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Authors starting with 'K'

  1. Catherine Kanner (Book Title: Prayers Written at Vailima, ID: GB/9843)
  2. Albert Kapr (Book Title: Art of Lettering, ID: GB/3378)
  3. Jerry Kelly (Book Title: Century for the Century, ID: GB/3407)
  4. Rob Roy Kelly (Book Title: Specimen Book of Wood Type, ID: GB/3410)
  5. Rob Roy Kelly (Book Title: Wood Type Alphabets, ID: GB/3411)
  6. Cynthia Kemp (Book Title: Brenthurst Archives Volume 1. Number 1, ID: GB/16025)
  7. Paul E. Kennedy (Book Title: Modern Display Alphabets, ID: GB/3417)
  8. R. F. Kennedy (Book Title: Katalogus van 'n Tentoonstelling van Suid-Afrikaanse Ex Libris, ID: GB/16023)
  9. David Kindersley (Book Title: Graphic Sayings, ID: GB/3462)
  10. David Kindersley (Book Title: Graphic Variations, ID: GB/3463)
  11. Edith W. Kirsch (Book Title: Visconti Hours, ID: GB/4328)
  12. Manfred Klein (Book Title: Type and Typographers, ID: GB/3511)
  13. Verlyn Klinkenborg (Book Title: Woodcut, ID: GB/13390)
  14. Michael Knigin (Book Title: Contemporary Lithographic Workshop Around the World, ID: GB/3529)
  15. Anne S. Korteweg (Book Title: Golden Age of Dutch Manuscript Painting, ID: GB/4154)
  16. Alan Koslin (Book Title: Typefaces &c., ID: GB/3553)
  17. Josef Krasa (Book Title: Travels of Sir John Mandeville, ID: GB/16337)
  18. Gerhard Kreyenberg (Book Title: Ex Libris Für Ärzte, ID: GB/16008)
  19. David Kunzle (Book Title: Early Comic Strip, ID: GB/3594)

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