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Authors starting with 'S'

  1. Albie Sachs (Book Title: Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter, ID: GB/5594)
  2. E. S. Sachs (Book Title: Choice Before South Africa, ID: GB/5595)
  3. Glen Saeger (Book Title: String Things you Can Create, ID: GB/5602)
  4. Donald Saff (Book Title: Printmaking, ID: GB/5603)
  5. A. J. D. Safian (Book Title: Just for the Pun of It, ID: GB/5604)
  6. Louis A. Safian (Book Title: Giant Book of Insults, ID: GB/5605)
  7. Bud Sagendorf (Book Title: Popeye - The First Fifty Years, ID: GB/5606)
  8. Maurice Sagoff (Book Title: Shrink Lits, ID: GB/5607)
  9. Jane M. Saks (Book Title: Guerrilla Girls in the Artworld and Beyond, ID: GB/14815)
  10. F. Salamon (Book Title: Collector's Guide to Prints and Printmakers, ID: GB/5609)
  11. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Catcher in the Rye, ID: GB/5612)
  12. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Catcher in the Rye, ID: GB/5613)
  13. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Catcher in the Rye, ID: GB/5614)
  14. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: De Daumier-Smith's Blue Period, ID: GB/5615)
  15. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Down at the Dinghy, ID: GB/5616)
  16. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: For Esmé with Love and Squalor, ID: GB/5617)
  17. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Franny and Zooey, ID: GB/5618)
  18. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Hapworth 16, 1924, ID: GB/5619)
  19. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: I'm Crazy, ID: GB/5620)
  20. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Just Before the War with the Eskimos, ID: GB/5621)
  21. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Laughing Man, ID: GB/5622)
  22. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Perfect Day for Bananafish, ID: GB/5623)
  23. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Pretty Mouth and Green my Eyes, ID: GB/5624)
  24. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Slight Rebellion Off Madison, ID: GB/5625)
  25. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Teddy, ID: GB/5626)
  26. J. D. Salinger (Book Title: Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut, ID: GB/5627)
  27. Marjorie Salter (Book Title: Delightful Food, ID: GB/5630)
  28. Irving Sandler (Book Title: Mark Di Suvero, ID: GB/5633)
  29. Paul Sann (Book Title: Lawless Decade, ID: GB/5637)
  30. Sapper (Book Title: Bull Dog Drummond, ID: GB/5639)
  31. William Sargant (Book Title: Battle for the Mind, ID: GB/5640)
  32. John Singer Sargent (Book Title: Carter Ratcliff, ID: GB/5641)
  33. William Saroyan (Book Title: Human Comedy, ID: GB/5642)
  34. William Saroyan (Book Title: Time of Your Life and two other Plays, ID: GB/5644)
  35. Jean-Paul Sartre (Book Title: Age of Reason, ID: GB/5645)
  36. Jean-Paul Sartre (Book Title: Crime Passionnel, ID: GB/5646)
  37. Jerold J. Savory (Book Title: Vanity Fair Gallery, ID: GB/5653)
  38. Dorothy L. Sayers (Book Title: Zeal of Thy House, ID: GB/5656)
  39. Nora Sayre (Book Title: Sixties Going on Seventies, ID: GB/5657)
  40. Gerald Scarfe (Book Title: Line of Attack, ID: GB/5658)
  41. Gerald Scarfe (Book Title: Scarfeland, ID: GB/5659)
  42. Gerald Scarfe (Book Title: Seven Deadly Sins, ID: GB/5660)
  43. Kermit Schafer (Book Title: Typo-Bloopers, ID: GB/5665)
  44. Simon Schama (Book Title: Landscape and Memory, ID: GB/5666)
  45. Aaron Scharf (Book Title: Art and Photography, ID: GB/5667)
  46. David E. Scherman (Book Title: Best of Life, ID: GB/5672)
  47. Richard Schickel (Book Title: Men Who Made the Movies, ID: GB/5673)
  48. Marcus Schneck (Book Title: Patterns in Nature, ID: GB/5681)
  49. S. Schoenbaum (Book Title: William Shakespeare : A Documentary Life, ID: GB/5688)
  50. Eugene Schoenfeld (Book Title: Dear Doctor Hip Pocrates, ID: GB/5689)
  51. Mary Schoeser (Book Title: English and American Textiles, ID: GB/5690)
  52. Maria Schofield (Book Title: Decorative Art and Modern Interiors, ID: GB/5691)
  53. Ben Schott (Book Title: Schott's Food and Drink Miscellny, ID: GB/7354)
  54. Bruno Schulz (Book Title: Tree of Codes [Safer Code], ID: GB/15644)
  55. Charles M. Schulz (Book Title: Peanuts Classics, ID: GB/5701)
  56. Charles M. Schulz (Book Title: Peanuts Jubilee, ID: GB/5702)
  57. Charles M. Schulz (Book Title: Peanuts Treasury, ID: GB/5703)
  58. Charles M. Schulz (Book Title: Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown, ID: GB/5704)
  59. Charles M. Schulz (Book Title: Snoopy Festival, ID: GB/5706)
  60. Norman Schur (Book Title: British Self-Taught, ID: GB/5712)
  61. Norman W. Schur (Book Title: British English A to Zed, ID: GB/5713)
  62. Alvin Schwartz (Book Title: Twister of Twists, a Tangler of Tongues, ID: GB/5723)
  63. Steven Schwartz (Book Title: Book of Waters, ID: GB/5725)
  64. Daniel R. Schwarz (Book Title: Reading Joyce's Ulysses, ID: GB/5744)
  65. Ricardo Scofidio (Book Title: High Line, ID: GB/15271)
  66. Paul Scott (Book Title: Raj Quartet, ID: GB/5758)
  67. Queenie Scott-Hopper (Book Title: Pull the Bobbin!, ID: GB/5760)
  68. William Seale (Book Title: Tasteful Interlude, ID: GB/5761)
  69. Ronald Searle (Book Title: Big Fat Cat Book, ID: GB/5762)
  70. Ronald Searle (Book Title: Dick Deadeye, ID: GB/5763)
  71. Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (Book Title: Tendencies, ID: GB/5781)
  72. Albert Segal (Book Title: Johannesburg Friday, ID: GB/5783)
  73. E. A. Seguy (Book Title: Decorative Butterflies and Insects, ID: GB/5784)
  74. Kalman Seigel (Book Title: Talking Back to The New York Times, ID: GB/5788)
  75. Hubert Selby Jr. (Book Title: Last Exit to Brooklyn, ID: GB/5792)
  76. Jean Jacques Sempé (Book Title: Musicians, ID: GB/5799)
  77. Maurice Sendak (Book Title: Some Swell Pup, ID: GB/5800)
  78. Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Book Title: Opera Philosophica. Esistolae, ID: GB/10200)
  79. Harriet F. Senie (Book Title: Critical Issued in Public Art, ID: GB/5801)
  80. Ted Sennett (Book Title: Hollywood Musicals, ID: GB/5802)
  81. Ted Sennett (Book Title: Warner Brothers Presents, ID: GB/5803)
  82. Patrik Sergeant (Book Title: Another Road to Samarkand, ID: GB/5805)
  83. Dr Seuss (Book Title: Storytime, ID: GB/5823)
  84. Dr Seuss (Book Title: You're Only Old Once, ID: GB/5824)
  85. Visconti Sforza (Book Title: Visconti-Sforza Tarocchi Deck of cards, ID: GB/30141)
  86. Kenneth R. Shaffer (Book Title: Book Collection, ID: GB/5837)
  87. Peter Shaffer (Book Title: Five Finger Excercise, ID: GB/5838)
  88. Idries Shah (Book Title: World Tales, ID: GB/5839)
  89. Ben Shahn (Book Title: Kuboyama and the Saga of the Lucky Dragon, ID: GB/3097)
  90. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Antony and Cleopatra, ID: GB/5843)
  91. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Complete Works of William Shakespeare, ID: GB/5844)
  92. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Hamlet, ID: GB/5845)
  93. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Julius Caesar, ID: GB/5846)
  94. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Julius Caesar, ID: GB/5847)
  95. William Shakespeare (Book Title: King Henry lV , ID: GB/5848)
  96. William Shakespeare (Book Title: King Henry lV - Part One., ID: GB/5849)
  97. William Shakespeare (Book Title: King Henry V, ID: GB/5850)
  98. William Shakespeare (Book Title: King Richard II, ID: GB/5851)
  99. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Macbeth, ID: GB/5852)
  100. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Macbeth, ID: GB/5853)
  101. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Macbeth, ID: GB/5854)
  102. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Macbeth, ID: GB/5855)
  103. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Merchant of venice, ID: GB/5856)
  104. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Othello, ID: GB/5858)
  105. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Othello, ID: GB/5857)
  106. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Twelve Night, ID: GB/5864)
  107. Mary Shanahan (Book Title: Woman in the Mirror, ID: GB/10312)
  108. H. L. Shapiro (Book Title: Heritage of the Bounty, ID: GB/5872)
  109. Nat Shapiro (Book Title: Whatever It Is I'am Against It, ID: GB/5873)
  110. Robert Shaplen (Book Title: Toward the Well-Being of Mankind, ID: GB/5874)
  111. Gustav Sharon (Book Title: Jews in South Africa, ID: GB/5880)
  112. Margery Sharp (Book Title: Britannia Mews, ID: GB/5881)
  113. Roger Shattuck (Book Title: Proust's Binoculars, ID: GB/5885)
  114. Bernard Shaw (Book Title: Complete Plays of Bernard Shaw, ID: GB/5887)
  115. Bernard Shaw (Book Title: Correspondence, ID: GB/5888)
  116. Bernard Shaw (Book Title: Flyleaves, ID: GB/5889)
  117. Bernard Shaw (Book Title: Saint Joan, ID: GB/5890)
  118. Don Shaw (Book Title: Conundrum, ID: GB/5891)
  119. George Bernard Shaw (Book Title: Everybody's Political What's What?, ID: GB/5893)
  120. George Bernard Shaw (Book Title: On Language, ID: GB/5894)
  121. Henry Shaw (Book Title: Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages, ID: GB/5896)
  122. Irwin Shaw (Book Title: Two Weeks in Another Town, ID: GB/5897)
  123. Irwin Shaw (Book Title: Young Lions, ID: GB/5898)
  124. Joseph Shaylor (Book Title: Fascination of Books, ID: GB/5899)
  125. W. G. Sheat (Book Title: A-Z of Gardening in South Africa, ID: GB/5900)
  126. Wilfrid Sheed (Book Title: Transatlantic Blues, ID: GB/5901)
  127. Jesse Sheidlower (Book Title: F Word, ID: GB/5903)
  128. Percy Bysshe Shelley (Book Title: THIS WAS MOVED IN ERROR AND MUST BE REINSTATED, ID: GB/5905)
  129. Israel Shenker (Book Title: Words and Their Masters, ID: GB/5907)
  130. Leslie Shepard (Book Title: Ex Libris, ID: GB/16030)
  131. Anthony Sher (Book Title: Cheap Lives, ID: GB/5909)
  132. Anthony Sher (Book Title: Indoor Boy, ID: GB/5910)
  133. Anthony Sher (Book Title: Middlepost, ID: GB/5911)
  134. R. B. Sheridan (Book Title: Plays of Richard Brinsley, ID: GB/5912)
  135. Richard Brinsley Sheridan (Book Title: School for Scandal, ID: GB/5913)
  136. Joseph Sherman (Book Title: World Too Wide, ID: GB/5915)
  137. Ralph E. Shikes (Book Title: Pissarro - His Life and Work, ID: GB/5917)
  138. Joseph T. Shipley (Book Title: In Praise of English, ID: GB/5919)
  139. Richard Shone (Book Title: Augustus John, ID: GB/5920)
  140. Richard Shone (Book Title: Century of Change, ID: GB/5921)
  141. Robert Short (Book Title: Dada and Surrealsim, ID: GB/5922)
  142. Robert Short (Book Title: Gospel According to Peanuts, ID: GB/5923)
  143. Jiri Siblik (Book Title: Twentieth-Century Prints, ID: GB/5930)
  144. Phillip Sidney (Book Title: Sonnets of Sir Philip Sidney, ID: GB/5932)
  145. Joy Sikorski (Book Title: How to Draw a Radish, ID: GB/5938)
  146. Alan Sillitoe (Book Title: Falling out of Love, ID: GB/5940)
  147. Robbin Ami Silverberg (Book Title: Tree of Codes [Safer Code], ID: GB/15644)
  148. L. Simenhoff (Book Title: Postage Stamps of the Union of South Africa, ID: GB/5946)
  149. Rosemary Simmons (Book Title: Collecting Original Prints, ID: GB/5947)
  150. Rosemary Simmons (Book Title: Printmaking - The Easy Steps, ID: GB/5948)
  151. Fronia Simpson (Book Title: Jeff Koons, ID: GB/5953)
  152. S. Simsova (Book Title: Lenin Krupskaia and Libraries, ID: GB/5954)
  153. T. A. Sinclair (Book Title: History of Greek Political Thought, ID: GB/5955)
  154. Upton Sinclair (Book Title: Presidential Agent, ID: GB/5956)
  155. Upton Sinclair (Book Title: Wide is the Gate, ID: GB/5957)
  156. Sine (Book Title: Scatty, ID: GB/5958)
  157. Campbell Singer (Book Title: Those in Favour, ID: GB/5959)
  158. Peter Sís (Book Title: House of Paper, ID: GB/11628)
  159. Sacheverell Sitwell (Book Title: Great Houses of Europe, ID: GB/5968)
  160. Cornelia Otis Skinner (Book Title: Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, ID: GB/5975)
  161. Pierre Skira (Book Title: Still-Life: A History, ID: GB/5976)
  162. Norma Skurka (Book Title: Underground Interiors, ID: GB/5982)
  163. Julian Slade (Book Title: Follow that Girl, ID: GB/5983)
  164. Edward Smart (Book Title: Portrait of Hong Kong, ID: GB/5987)
  165. Oliphant Smeaton (Book Title: Return from Parnassus, ID: GB/5988)
  166. Adam Smith (Book Title: Money Game, ID: GB/5989)
  167. Anna H. Smith (Book Title: Johannesburg Street Names, ID: GB/5992)
  168. Bob and Roberta Smith (Book Title: Dont Hate Sculp, ID: GB/15282)
  169. Bradley Smith (Book Title: USA a History in Art, ID: GB/5993)
  170. Edwin Smith (Book Title: Living City, ID: GB/15a)
  171. F. Seymour Smith (Book Title: Bibliography in the Bookshop, ID: GB/5997)
  172. G. C. Moore Smith (Book Title: Edward The Third, ID: GB/5998)
  173. G. Gregory Smith (Book Title: Diary of Samuel Pepys, ID: GB/5999)
  174. Gene Smith (Book Title: Police gazette, ID: GB/6000)
  175. James L. Smith (Book Title: Victorian Melodramas, ID: GB/6003)
  176. Richard Smith (Book Title: Smit & Abott's Greatest Hits, ID: GB/6020)
  177. Stan Smith (Book Title: How to Draw and Paint, ID: GB/6021)
  178. Stan Smith (Book Title: Sculptor's Handbook, ID: GB/6022)
  179. Whitney Smith (Book Title: Flags Through the Ages and Across the World, ID: GB/6025)
  180. Roger Smithells (Book Title: Modern Small Country House, ID: GB/6026)
  181. Robert Smithson (Book Title: Sideworks, ID: GB/6027)
  182. Smithsonian Institution (Book Title: National Museum of American Art, ID: GB/6028)
  183. Jan Christiaan Smuts (Book Title: Jan Christiaan Smuts, ID: GB/6031)
  184. W. M. Smyth (Book Title: Book of Poetry, ID: GB/6033)
  185. C. P. Snow (Book Title: Two Cultures and A Second Look, ID: GB/6037)
  186. James Thrall Sobey (Book Title: Ben-Shahn - His graphic Art, ID: GB/6041)
  187. Ronald L. Soble (Book Title: Smart Money in Hard Times, ID: GB/6042)
  188. Jean Solé (Book Title: Animaleries, ID: GB/6045)
  189. Dan X. Solo (Book Title: Art Nouveau Display Alphabets, ID: GB/6051)
  190. Dan X. Solo (Book Title: Brushstroke and Free Style Alphabets, ID: GB/6052)
  191. Dan X. Solo (Book Title: Victorian Display Alphabets, ID: GB/6053)
  192. Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Book Title: Love-Girl and the Innocent, ID: GB/6059)
  193. Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Book Title: Oak and the calf, ID: GB/6060)
  194. Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Book Title: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, ID: GB/6061)
  195. Susan Sontag (Book Title: Styles Radical Will, ID: GB/6065)
  196. Mark Soppeland (Book Title: Words, ID: GB/6070)
  197. Edward Sorel (Book Title: First Encounters, ID: GB/6071)
  198. Edward Sorel (Book Title: Superpen, ID: GB/6072)
  199. Henry Southgate (Book Title: Noble Thoughts in Noble Language, ID: GB/6077)
  200. Lewis Sowden (Book Title: Both Sides of the Mask, ID: GB/6078)
  201. Lewis Sowden (Book Title: Crooked Bluegum, ID: GB/6079)
  202. Lewis Sowden (Book Title: King of High Street, ID: GB/6080)
  203. Lewis Sowden (Book Title: Land of the Afternoon, ID: GB/6081)
  204. Thomas Sowell (Book Title: Preferential Policies, ID: GB/6082)
  205. E.Millicent Sowerby (Book Title: Rare People and Rare Books, ID: GB/6083)
  206. Maurice Speed (Book Title: Film Review. 1974-1975, ID: GB/6088)
  207. Maurice Speed (Book Title: Film Review. 1975-1976, ID: GB/6089)
  208. Maurice Speed (Book Title: Film Review. 1976-1977, ID: GB/6090)
  209. Alexander Speltz (Book Title: Styles of Ornament, ID: GB/6091)
  210. Edmund Spemser (Book Title: Selections From the Fraerie Queene, ID: GB/6092)
  211. Charles Spencer (Book Title: Decade of Printmaking, ID: GB/6093)
  212. Robin Spencer (Book Title: Whistler - A Retrospective, ID: GB/6097)
  213. T. J. B. Spencer (Book Title: Shakespeare's Plutarch, ID: GB/6099)
  214. Robert E. Spiller (Book Title: Third Dimension, ID: GB/6107)
  215. Howard Spring (Book Title: These Lovers Fled Away, ID: GB/6112)
  216. John Springer (Book Title: They Had Faces Then, ID: GB/6113)
  217. Mel B Spurr (Book Title: Nursery Rhymes Parodied, ID: GB/6114)
  218. Muriel St. Clare Byrne (Book Title: Lisle Letters, ID: GB/6121)
  219. Oliver St. John Gogarty (Book Title: My Dear Gogarty, ID: GB/6119)
  220. Ashley St.James (Book Title: Vallotton: Graphics, ID: GB/6122)
  221. Derek Stanford (Book Title: Critics of the Nineties., ID: GB/6133)
  222. Ragna Stang (Book Title: Edvard Munch, ID: GB/6134)
  223. W. J. Stankiewicz (Book Title: Accomplished Senator of Laurentius Goslicius, ID: GB/6136)
  224. Felix Stark (Book Title: Seventy Golden Years, ID: GB/6138)
  225. Jean Starobinski (Book Title: Invention of Liberty. 1700-1789, ID: GB/6140)
  226. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: America, ID: GB/6141)
  227. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: Between the Eyes, ID: GB/6142)
  228. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: Big I Am, ID: GB/6143)
  229. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: Cherrywood Cannon, ID: GB/6144)
  230. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: Complete Alice, ID: GB/6145)
  231. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: No Room to Swing a Cat, ID: GB/6147)
  232. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: Paranoids, ID: GB/6148)
  233. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: Scar Strangled Banger, ID: GB/6149)
  234. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: Sigmund Freud, ID: GB/6150)
  235. Ralph Steadman (Book Title: Tales of the Weirrd, ID: GB/6151)
  236. Slim Stealingworth (Book Title: Tom Wesselmann, ID: GB/6152)
  237. Magaret Steele (Book Title: Art of Colours, ID: GB/6153)
  238. Magaret Steele (Book Title: Art of Shape, ID: GB/6154)
  239. Magaret Steele (Book Title: Art of the Body, ID: GB/6155)
  240. Sir Richard Steele (Book Title: Tatler, ID: GB/6156)
  241. Margurite Steen (Book Title: Twilight on the Floods, ID: GB/6157)
  242. Dugald Steer (Book Title: Monsters, ID: GB/6158)
  243. E. J. Steer (Book Title: Book of South African Flowers, ID: GB/657)
  244. William Steig (Book Title: Drawings, ID: GB/6160)
  245. William Steig (Book Title: Rotten Island, ID: GB/6161)
  246. Rosemary Steinbaum (Book Title: Philip Roth, ID: GB/14646)
  247. John Steinbeck (Book Title: America and Americans, ID: GB/6166)
  248. John Steinbeck (Book Title: Burning Bright, ID: GB/6167)
  249. John Steinbeck (Book Title: Cannery Row, ID: GB/6168)
  250. John Steinbeck (Book Title: Grapes of Wrath, ID: GB/6169)
  251. John Steinbeck (Book Title: Pastures of Heaven, ID: GB/6170)
  252. John Steinbeck (Book Title: Pearl, ID: GB/6171)
  253. John Steinbeck (Book Title: Tortilla Flat, ID: GB/6172)
  254. John Steinbeck (Book Title: Wayward Bus, ID: GB/6173)
  255. John Steinbeck (Book Title: Winter of Our Discontent, ID: GB/6174)
  256. Rafael Steinberg (Book Title: Cooking of Japan, ID: GB/6175)
  257. Saul Steinberg (Book Title: Harold Rosenberg, ID: GB/6176)
  258. Saul Steinberg (Book Title: Passport, ID: GB/6177)
  259. Sigfrid Henry Steinberg (Book Title: Five Hundred Years of Printing, ID: GB/6178)
  260. Chris Steinbrunner (Book Title: Cinema of the Fantastic, ID: GB/6179)
  261. George Steiner (Book Title: Death of Tragedy, ID: GB/6181)
  262. George Steiner (Book Title: Language and Silence. Essays 1958-1966., ID: GB/6183)
  263. Jean-Francois Steiner (Book Title: Treblinka, ID: GB/6184)
  264. Wendy Steiner (Book Title: Scandal of Pleasure, ID: GB/6185)
  265. David Stephenson (Book Title: I Want to Hang out with Ed Ruscha, ID: GB/6190)
  266. Irma Stern (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  267. Jane and Michael Stern (Book Title: Encyclopedia of Bad Taste, ID: GB/6196)
  268. Madeleine B. Stern (Book Title: Old Books in the Old World, ID: GB/6198)
  269. Robert Louis Stevenson (Book Title: Familiar Stdies of Men and Books, ID: GB/6206)
  270. Robert Louis Stevenson (Book Title: Treasure Island, ID: GB/6213)
  271. Robert Louis Stevenson (Book Title: Treasure Island, ID: GB/6212)
  272. Robert Louis Stevenson (Book Title: Treasure of Franchard, ID: GB/6214)
  273. Robert Louis Stevenson (Book Title: Virginibus Puerisque, ID: GB/6215)
  274. Seumas Stewart (Book Title: Book Collecting, ID: GB/6218)
  275. Sidra Stich (Book Title: Anxious Visions: Surrealist Art, ID: GB/6219)
  276. Henri Stierlin (Book Title: Spirit of Colours, ID: GB/6220)
  277. Sto. (Book Title: Master of Reality, ID: GB/15525)
  278. James Stockton (Book Title: Designer's Guide to Color, ID: GB/6222)
  279. Jack Stodel (Book Title: Audience is Waiting, ID: GB/6223)
  280. Roy Stokes (Book Title: Function of Bibliography, ID: GB/6225)
  281. Bernard Stone (Book Title: Charge of the Mouse Brigade, ID: GB/6244)
  282. F.H Stonham (Book Title: Painting and Printmaking with Rollers, ID: GB/6254)
  283. Tom Stoppard (Book Title: Rosencrantz and Guildentern are Dead, ID: GB/6255)
  284. Tom Stoppard (Book Title: Travesties, ID: GB/6256)
  285. David Storey (Book Title: Restoration of Arnold Middleton, ID: GB/6257)
  286. Mary Rose Storey (Book Title: Mona Lisas, ID: GB/6258)
  287. Patricia Storrar (Book Title: Beginners Please, ID: GB/6259)
  288. George William Stow (Book Title: Rock Paintings in South Africa, ID: GB/6260)
  289. Mark Strand (Book Title: Almost Invisible, ID: GB/14046)
  290. Mark Strand (Book Title: Art of the Real, ID: GB/6264)
  291. Mark Strand (Book Title: Hopper, ID: GB/14047)
  292. Herbert Strange (Book Title: Two Hundred Poems for Boys and Girls, ID: GB/6265)
  293. Mary Chenoweth Stratton (Book Title: Shaw on Theatre: A Half Century of Advices, ID: GB/6267)
  294. Mary Chenoweth Stratton (Book Title: Shaw on Women, ID: GB/6268)
  295. Roy Strong (Book Title: British Portrait 1660-1960, ID: GB/6272)
  296. Roy Strong (Book Title: Van Dyck - Charles I on Horseback, ID: GB/6273)
  297. William Strunk (Book Title: Elements of Style, ID: GB/6275)
  298. Jane Struthers (Book Title: Wood, ID: GB/6276)
  299. Lloyd Paul Stryker (Book Title: For the Defense, ID: GB/6278)
  300. Ray Stuart (Book Title: Immortals of the Screen, ID: GB/6279)
  301. Jock Sturges (Book Title: Last Day of Summer, ID: GB/6280)
  302. William Styron (Book Title: Confessions of Nat Turner, ID: GB/6281)
  303. William Styron (Book Title: Sophie's Choice, ID: GB/6282)
  304. Guy Suares (Book Title: Malraux - Past, Present, Future, ID: GB/6283)
  305. J. C. Suares (Book Title: Indispensable Cat, ID: GB/6284)
  306. Jean-Claude Suarès (Book Title: Art of the Times, ID: GB/6286)
  307. Nigel Suckling (Book Title: Sirens, ID: GB/11)
  308. Neil V. Sullivan (Book Title: Now is the Time, ID: GB/6288)
  309. Ian Summers (Book Title: Tomorrow and Beyond, ID: GB/6289)
  310. Roger Summers (Book Title: Prehistoric Rock Art of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, ID: GB/6290)
  311. Sundry (Book Title: Films of Robert Bresson, ID: GB/6293)
  312. William Sutherland (Book Title: Art and Craft of Sign-writing, ID: GB/6297)
  313. Zena Sutherland (Book Title: Children and Books, ID: GB/204)
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