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Authors starting with 'R'

  1. Samuel X. Radbill (Book Title: Bibliography of Medical Ex Libris Literature, ID: GB/16022)
  2. Anthony Reid (Book Title: Engraved Bookplates, ID: GB/5827)
  3. Robert F. Reid-Pharr (Book Title: Pictures from Another Time, ID: GB/30117)
  4. Maurice Rickards (Book Title: Collecting Printed Ephemera, ID: GB/5344)
  5. Vivian Ridler (Book Title: Printed Ephemera, ID: GB/3832)
  6. L. J. Robinson (Book Title: Dictionary of Graphical Symbols, ID: GB/5389)
  7. Aleksandr Rodchenko (Book Title: Pioneers of Modern Typography, ID: GB/6095)
  8. Julius Rodenberg (Book Title: Printing of Today, ID: GB/5950)
  9. Evelyn Rossiter (Book Title: Book of the Dead, ID: GB/5457)
  10. Leona Rostenberg (Book Title: Old and Rare, ID: GB/5464)
  11. Leona Rostenberg (Book Title: Old Books in the Old World, ID: GB/5465)
  12. Anthony Rota (Book Title: Books in the Blood, ID: GB/5477)
  13. Cecil Roth (Book Title: Haggadah for Passover, ID: GB/5840)
  14. Cecil Roth (Book Title: Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts, ID: GB/4677)
  15. Ruedi Ruegg (Book Title: Basic Typography: Design with Letters, ID: GB/5539)
  16. John Ryan (Book Title: Flowers & Flourishes, ID: GB/5590)
  17. John Ryder (Book Title: Printing for Pleasure, ID: GB/5591)

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