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Authors starting with 'D'

  1. Ralph Daigh (Book Title: Mabe You Should Write a Book, ID: GB/1542)
  2. Cynthia Daignault (Book Title: Master of Reality, ID: GB/15525)
  3. Pierre Daix (Book Title: Picasso, ID: GB/1544)
  4. S. Peter Dance (Book Title: Art of Natural History, ID: GB/1553)
  5. Clemence Dane (Book Title: Broom Stages, ID: GB/1554)
  6. David Scott Daniell (Book Title: Children's Theatre Plays, ID: GB/1555)
  7. Harvey Daniels (Book Title: Printmaking, ID: GB/1556)
  8. Les Daniels (Book Title: Comix - A History of Comic Books in America, ID: GB/1557)
  9. Pierre Daninos (Book Title: Major Thompson and I, ID: GB/1559)
  10. Arthur C. Danto (Book Title: Mapplethorpe, ID: GB/1560)
  11. Arthur C. Danto (Book Title: Playing with the Edge, ID: GB/1561)
  12. Robert Darnton (Book Title: Case for Books, ID: GB/12316)
  13. David M. Darst (Book Title: Complete Bond Book, ID: GB/1565)
  14. Jean-Luc Daval (Book Title: Modern Art 1884-1914, ID: GB/1573)
  15. Jean-Luc Daval (Book Title: Photography: History of an Art, ID: GB/1574)
  16. Cyril Davenport (Book Title: Beautiful Books, ID: GB/1575)
  17. Guy Davenport (Book Title: Drawings of Paul Cadmus, ID: GB/1576)
  18. Davidson (Book Title: Works of Virgil, ID: GB/1586)
  19. Abraham A. Davidson (Book Title: Story of American Painting, ID: GB/1579)
  20. Marshall B. Davidson (Book Title: Treasures of the New York Public Library, ID: GB/1584)
  21. Mary Davies (Book Title: Pictorial History of the Movies, ID: GB/1587)
  22. Randall Davies (Book Title: Romney, ID: GB/1590)
  23. Randall Davies (Book Title: Ronald Searle, ID: GB/1591)
  24. Donald Davinson (Book Title: Academic and Legal Deposit Libraries, ID: GB/1593)
  25. Douglas Davis (Book Title: Museum Transformed, ID: GB/1594)
  26. Miriamna Davydoff (Book Title: Memoirs of a Russian Lady, ID: GB/1599)
  27. Jo Anne C. Day (Book Title: Decorative Silhouettes of the Twenties, ID: GB/1601)
  28. Kenneth Day (Book Title: Book Typography 1815-1965, ID: GB/1602)
  29. Kenneth Day (Book Title: Typographic Book. 1450-1935, ID: GB/4561)
  30. Larry Day (Book Title: Tempi del Giorno, ID: GB/1603)
  31. Edward de Bono (Book Title: Children Solve Problems, ID: GB/1608)
  32. Edward de Bono (Book Title: Wordpower, ID: GB/1609)
  33. Richard de Bury (Book Title: Philobiblon, ID: GB/1610)
  34. Giorgio de Chirico (Book Title: Gerard Legrand, ID: GB/1612)
  35. Marie de France (Book Title: Medieval Fables, ID: GB/1614)
  36. Juan Ainaud de Lasarte (Book Title: Art Treasures in Spain, ID: GB/1622)
  37. Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues (Book Title: Arcimboldo the Marvelous, ID: GB/1624)
  38. Guy de Maupassant (Book Title: Complete Short Stories, ID: GB/1628)
  39. Nicolas de Oliveira (Book Title: Installation Art, ID: GB/1631)
  40. Thomas De Quincey (Book Title: Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, ID: GB/1634)
  41. Jan Vredeman de Vries (Book Title: Perspective, ID: GB/1644)
  42. Roger Dean (Book Title: Views, ID: GB/1650)
  43. V. -P. L. Debucourt (Book Title: Masters of the Colour Print, ID: GB/1652)
  44. Daniel Defoe (Book Title: Robinson Crusoe, ID: GB/1656)
  45. Shelagh Delaney (Book Title: Lion in Love, ID: GB/1663)
  46. Sonia Delaunay (Book Title: Construction and Deconstruction of a Masterpiece: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France, ID: GB/30075)
  47. Eric R. Delderfield (Book Title: British Inn Signs and Their Stories, ID: GB/1664)
  48. Don DeLillo (Book Title: Underworld, ID: GB/1666)
  49. Don DeLillo (Book Title: Underworld, ID: GB/1665)
  50. Ovid Demaris (Book Title: Dirty Business, ID: GB/1668)
  51. Mike Dempsey (Book Title: Bubbles, ID: GB/1672)
  52. Robert Descharnes (Book Title: August Rodin, ID: GB/1680)
  53. Nerine Desmond (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  54. Johan M. H. Deumens (Book Title: Christiane Baumgartner, ID: GB/11535)
  55. Deutsche Bank Collection (Book Title: George Baselitz, ID: GB/1681)
  56. Isaac Deutscher (Book Title: Non-Jewish Jew, ID: GB/1682)
  57. John Devane (Book Title: Drawing and Painting the Portrait, ID: GB/1683)
  58. Bernard Deyries (Book Title: Story of Music in Cartoon, ID: GB/1684)
  59. Gopinath Dhawan (Book Title: Political Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, ID: GB/1686)
  60. Diagram Group (Book Title: Way to Play, ID: GB/1690)
  61. Michael Diamond (Book Title: Sixth British International Print Biennale, ID: GB/16132)
  62. Barbaralee Diamonstein (Book Title: Collaboration: Artists & Architects, ID: GB/1691)
  63. Barbaralee Diamonstein (Book Title: Inside the Art World:, ID: GB/1692)
  64. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Barnaby Rudge, ID: GB/1695)
  65. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Bleak House, ID: GB/1696)
  66. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Childs History of England, ID: GB/1697)
  67. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Christmas Books, ID: GB/1698)
  68. Charles Dickens (Book Title: David Copperfield, ID: GB/1700)
  69. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Dickens Encyclopaedia, ID: GB/1701)
  70. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Dickens' London, ID: GB/1703)
  71. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Dombey and Son, ID: GB/1704)
  72. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Edwin Drood, ID: GB/1705)
  73. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Great Expectations, ID: GB/1706)
  74. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Hard Times, ID: GB/1707)
  75. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Lamplighter, ID: GB/1708)
  76. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Little Dorrit, ID: GB/1709)
  77. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Martin Chuzzlewit, ID: GB/1710)
  78. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Master Humphrey's Clock, ID: GB/1711)
  79. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Nicholas Nickleby, ID: GB/1713)
  80. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Old Curiosity Shop, ID: GB/1714)
  81. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Oliver Twist, ID: GB/1715)
  82. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Our Mutual Friend, ID: GB/1716)
  83. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Pickwick Papers, ID: GB/1717)
  84. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Pictures From Italy, ID: GB/1718)
  85. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Sketches by Boz, ID: GB/1725)
  86. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Speeches of Charles Dickens, ID: GB/1720)
  87. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Sunday Under Three Heads, ID: GB/1721)
  88. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Tale of Two Cities, ID: GB/1722)
  89. Charles Dickens (Book Title: To be Read at Dusk, ID: GB/1723)
  90. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Uncommercial Traveller, ID: GB/1724)
  91. Paul Dickinson (Book Title: New Official Rules, ID: GB/1730)
  92. Paul Dickinson (Book Title: Official Explanations, ID: GB/1731)
  93. Paul Dickinson (Book Title: Official Rules, ID: GB/1732)
  94. Denis Diderot (Book Title: Diderot Encyclopedia - The Complete Illustrations, ID: GB/1736)
  95. Elizabeth Diller (Book Title: High Line, ID: GB/15271)
  96. Jim Dine (Book Title: Nancy Outside in July, ID: GB/1743)
  97. David Diringer (Book Title: History of the Alphabet, ID: GB/1746)
  98. Thomas M. Disch (Book Title: Priest, ID: GB/1748)
  99. Margaret Dixon (Book Title: To Test Your Knowledge, ID: GB/1753)
  100. James Doane (Book Title: America An Aerial View, ID: GB/1755)
  101. Bertram Dobell (Book Title: Catalogue of Books Printed for Private Circulation, ID: GB/1756)
  102. John R. Dominguez (Book Title: Devaluation and Futures Markets, ID: GB/1759)
  103. Carlos María Domínguez (Book Title: House of Paper, ID: GB/11628)
  104. Gerald Donaldson (Book Title: Books, ID: GB/1761)
  105. David A. Doods (Book Title: Cradle of Mountains, ID: GB/1770)
  106. Peggy Doody (Book Title: Day in the Life of a Very Famous Artist, ID: GB/1771)
  107. Roland Dorn (Book Title: Van Gogh Face to Face - The Portraits, ID: GB/1778)
  108. John Dos Passos (Book Title: U.S.A, ID: GB/1781)
  109. Robert Doty (Book Title: Photography in America, ID: GB/1788)
  110. Ralph Douglass (Book Title: Calligraphic Lettering, ID: GB/1797)
  111. Tim Dowly (Book Title: Talking Off, ID: GB/1801)
  112. Arthur Conan Doyle (Book Title: Return of Sherlock Holmes, ID: GB/1806)
  113. Arthur Conan Doyle (Book Title: Sherlock Holmes Short Stories, ID: GB/1807)
  114. Geoffrey Drain (Book Title: Organization and Practice of Local Goverment, ID: GB/1810)
  115. James Wedgewood Drawbell (Book Title: Night and Day, ID: GB/1811)
  116. Theodore Dreiser (Book Title: Sister Carrie, ID: GB/1814)
  117. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Century of Artist's Books, ID: GB/1824)
  118. Peter F. Drucker (Book Title: Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, ID: GB/1832)
  119. Elizabeth Drury (Book Title: Antiques, ID: GB/1835)
  120. John Dryden (Book Title: Poems, ID: GB/1837)
  121. Phil du Plessis (Book Title: Openbaringe en Johannes, ID: GB/15367)
  122. E. Gordon Duff (Book Title: Fifteenth Century English Books, ID: GB/1847)
  123. Alexandre Dumas (Book Title: Black Tulip, ID: GB/1851)
  124. Alexandre Dumas (Book Title: Chevalier De Maison Rouge, ID: GB/1852)
  125. Alexandre Dumas (Book Title: Chicot the Jester, ID: GB/1853)
  126. Alexandre Dumas (Book Title: Count of Monte Cristo, ID: GB/1854)
  127. Alexandre Dumas (Book Title: Forty-Five, ID: GB/1856)
  128. David Douglas Duncan (Book Title: Self-Portrait U.S.A, ID: GB/1861)
  129. Ian Dunlap (Book Title: Complete Paintings of Cezanne, ID: GB/1863)
  130. Joseph R. Dunlap (Book Title: Book That Never Was, ID: GB/1864)
  131. Ian Dunlop (Book Title: Degas, ID: GB/1865)
  132. Lawrence Durrell (Book Title: Best of Henry Miller, ID: GB/1871)
  133. Lawrence Durrell (Book Title: Black Book, ID: GB/1872)
  134. Lawrence Durrell (Book Title: Justine, ID: GB/1873)
  135. Lawrence Durrell (Book Title: Private Correspondence, ID: GB/1874)
  136. Alan Durst (Book Title: Wood Carving, ID: GB/1876)
  137. Daniel Sheets Dye (Book Title: Chinese Lattice Designs, ID: GB/1878)

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