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Authors starting with 'P'

  1. Marc Pachter (Book Title: Abroad in America: Visitors to the New Nation, ID: GB/4904)
  2. Joy Packer (Book Title: Apes and Ivory, ID: GB/4905)
  3. Bruce Page (Book Title: American Melodrama, ID: GB/4906)
  4. Camille Paglia (Book Title: Sexual Personae, ID: GB/4907)
  5. Albert Bigelow Paine (Book Title: Nast -His Period and his Pictures, ID: GB/4908)
  6. Paint and Painting (Book Title: Paint and Painting, ID: GB/4910)
  7. Thomas Pakenham (Book Title: Boer War, ID: GB/4911)
  8. Alan Palmer (Book Title: Kings and Queens of England, ID: GB/4919)
  9. Andreas C. Papadakis (Book Title: Art in the Age of Pluralism, ID: GB/4933)
  10. Andreas C. Papadakis (Book Title: New Art, ID: GB/4928)
  11. Andreas C. Papadakis (Book Title: New Art - An International Survey, ID: GB/4929)
  12. Andreas C. Papadakis (Book Title: New Museology, ID: GB/4934)
  13. Andreas C. Papadakis (Book Title: New York New Art, ID: GB/4930)
  14. Andreas C. Papadakis (Book Title: Patrick Caulfield Paintings 1963 - 1992., ID: GB/4931)
  15. Stelios A. Papadopoulas (Book Title: Peytier Album. Liberated Greece and the Morea Scientific Expedition., ID: GB/4936)
  16. S. A. Papadopoulos (Book Title: Greek Handicraft, ID: GB/4935)
  17. William Papas (Book Title: Zoo, ID: GB/4937)
  18. Philippe Paringaux (Book Title: Trente-Six Positions de l'amour, ID: GB/3537)
  19. Reine-Marie Paris (Book Title: Camille, ID: GB/4938)
  20. James Robert Parish (Book Title: Fox Girls, ID: GB/4939)
  21. James Robert Parish (Book Title: M.G.M. Stock Company - The Golden Era., ID: GB/4940)
  22. James Robert Parish (Book Title: Paramount Pretties, ID: GB/4941)
  23. Peter Parker (Book Title: Reader's Companion to the Twentieth Century Noval, ID: GB/4944)
  24. Parkett (Book Title: Parkett #54, ID: GB/4945)
  25. Ken Parkin (Book Title: Anthology of British Tongue-Twisters, ID: GB/4946)
  26. Rene Parola (Book Title: Optical Art - Theory and Practise, ID: GB/4949)
  27. Matthew Parris (Book Title: Scorn with Added Vitriol, ID: GB/4950)
  28. Walter Pater (Book Title: Renaissance, ID: GB/4969)
  29. Alan Paton (Book Title: Hofmeyer, ID: GB/4970)
  30. Alan Paton (Book Title: Hope for South Africa, ID: GB/4971)
  31. Alan Paton (Book Title: Knocking on the Door, ID: GB/4972)
  32. Alan Paton (Book Title: Long View, ID: GB/4973)
  33. Alan Paton (Book Title: South Africa, ID: GB/4974)
  34. Alan Paton (Book Title: South African Tragedy. The Life and times of Jan Hofmeyer., ID: GB/4975)
  35. Alan Paton (Book Title: Too Late the Phalarope, ID: GB/4976)
  36. Rose I. Patry (Book Title: Practical Handbook on Elocution., ID: GB/4978)
  37. Jerry E. Patterson (Book Title: Autographs: A Collector's Guide, ID: GB/4979)
  38. Elliot Paul (Book Title: Narrow Street, ID: GB/4983)
  39. B. G. Paver (Book Title: Zimbabwe Cavalcade, ID: GB/4987)
  40. Gina Pavey (Book Title: Cacti and Succulents, ID: GB/4988)
  41. Ronald Pearsall (Book Title: Collapse of Stout Party, ID: GB/4996)
  42. Hesketh Pearson (Book Title: Beerbohm Tree - His Life and Laughter, ID: GB/4997)
  43. Patrick Pearson (Book Title: Johannesburg: Images and Continuities, ID: GB/4999)
  44. Derek Pell (Book Title: Morbid Curiosities, ID: GB/5010)
  45. Vladimir Penaikoff (Book Title: Private Army, ID: GB/5011)
  46. Penguin Books (Book Title: Fifty Penguin Years, ID: GB/5012)
  47. Arthur Penn (Book Title: Robin Wood, ID: GB/5013)
  48. Bruce Pennington (Book Title: Eschatus, ID: GB/5014)
  49. Nicholas Penny (Book Title: Ruskin's Drawings, ID: GB/5015)
  50. Bruce W. Pepich (Book Title: Made in the Midwest, ID: GB/5019)
  51. John Percival (Book Title: Modern Ballet, ID: GB/5023)
  52. Graham Percy (Book Title: Arthouse, ID: GB/5024)
  53. Dora Perez-Tibi (Book Title: Dufy, ID: GB/5025)
  54. Jean Peters (Book Title: Book Collecting - A Modern Guide, ID: GB/5044)
  55. Joyce Peterson (Book Title: New York I Love, ID: GB/5045)
  56. Henry Petrowski (Book Title: Book on the Bookshelf, ID: GB/5047)
  57. John Pheby (Book Title: Oxford-Duden Pictorial English Dictionary, ID: GB/5049)
  58. Robert Phillippe (Book Title: Political Graphics, ID: GB/5051)
  59. Jane Anne Phillips (Book Title: Last Day of Summer, ID: GB/6280)
  60. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Works. Texts. To 1974, ID: GB/5059)
  61. Hyacinthe Phypps (Book Title: Recently Deflowered Girl, ID: GB/5063)
  62. Pascal Pia (Book Title: Dictionnaire des Oevers Érotiques , ID: GB/5065)
  63. Gaëtan Picon (Book Title: Jean-August-Dominique Ingres, ID: GB/5070)
  64. Désirée Picton-Seymour (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  65. Kristo Pienaar (Book Title: What Flower is That?, ID: GB/5071)
  66. Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  67. Stella Pinches (Book Title: Library Work with Young People, ID: GB/5087)
  68. David Piper (Book Title: Mitchell Beazley Library of Art, ID: GB/5096)
  69. Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Book Title: View of Rome Then and Now, ID: GB/5097)
  70. Richard Platt (Book Title: Cross-Sections. Man-of-War, ID: GB/565)
  71. Richard Platt (Book Title: Incredible Cross-Sections, ID: GB/566)
  72. John Playford (Book Title: Whole Book of Psalms etc, ID: GB/5105)
  73. Mark Podwal (Book Title: Freud's Da Vinci, ID: GB/5110)
  74. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Tales of Mystery and Imaginations, ID: GB/5115)
  75. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Tales of Mystery and Imaginations, ID: GB/5116)
  76. Graham Pollard (Book Title: Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteen Century Pamphlets, ID: GB/1072)
  77. Graham Pollard (Book Title: Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteen Century Pamphlets, ID: GB/5123)
  78. Graham Pollard (Book Title: Sequal to An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain x1xth Century Pamphlets, ID: GB/5124)
  79. Graham Pollard (Book Title: Sequal to An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain x1xth Century Pamphlets, ID: GB/1074)
  80. Welleran Poltarnees (Book Title: Book of Unicorns, ID: GB/5126)
  81. Nello Ponente (Book Title: Structures of the Modern World 1850-1900, ID: GB/5129)
  82. H. Edmund Poole (Book Title: Annals of Poole, ID: GB/5132)
  83. John Pope-Hennessy (Book Title: Cellini, ID: GB/5134)
  84. John Pope-Hennessy (Book Title: Study and Criticism of Italian Sculpture, ID: GB/5137)
  85. Donald Posner (Book Title: Watteau - A Lady at her Toilet, ID: GB/5147)
  86. Count Potocki of Montalk (Book Title: Myself as a Printer, ID: GB/5150)
  87. John Deane Potter (Book Title: Crocodile Trembles, ID: GB/5151)
  88. Simeon Potter (Book Title: Our Language, ID: GB/5152)
  89. Stephen Potter (Book Title: Complete Upmanship, ID: GB/5153)
  90. Frederick A. Pottle (Book Title: Boswell on the Grand Tour, ID: GB/5154)
  91. Joyce Pound (Book Title: Forrest Read, ID: GB/5156)
  92. George Powell (Book Title: Animal Farm, ID: GB/5157)
  93. Nicolas Powell (Book Title: Fuseli - The Nightmare, ID: GB/5160)
  94. Alan Powers (Book Title: Living with Books, ID: GB/5165)
  95. John Lowell Pratt (Book Title: Currier and Ives - Chronicles of America, ID: GB/5171)
  96. R. D. Pratt (Book Title: Thousand Books on Books, ID: GB/5174)
  97. Duane and Sarah Preble (Book Title: Artforms, ID: GB/5175)
  98. André Previn (Book Title: André Previn's Guide to the Orchestra, ID: GB/5180)
  99. Clovis Prevost (Book Title: Calder, ID: GB/481)
  100. The Abbe Prevost (Book Title: Manon Lescaut, ID: GB/7400)
  101. Willard Price (Book Title: Incredible Africa, ID: GB/5183)
  102. J. B. Priestly (Book Title: Angel Pavement, ID: GB/5185)
  103. J. B. Priestly (Book Title: Festival at Farbridge, ID: GB/5186)
  104. J. B. Priestly (Book Title: Good Companions, ID: GB/5187)
  105. V. S. Pritchett (Book Title: Complete Essays, ID: GB/5191)
  106. Private Eye (Book Title: Private Eye's Bumber Book of Boobs, ID: GB/5193)
  107. Angelo Procopoiu (Book Title: Athens, City of the Gods, ID: GB/5194)
  108. Ray Prohaska (Book Title: Basic Course in Design, ID: GB/5195)
  109. W. B. Proudfoot (Book Title: Origin of Stencil Duplicating, ID: GB/5197)
  110. Marcel Proust (Book Title: Remembrance of Things Past, ID: GB/5198)
  111. Melvin L. Prueitt (Book Title: Computer Graphics, ID: GB/5202)
  112. John Pultz (Book Title: Body and the Lens, ID: GB/5204)
  113. Monty Python (Book Title: Micomacrocosm, ID: GB/5206)

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