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Authors starting with 'S'

  1. Ruth and Marvin Sackner (Book Title: art of typewriting, ID: GB/30537)
  2. Mario Salmi (Book Title: Italian Miniatures, ID: GB/5629)
  3. Alberto Sangorski (Book Title: Prayers Written at Vailima, ID: GB/9843)
  4. Otto Schulze (Book Title: Early English Prose Romances, ID: GB/5707)
  5. Elke Schutt-Kehm (Book Title: Exlibris, ID: GB/16014)
  6. Johann Georg Schwandner (Book Title: Calligraphy, ID: GB/5715)
  7. Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin (Book Title: Type and Typographers, ID: GB/3511)
  8. Johan Schwencke (Book Title: Exlibris, ID: GB/16019)
  9. Johan Schwencke (Book Title: Exlibris der Nederlandse Medici, ID: GB/16009)
  10. Johan Schwencke (Book Title: Exlibriskunde, ID: GB/16010)
  11. Marie-Rose Seguy (Book Title: Miraculous Journey of Mahomet, ID: GB/4671)
  12. Joanna Selborne (Book Title: Gwen Raverat Wood Engraver, ID: GB/5791)
  13. Luigi Serafini (Book Title: Codex Seraphinianus, ID: GB/5804)
  14. Mark Severin (Book Title: Engraved Bookplates, ID: GB/5827)
  15. Ben Shahn (Book Title: Haggadah for Passover, ID: GB/5840)
  16. John Sheller (Book Title: Prayers Written at Vailima, ID: GB/9843)
  17. Grant Shipcott (Book Title: Typographical Periodicals Between the Wars, ID: GB/5918)
  18. Oliver Simon (Book Title: Introduction to Typography, ID: GB/5949)
  19. Oliver Simon (Book Title: Printing of Today, ID: GB/5950)
  20. Birgitte Skiold (Book Title: Handmade Paper Today, ID: GB/6604)
  21. Webster Smith (Book Title: Farnese Hours, ID: GB/6024)
  22. O. F. Snelling (Book Title: Rare Books and Rarer People, ID: GB/6034)
  23. Herbert Spencer (Book Title: Liberated Page, ID: GB/6094)
  24. Herbert Spencer (Book Title: Pioneers of Modern Typography, ID: GB/6095)
  25. Erik Spiekermann (Book Title: Type and Typographers, ID: GB/3511)
  26. S. H. Steinberg (Book Title: Printing and the Mind of Man, ID: GB/1073)
  27. Johann David Steingruber (Book Title: Architectural Alphabet. 1773., ID: GB/6186)
  28. Madeleine B. Stern (Book Title: Old Books in the Old World, ID: GB/5465)
  29. Mrs R. L. Stevenson (Book Title: Prayers Written at Vailima, ID: GB/9843)
  30. Robert Louis Stevenson (Book Title: Prayers Written at Vailima, ID: GB/9843)
  31. Oriol Valls I Subira (Book Title: Lively Look at Papermaking, ID: GB/7358)
  32. Larry E. Sullivan (Book Title: Vision of a Collector, ID: 3268)
  33. James Sutton (Book Title: Atlas of Typeforms, ID: GB/6300)

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