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Authors starting with 'J'

  1. Noni Jabavu (Book Title: Drawn in Colour. African Contrasts, ID: GB/3206)
  2. Noni Jabavu (Book Title: Ochre People. Scenes from South African Life, ID: GB/3207)
  3. Holbrook Jackson (Book Title: Anatomy of Bibliomania, ID: GB/3210)
  4. Holbrook Jackson (Book Title: Bookman's Holiday, ID: GB/3211)
  5. Holbrook Jackson (Book Title: Printing of Books, ID: GB/3212)
  6. Stanley Jackson (Book Title: Indiscreet Guide to Soho, ID: GB/3216)
  7. Mary Jane Jacob (Book Title: Places With a Past, ID: GB/3218)
  8. Dan Jacobson (Book Title: Time of Arrival and other Essays, ID: GB/3220)
  9. Henry James (Book Title: Bostonians, ID: GB/3228)
  10. Amy Janello (Book Title: American Magazine, ID: GB/3234)
  11. Morris Janowitz (Book Title: Reader in Public Opinion and Communication, ID: GB/513)
  12. Morris Janowitz (Book Title: Reader in Public Opinion and Communications, ID: GB/3236)
  13. H. W. Janson (Book Title: History of Art, ID: GB/3241)
  14. Ricky Jay (Book Title: Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women, ID: GB/3244)
  15. George Jefferson (Book Title: Public Library Administration, ID: GB/3248)
  16. Constantin Jelenski (Book Title: Leonor Fini, ID: GB/3250)
  17. Charles Jencks (Book Title: Post-Modernism, ID: GB/3251)
  18. Paul Jenkins (Book Title: Anatomy of a Cloud, ID: GB/3252)
  19. Gary Jennings (Book Title: Personalities of Language, ID: GB/3255)
  20. Candy Jernigan (Book Title: Evidence, ID: GB/3259)
  21. C. M. Joachimides (Book Title: German Art in the 20th Century, ID: GB/3261)
  22. Susan Johanknecht (Book Title: Emily Dickenson, ID: GB/11162)
  23. B. C. Johnson (Book Title: Atheist Debater's Handbook, ID: GB/3284)
  24. Matthew Johnson (Book Title: High Line, ID: GB/15271)
  25. Paul Johnson (Book Title: Intellectuals, ID: GB/3294)
  26. Samuel Johnson (Book Title: Rasselas, Poems and Selected Prose, ID: GB/3298)
  27. Samuel Johnson (Book Title: Tour to the Hebrides, ID: GB/3299)
  28. Una E. Johnson (Book Title: Monotypes of Joseph Solman, ID: GB/3302)
  29. Wilfred Johnson (Book Title: Card Conjuring, ID: GB/3311)
  30. Edward Johnston (Book Title: Writing and Illuminating and Lettering, ID: GB/3313)
  31. David Boardman Jones (Book Title: Amethysts, ID: GB/3316)
  32. Glyn Jones (Book Title: Thriller of the Year, ID: GB/3317)
  33. Horace E. Jones (Book Title: Bookplate Design 1927-1975, ID: GB/16028)
  34. Stacy V. Jones (Book Title: Inventions Neccessity is not the Mother of, ID: GB/3323)
  35. Elizabeth Jordan (Book Title: As Cooks Go, ID: GB/3326)
  36. Thomas Joy (Book Title: Bookselling Business, ID: GB/3328)
  37. Paul Joyce (Book Title: Hockney on Photography, ID: GB/3351)
  38. Claudie Judrin (Book Title: Rodin. 100 Drawings and Watercolours, ID: GB/3353)
  39. Anthony Julius (Book Title: Transgressions: The Offences of Art, ID: GB/3355)
  40. C. G. Jung (Book Title: Studies in Word-Association, ID: GB/3356)
  41. William Justema (Book Title: Pattern - A Historical Panorama, ID: GB/3357)

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