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Authors starting with 'B'

  1. Carlyle S. Baer (Book Title: Bookplates of Hettie Gray Baker, ID: GB/16027)
  2. Carlyle S. Baer (Book Title: Year Books, ID: GB/16032)
  3. Adrian Bailey (Book Title: Cooking of the British Isles, ID: GB/293)
  4. David Bailey (Book Title: Bailey's Democracy, ID: GB/11088)
  5. Richard W. Bailey (Book Title: English Stylistics: A Bibliography, ID: GB/295)
  6. Samuel Bak (Book Title: Retrospective Journey into the art of Samuel Bak, ID: GB/16138)
  7. Christopher Baker (Book Title: Tulipia, ID: GB/299)
  8. Cozy Baker (Book Title: Through the Kaleidoscope, ID: GB/300)
  9. Hettie Gray Baker (Book Title: Bookplates of Hettie Gray Baker, ID: GB/16027)
  10. John Baker (Book Title: Book Business, ID: GB/301)
  11. Malcolm Baker (Book Title: Grand Design, ID: GB/303)
  12. James Baldwin (Book Title: See: Desparate Faith, ID: GB/311)
  13. Margaret Ballinger (Book Title: From Union to Apartheid, ID: GB/318)
  14. Consulo Vanderbilt Balsan (Book Title: Glitter and the Gold, ID: GB/319)
  15. Nick Bantock (Book Title: Artful Dodger, ID: GB/332)
  16. Nick Bantock (Book Title: Venetian's Wife, ID: GB/340)
  17. Giles Barber (Book Title: Arks for Learning, ID: GB/345)
  18. Maurice Baring (Book Title: Diminutive Dramas, ID: GB/349)
  19. Ernest Barker (Book Title: Essays on Goverment, ID: GB/352)
  20. Ronnie Barker (Book Title: Gentleman's Relish, ID: GB/356)
  21. Julian Barnes (Book Title: Cross Channel, ID: GB/361)
  22. David Barnett (Book Title: Barnett Collection, ID: GB/362)
  23. J. M. Barrie (Book Title: Definitive Edition of the Plays of J. M. Barrie, ID: GB/367)
  24. Cornelia Barth (Book Title: Documenta X : Short Guide, ID: GB/375)
  25. Vernon Bartlett (Book Title: Struggle for Africa, ID: GB/380)
  26. Linda Barton (Book Title: Phonographics, ID: GB/491)
  27. Alan Bartram (Book Title: Lettering on Architecture, ID: GB/389)
  28. Nicholas A. Basbanes (Book Title: Gentle Madness, ID: GB/391)
  29. Nicholas A. Basbanes (Book Title: Splendor of Letters, ID: GB/8749)
  30. the Marchioness of Bath (Book Title: Before the Sunset Fades, ID: GB/400)
  31. George Batson (Book Title: House on the Cliff, ID: GB/401)
  32. Walter Battiss (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  33. Walter Battiss (Book Title: Sixth British International Print Biennale, ID: GB/16132)
  34. L. Frank Baum (Book Title: Wonderful Wizard of Oz, ID: GB/415)
  35. L. Frank Baum (Book Title: Wonderful Wizard of Oz, ID: GB/416)
  36. Vicki Baum (Book Title: Men Never Know, ID: GB/418)
  37. Christiane Baumgartner (Book Title: Christiane Baumgartner, ID: GB/11535)
  38. Annette Baxter (Book Title: Universal Self-Instructor, ID: GB/419)
  39. Ellaphie Baxter (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  40. William Bayer (Book Title: Great Movies, ID: GB/427)
  41. Nicola Bayley (Book Title: Patchwork Cat, ID: GB/429)
  42. Stephen Bayley (Book Title: Taste, ID: GB/430)
  43. A. E .M. Bayliss (Book Title: Eight-One Act Plays Mainly for Boys, ID: GB/431)
  44. Ken Baynes (Book Title: Art in Society, ID: GB/432)
  45. Germain Bazin (Book Title: Art Treasures in France, ID: GB/434)
  46. Germain Bazin (Book Title: Avant-Garde in Painting, ID: GB/435)
  47. Sylvia Beach (Book Title: Shakespeare and Company, ID: GB/437)
  48. John Bear (Book Title: No 1 New York Times Best Seller, ID: GB/439)
  49. Peter Beard (Book Title: End of the Game, ID: GB/440)
  50. Peter Beard (Book Title: Eyelids of Morning, ID: GB/441)
  51. Peter Beard (Book Title: Longing for Darkness, ID: GB/443)
  52. Aubrey Beardsley (Book Title: Le Mort Darthur, ID: GB/445)
  53. Aubrey Beardsley (Book Title: Under the Hill, ID: GB/448)
  54. John Beardsley (Book Title: Earthworks and Beyond, ID: GB/449)
  55. Harold Beaver (Book Title: American Critical Essays, ID: GB/455)
  56. Louise Seaman Bechetel (Book Title: Books in Search of Children, ID: GB/456)
  57. Samuel Beckett (Book Title: Waiting for Godot, ID: GB/460)
  58. Emma Bedford (Book Title: Contemporary S.A Art 1985-1995, ID: GB/463)
  59. Jay Bee (Book Title: More Quizzes and Word Games, ID: GB/464)
  60. Brendan Behan (Book Title: Quare Fellow, ID: GB/466)
  61. S. N. Behrman (Book Title: Beerbohn - Portrait of Max, ID: GB/468)
  62. S. N. Behrman (Book Title: Wine of Choice, ID: GB/467)
  63. Hilaire Belloc (Book Title: Cautionary Verses, ID: GB/483)
  64. Ute Ben Yosef (Book Title: Retrospective Journey into the art of Samuel Bak, ID: GB/16138)
  65. Brad Benedict (Book Title: Blue Book, ID: GB/489)
  66. Brad Benedict (Book Title: Fame, ID: GB/490)
  67. Brad Benedict (Book Title: Phonographics, ID: GB/491)
  68. Gordon Beningfield (Book Title: Hardy Country, ID: GB/494)
  69. Arnold Benjamin (Book Title: Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, ID: GB/496)
  70. Arnold Benjamin (Book Title: Prune Juice Shall Set You Free, ID: GB/497)
  71. J. A. Bennett (Book Title: Divided Circle, ID: GB/500)
  72. Peter Bennett (Book Title: Illustrated Child, ID: GB/503)
  73. Nicholas Bentley (Book Title: Tales from Shakespeare, ID: GB/509)
  74. Nicholas Bentley (Book Title: Victorian Scene 1837-1901, ID: GB/510)
  75. Bernard Berelson (Book Title: Reader in Public Opinion and Communication, ID: GB/513)
  76. Dina Kel Berman (Book Title: Out of Print, ID: GB/15524)
  77. Harold Berman (Book Title: Bronzes, Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930, ID: GB/524)
  78. Chaim Bermant (Book Title: Diary of an Old Man, ID: GB/527)
  79. Bruce Bernard (Book Title: Lucien Freud, ID: GB/529)
  80. Carl Bernstein (Book Title: All the President's Men, ID: GB/533)
  81. Carl Bernstein (Book Title: Final Days, ID: GB/534)
  82. Heinz & Elizabeth Bertelsmann (Book Title: Eye of the Beholder, ID: GB/539)
  83. Maurice Bessy (Book Title: Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural, ID: GB/544)
  84. Otto L. Bettmann (Book Title: Bettman Archive Picture History of The World, ID: GB/546)
  85. Otto L. Bettmann (Book Title: Delights of Reading, ID: GB/547)
  86. Peter J. Betts (Book Title: Schrift-Zeichen, ID: GB/2657)
  87. Joseph Beuys (Book Title: Caroline Tisdall, ID: GB/551)
  88. Thomas Bewick (Book Title: Wood Engravings of Thomas Bewick, ID: GB/556)
  89. Tom Bianchi (Book Title: In Defense of Beauty, ID: GB/559)
  90. Robert Bierstedt (Book Title: Social Order, ID: GB/564)
  91. Stephen Biesty (Book Title: Cross-Sections. Man-of-War, ID: GB/565)
  92. Stephen Biesty (Book Title: Incredible Cross-Sections, ID: GB/566)
  93. John R. Biggs (Book Title: Lettercraft, ID: GB/569)
  94. John R. Biggs (Book Title: Story of the Alphabet, ID: GB/570)
  95. E. C. Bigmore (Book Title: Bibliography of Printing, ID: GB/572)
  96. Betty Binns (Book Title: Better Type, ID: GB/578)
  97. Stephen Birmingham (Book Title: Our Crowd, ID: GB/581)
  98. Augustine Birrell (Book Title: Miscellanies, ID: GB/583)
  99. Augustine Birrell (Book Title: More Obiter Dicta, ID: GB/584)
  100. Augustine Birrell (Book Title: Obiter Dicta - First Series, ID: GB/585)
  101. Augustine Birrell (Book Title: Obiter Dicta - Second Series, ID: GB/586)
  102. Augustine Birrell (Book Title: Selected Essays. 1884-1907, ID: GB/587)
  103. Isabel Bishop (Book Title: Pride and Prejudice, ID: GB/265)
  104. Robert Bishop (Book Title: American Chair, ID: GB/593)
  105. J. Anderson Black (Book Title: History of Fashion, ID: GB/594)
  106. H . J. Blackman (Book Title: Six Existentialist Thinkers, ID: GB/604)
  107. Wendon Blake (Book Title: Complete Guide to Acrylic Painting, ID: GB/605)
  108. William Blake (Book Title: Songs of Innocence and of Experience, ID: GB/608)
  109. R. O. Blechman (Book Title: Behind the Lines, ID: GB/617)
  110. Karen Blixen (Book Title: Out of Africa, ID: GB/626)
  111. Philipp Blom (Book Title: To Have and to Hold, ID: GB/8701)
  112. Anthony Blond (Book Title: Publishing Game, ID: GB/628)
  113. Carolyn M. Bloomer (Book Title: Principles of Visual Perception, ID: GB/630)
  114. Robert Bly (Book Title: Iron John, ID: GB/639)
  115. Giovanni Boccaccio (Book Title: Decameron, ID: GB/643)
  116. Robert Bolt (Book Title: Tiger and the Horse, ID: GB/651)
  117. M. L. Bolus (Book Title: Book of South African Flowers, ID: GB/657)
  118. M. L. Bolus (Book Title: Second Book of South African Flowers, ID: GB/658)
  119. Pascal Bonafoux (Book Title: Rembrandt: Self-Portrait, ID: GB/660)
  120. The Bookbinders' (Book Title: New York Book Show 1996, ID: GB/665)
  121. Daniel J. Boorstin (Book Title: American Civilization, ID: GB/670)
  122. Daniel J. Boorstin (Book Title: Delights of Reading, ID: GB/547)
  123. Richard Booth (Book Title: Country Life Book of Book Collecting, ID: GB/671)
  124. Clare Boothe (Book Title: Margin for Error, ID: GB/686)
  125. Jorge Luis Borges (Book Title: See: Murillo L.A, ID: GB/688)
  126. Pierre Borhan (Book Title: Man to Man, ID: GB/11344)
  127. Hal Borland (Book Title: Countryman's Woods, ID: GB/691)
  128. James Boswell (Book Title: Tour of the Hebrides, ID: GB/698)
  129. Conrad Botes (Book Title: Siembamba, ID: GB/16778)
  130. Jan Botha (Book Title: Verwoerd is Dead, ID: GB/700)
  131. David Bouchier (Book Title: World's Great Classical Composers, ID: GB/704)
  132. Jean-Paul Bouillon (Book Title: Art Nouveau 1870-1914, ID: GB/706)
  133. Faubion Bowers (Book Title: Theatre in the East, ID: GB/709)
  134. Fredson Bowers (Book Title: Principals of Bibliographical Description, ID: GB/710)
  135. Berjouhi Bowler (Book Title: Word as Image, ID: GB/712)
  136. A. N. Boyce (Book Title: History for South African Schools, ID: GB/716)
  137. William Boyd (Book Title: Nat Tate: An American Artist: 1928-1960, ID: GB/718)
  138. Tommy Boydell (Book Title: My Beloved Country, ID: GB/719)
  139. Sandra Boynton (Book Title: Chocolate - The Consuming Passion, ID: GB/723)
  140. Ray Bradbury (Book Title: Art of Playboy, ID: GB/725)
  141. Caryl Brahms (Book Title: Cindyella, or I Gotta Shoe, ID: GB/730)
  142. Jan Bral (Book Title: Exlibris in de 20ste eeuw, ID: GB/16029)
  143. Serge Bramly (Book Title: I.N.R.I , ID: GB/731)
  144. Margo and George Branch (Book Title: Living Shores of Southern Africa, ID: GB/733)
  145. F. Jo Mariam Brasichell (Book Title: Indicis Liborum Expurgandorum, ID: GB/739)
  146. Emily Braun (Book Title: Italian Art in the 20th Century, ID: GB/741)
  147. Ian Breakwell (Book Title: Brought to Book, ID: GB/746)
  148. Bertolt Brecht (Book Title: Good Person of Szechwan, ID: GB/760)
  149. Bertolt Brecht (Book Title: Mother Courage and her Children, ID: GB/762)
  150. Bertolt Brecht (Book Title: Tales from the Calendar, ID: GB/763)
  151. A. Bredius (Book Title: Paintings of Rembrandt, ID: GB/765)
  152. Germaine Bree (Book Title: World of Marcel Proust, ID: GB/766)
  153. Claire Bretecher (Book Title: Frustration, ID: GB/773)
  154. Claire Bretecher (Book Title: More Frustration, ID: GB/774)
  155. Claire Bretecher (Book Title: National Lampoon Presents Claire Bretecher, ID: GB/775)
  156. Claire Bretecher (Book Title: Still More Frustration, ID: GB/776)
  157. Claire Bretecher (Book Title: Still More Frustration, ID: GB/777)
  158. F. H. Le Breton (Book Title: Up-Country Swahili, ID: GB/778)
  159. Breyten Breytenbach (Book Title: Exile, ID: GB/30138)
  160. Breyten Breytenbach (Book Title: True Confessions of an Albino Terrorist, ID: GB/781)
  161. Marilyn Bridges (Book Title: Markings, ID: GB/784)
  162. Alan and Gill Bridgewater (Book Title: Printing with Wood Blocks, Stencils & Engravings, ID: GB/786)
  163. Asa Briggs (Book Title: Essays in the History of Publishing, ID: GB/788)
  164. Asa Briggs (Book Title: Grand Panorama of London, ID: GB/789)
  165. Asa Briggs (Book Title: Nineteenth Century, ID: GB/790)
  166. Raymond Briggs (Book Title: Fairy Tale Treasury, ID: GB/791)
  167. Raymond Briggs (Book Title: Father Christmas Goes on Holiday, ID: GB/792)
  168. Raymond Briggs (Book Title: Man, ID: GB/794)
  169. Raymond Briggs (Book Title: Mother Goose Treasury, ID: GB/795)
  170. Greg Bright (Book Title: Maze Book, ID: GB/797)
  171. Lawrence Bright (Book Title: Committed Church, ID: GB/798)
  172. John Brinkley (Book Title: Graphic Design, ID: GB/800)
  173. Britannica (Book Title: Book of the Year, ID: GB/803)
  174. R. Broby-Johnson (Book Title: Body and Clothes, ID: GB/812)
  175. Harold Brodkey (Book Title: This Wild Darkness, ID: GB/814)
  176. Tom Brokaw (Book Title: Gang of Eight, ID: GB/816)
  177. Louis Bromfield (Book Title: Rains Came, ID: GB/817)
  178. J. Bronowski (Book Title: Western Intellectual Tradition, ID: GB/818)
  179. Ann Bronte (Book Title: Tennant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Gray, ID: GB/819)
  180. Charlotte Bronte (Book Title: Professor, ID: GB/820)
  181. Charlotte Bronte (Book Title: Shirley, ID: GB/821)
  182. Charlotte Bronte (Book Title: Villette, ID: GB/822)
  183. L. Lesllie Brooke (Book Title: Ring O' Roses, ID: GB/824)
  184. Edgar H. Brookes (Book Title: Apartheid - A Documentary study of modern South Africa, ID: GB/826)
  185. H. Terry Brooks (Book Title: Six Men of Dorset, ID: GB/827)
  186. Michael W. Brooks (Book Title: Subway City, ID: GB/828)
  187. Walter Brooks (Book Title: Art of Painting, ID: GB/829)
  188. Brigid Brophy (Book Title: Black and White, ID: GB/832)
  189. Ray Brosseau (Book Title: Looking Forward, ID: GB/833)
  190. Norma Broude (Book Title: Power of Feminist Art, ID: GB/834)
  191. Norma Broude (Book Title: Power of Feminist Art, ID: GB/835)
  192. Dale Brown (Book Title: American Cooking, ID: GB/841)
  193. Dale Brown (Book Title: Cooking of Scandanavia, ID: GB/842)
  194. Ivor Brown (Book Title: London, ID: GB/844)
  195. Ruth Brown (Book Title: If At First You Do Not See, ID: GB/851)
  196. Maurice Browne (Book Title: Too Late to Lament, ID: GB/854)
  197. Robert Browning (Book Title: Pied Piper of Hamelin, ID: GB/857)
  198. Lillian Browse (Book Title: Willam Nicolson, ID: GB/859)
  199. Matthew J. Bruccoli (Book Title: Selected Letters of John O'Hara, ID: GB/860)
  200. Arthur Bryant (Book Title: Age of Elegance, ID: GB/868)
  201. Arthur Bryant (Book Title: Restoration England, ID: GB/869)
  202. Bill Bryson (Book Title: Mother Tongue, ID: GB/870)
  203. Bill Bryson (Book Title: Short History of Nearly Everything, ID: GB/871)
  204. Handasyde Buchanan (Book Title: Nature into Art, ID: GB/873)
  205. Pearl S. Buck (Book Title: Hidden Flower, ID: GB/882)
  206. Richard Buckle (Book Title: U & Non-U Revisited, ID: GB/885)
  207. Robert D. Buckley (Book Title: Basic Guide to Lettering, ID: GB/887)
  208. Buendia (Book Title: Paintings in the Prado, ID: GB/7401)
  209. Alan Bullock (Book Title: Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought, ID: GB/894)
  210. Jutta Buness (unverified name) (Book Title: Documenta: Short Guide, ID: GB/7332)
  211. John Bunyan (Book Title: Pilgrim's Progress, ID: GB/897)
  212. Martha Buren (Book Title: Camilla, ID: GB/905)
  213. Anthony Burgess (Book Title: Any Old Iron, ID: GB/906)
  214. Anthony Burgess (Book Title: Beard's Roman Women, ID: GB/907)
  215. Anthony Burgess (Book Title: Devil's Mode, ID: GB/908)
  216. Anthony Burgess (Book Title: Enderby's Dark Lady, ID: GB/909)
  217. Anthony Burgess (Book Title: Future Imperfect, ID: GB/910)
  218. Anthony Burgess (Book Title: Ninety-Nine Novels, ID: GB/916)
  219. Anthony Burgess (Book Title: On Going to Bed, ID: GB/917)
  220. Anthony Burgess (Book Title: Will and Testament, ID: GB/918)
  221. Anthony Burgess (Book Title: You've Had Your Time, ID: GB/919)
  222. Jeremy Burgess (Book Title: Microcosmos, ID: GB/920)
  223. Joseph Burke (Book Title: Hogarth - The Complete Engravings, ID: GB/928)
  224. C.A. Burland (Book Title: Exotic White Man, ID: GB/930)
  225. Edward Burne-Jones (Book Title: Book That Never Was, ID: GB/1864)
  226. John Burningham (Book Title: Seasons, ID: GB/933)
  227. Eric Burns (Book Title: Joy of Books, ID: GB/935)
  228. Struthers Burt (Book Title: Festival, ID: GB/940)
  229. Hal Burton (Book Title: Great Acting, ID: GB/942)
  230. John Hill Burton (Book Title: Book-Hunter, ID: GB/943)
  231. Robert Burton (Book Title: Anatomy of Melancholy, ID: GB/946)
  232. Alberto Busignani (Book Title: Bronzes of Riace, ID: GB/949)
  233. Patricia Butler (Book Title: Three Hundred Years of Irish Watercolours and Drawings, ID: GB/962)
  234. Samuel Butler (Book Title: Erewhon, ID: GB/963)
  235. Samuel Butler (Book Title: Way of All Flesh, ID: GB/964)
  236. Debora Butterfield (Book Title: Horses, ID: GB/965)
  237. Lord Byron (Book Title: Poetical Works of Lord Byron, ID: GB/971)
  238. Lord Byron (Book Title: Selected verse and prose works including letters and extracts from Lord Byron's journals and diaries, ID: GB/972)

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