeth Walker (Book Title: Kara Walker:, ID: GB/30111)
  2. Kara Elizabeth Walker (Book Title: Kara Walker:, ID: GB/30112)
  3. Kara Elizabeth Walker (Book Title: Pictures from Another Time, ID: GB/30117)
  4. Julian Waters (Book Title: From the Hand of Hermann Zapf, ID: GB/7302)
  5. Rowan Watson (Book Title: Playfair Hours, ID: GB/6943)
  6. Wilhelm Weber (Book Title: History of Lithography, ID: GB/6983)
  7. Avrom Weiss (Book Title: Jewish Book-plates, ID: GB/16021)
  8. Emmy Wellesz (Book Title: Vienna Genesis, ID: GB/7023)
  9. Joyce Irene Whalley (Book Title: English Handwriting. 1540-1853, ID: GB/7053)
  10. Joyce Irene Whalley (Book Title: Pen's Excellencie, ID: GB/7055)
  11. David M. Wilson (Book Title: Bayeux Tapestry, ID: GB/7158)
  12. Francis Wormald (Book Title: Benedictional of St. Ethelwold, ID: GB/7252)
  13. Wilhelmin C. M. Wustefeld (Book Title: Golden Age of Dutch Manuscript Painting, ID: GB/4154)
  14. Leo Wyatt (Book Title: Leo Wyatt's Little Book of Alphabets, ID: GB/7341)

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