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Authors starting with 'F'

  1. Joseph Palau i Fabre (Book Title: Picasso: The Early Years 1881-1907, ID: GB/2024)
  2. Clifton Fadiman (Book Title: Faber Book of Anecdotes, ID: GB/2026)
  3. Vittorio Fagone (Book Title: Art in Nature, ID: GB/2028)
  4. Everett Fahe (Book Title: Medici Aesop, ID: GB/2029)
  5. Everett Fahy (Book Title: Medici Aesop, ID: GB/2030)
  6. Dorothea Fairbridge (Book Title: Historic Houses of South Africa, ID: GB/2031)
  7. A.Nicholas Fargnoli (Book Title: Joyce, James A to Z, ID: GB/2037)
  8. Casey Farnum (Book Title: Out of Print, ID: GB/15524)
  9. Anne Farrell (Book Title: Blurring the Boundries, ID: GB/2041)
  10. Negley Farson (Book Title: Way of a Transgressor, ID: GB/2042)
  11. William Feaver (Book Title: When we were Young, ID: GB/2050)
  12. Michel Feher (Book Title: Fragments for a History of the Human Body, ID: GB/2052)
  13. T. R. Fehrenbach (Book Title: This Kind of Peace, ID: GB/2054)
  14. Peter S. Feibleman (Book Title: Cooking of Spain and Portugal, ID: GB/2055)
  15. Bea Feitler (Book Title: Behind the Lines, ID: GB/617)
  16. Monique Felix (Book Title: House, ID: GB/2064)
  17. Monique Felix (Book Title: Wind, ID: GB/2065)
  18. Nina Felshin (Book Title: But is it Art?, ID: GB/2066)
  19. Terry Fenton (Book Title: Anthony Caro, ID: GB/2068)
  20. Alan Fern (Book Title: Viewpoints, ID: GB/2073)
  21. Horacio Fernandez (Book Title: Fotografia Publica, ID: GB/2076)
  22. Jean-Louis Ferrier (Book Title: Art of our Century, ID: GB/2078)
  23. Martin Fido (Book Title: Oscar Wilde, ID: GB/2081)
  24. Henry Fielding (Book Title: Author's Farce, ID: GB/2084)
  25. Christopher Finch (Book Title: Art of Walt Disney, ID: GB/2092)
  26. Gerald E. Finley (Book Title: Van Gogh, ID: GB/2105)
  27. Karen Finley (Book Title: Pooh Unplugged, ID: GB/2106)
  28. Judy Fireman (Book Title: TV Book, ID: GB/2111)
  29. Richard A. Firmage (Book Title: Alphabet Abecedarium, ID: GB/2112)
  30. Patrick Firpo (Book Title: Copyart, ID: GB/2114)
  31. Tibor Fischer (Book Title: Under the Frog, ID: GB/2115)
  32. David Fisher (Book Title: What's What, ID: GB/2118)
  33. Karen Fisher (Book Title: Living For Today, ID: GB/2119)
  34. M. F. K. Fisher (Book Title: Cooking of Provincial France, ID: GB/2120)
  35. Fisher-Hill (Book Title: Postage Stamps of the Union of South Africa, ID: GB/2125)
  36. Edward Fitzgerald (Book Title: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, ID: GB/2127)
  37. Edward Fitzgerald (Book Title: Rubiayat of Omar Khayyan, ID: GB/2130)
  38. Theodora FitzGibbon (Book Title: Food of the Western World, ID: GB/2135)
  39. Tim Fitzharris (Book Title: Forest, ID: GB/2136)
  40. Jim Fitzpatrick (Book Title: Book of Conquests, ID: GB/2137)
  41. V. M. FitzRoy (Book Title: Eat and Be Merry, ID: GB/2138)
  42. James Montgomery Flagg (Book Title: Tomfoolery, ID: GB/2141)
  43. Gustave Flaubert (Book Title: Madame Bovary, ID: GB/4a)
  44. Ian Flemming (Book Title: Thrilling Cities, ID: GB/2143)
  45. Alan Fletcher (Book Title: Art of Looking Sideways, ID: GB/2145)
  46. Joseph Fletcher (Book Title: Situation Ethics, ID: GB/2147)
  47. Joseph Fletcher (Book Title: Situation Ethics, ID: GB/2146)
  48. Carl Flint (Book Title: Joyce for Beginners, ID: GB/2149)
  49. Jonathan Safran Foer (Book Title: Tree of Codes [Safer Code], ID: GB/15644)
  50. Oscar Forel (Book Title: Synchromies, ID: GB/2163)
  51. Michael Forrest (Book Title: Art Bronzes, ID: GB/2166)
  52. E. M. Forster (Book Title: Commonplace Book, ID: GB/2167)
  53. E. M. Forster (Book Title: England's Pleasant Land, ID: GB/2168)
  54. James Forsyth (Book Title: Three Plays, ID: GB/2172)
  55. C. De K. Fowler (Book Title: Three Studies in South African History, ID: GB/2182)
  56. Gabe Fowler (Book Title: Smoke Signal, ID: GB/13983)
  57. John Fowles (Book Title: Land, ID: GB/2187)
  58. Fontain Fox (Book Title: Toonerville Trolley, ID: GB/2191)
  59. Arthur Charles Fox-Davies (Book Title: Book of Public Speaking, ID: GB/2193)
  60. Patricia Fox-Sheinwold (Book Title: Too Young to Die, ID: GB/2194)
  61. Christina Foyle (Book Title: So Much Wisdom, ID: GB/2195)
  62. Gottfried S. Fraenkel (Book Title: Pictorial and Decorative Title Pages from Music Sources, ID: GB/2196)
  63. Peter Francis (Book Title: Images of Earth, ID: GB/2197)
  64. S. Francis (Book Title: Madam & Eve Collection, ID: GB/2198)
  65. S. Francis (Book Title: Madam & Eve. Somewhere over the Rainbow Nation, ID: GB/2199)
  66. S. Francis (Book Title: Madam & Eve. Free at Last, ID: GB/2201)
  67. S. Francis (Book Title: Madam & Eve. Free at Last, ID: GB/2200)
  68. S. Francis (Book Title: Madam and Eve, ID: GB/2202)
  69. S. Francis (Book Title: Madams are from Mars, Maids are from Venus, ID: GB/2203)
  70. Anne Frank (Book Title: Tales from the House Behind, ID: GB/2206)
  71. Pamela Frankau (Book Title: Willow Cabin, ID: GB/2208)
  72. David Frankel (Book Title: Masterpieces, ID: GB/2209)
  73. Benjamin Franklin (Book Title: Facetiae Frankliana, ID: GB/2210)
  74. Colin Franklin (Book Title: Fond of Printing, ID: GB/2212)
  75. Colin Franklin (Book Title: Private Presses, ID: GB/2213)
  76. M. J. Franklin (Book Title: British Biscuit Tins 1868-1939, ID: GB/2214)
  77. Hans Fransen (Book Title: Exlibris in de 20ste eeuw, ID: GB/16029)
  78. Antonia Fraser (Book Title: Pleasure of Reading, ID: GB/2218)
  79. Raphael Frederic (Book Title: Earlsdon Way, ID: GB/2220)
  80. David Freedberg (Book Title: Play of the Unmentionable, ID: GB/2221)
  81. David Freedberg (Book Title: Power of Images, ID: GB/2222)
  82. Cynthia Freeland (Book Title: But is it Art?, ID: GB/2223)
  83. Brad Freeman (Book Title: SimWar, ID: GB/2228)
  84. William Freeman (Book Title: Dictionary of Fictional Characters, ID: GB/2230)
  85. Frank Freidel (Book Title: George Washington - Man and Monument, ID: GB/2231)
  86. Peter Freuchen (Book Title: Ice Flows and Flaming Water, ID: GB/2233)
  87. Peter Freuchen (Book Title: Vagrant Viking, ID: GB/2234)
  88. Christiane Fricke (Book Title: Jan Saudek, ID: GB/2238)
  89. Bernard Friedman (Book Title: Smuts - A Reappraisal, ID: GB/2240)
  90. Theodorus Friis (Book Title: Public Library in South Africa, ID: GB/2252)
  91. Terence Frisby (Book Title: There's a Girl in My Soup, ID: GB/2253)
  92. Max Frisch (Book Title: Fire Raisers, ID: GB/2254)
  93. John Frohnmayer (Book Title: Leaving Town Alive, ID: GB/2255)
  94. Erich Fromm (Book Title: Art of Loving, ID: GB/2256)
  95. Charles Rahn Fry (Book Title: Art Deco Designs in Colour, ID: GB/2263)
  96. Christopher Fry (Book Title: Venus Observed, ID: GB/2264)
  97. Stephen Fry (Book Title: Lair, ID: GB/2266)
  98. Athol Fugard (Book Title: Blood Knot, ID: GB/2268)
  99. Athol Fugard (Book Title: Statements, ID: GB/2269)
  100. Peter Fuller (Book Title: Beyond the Crisis in Art, ID: GB/2270)

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