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Authors starting with 'F'

  1. Alfred Fairbank (Book Title: Lettering, ID: GB/1659)
  2. H. A. Feisenberger (Book Title: Printing and the Mind of Man, ID: GB/1073)
  3. John Fell (Book Title: Roman Italic & Black Letter, ID: GB/4560)
  4. Paul Felton (Book Title: Ten Commandments of Typography, ID: GB/11382)
  5. Andreas Fingernagel (Book Title: In the Beginning was the Word, ID: GB/10313)
  6. Colin Franklin (Book Title: Book Collecting As One of the Fine Arts, ID: GB/16764)
  7. Friedrich Friedl (Book Title: Typography, ID: GB/2239)
  8. Edmund Fry (Book Title: Pantographia, ID: GB/2265)
  9. Herbert Furst (Book Title: Modern Woodcut, ID: GB/2274)

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