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Authors starting with 'M'

  1. Betty Mac Donald (Book Title: Anybody can do Anything, ID: GB/4051)
  2. Macaulay (Book Title: History of England from the accession of James the Second, ID: GB/4053)
  3. David Macaulay (Book Title: Great Monuments in Architecture, ID: GB/4054)
  4. George MacBeth (Book Title: Book of Cats, ID: GB/4055)
  5. Dwight Macdonald (Book Title: Parodies - An Anthology from Chaucer to Beerbohm and after, ID: GB/7374)
  6. Tom Macdonald (Book Title: Ouma Smuts - The First Lady of South Africa, ID: GB/7376)
  7. David Mach (Book Title: Likeness Guaranteed, ID: GB/4062)
  8. J. W. Mackail (Book Title: Authors of Rome, ID: GB/4063)
  9. Charles Mackay (Book Title: Lost Beauties of the English Landscape, ID: GB/7364)
  10. Fitzroy Maclean (Book Title: Eastern Approaches, ID: GB/4066)
  11. Neil Macmillan (Book Title: A-Z of Type Designers, ID: GB/30474)
  12. J. Oglethorpe MacNooder (Book Title: Common Place Book, ID: GB/4068)
  13. J. Oglethorpe MacNooder (Book Title: Second Spoonapropnaglisms, ID: GB/13502)
  14. J. Oglethorpe MacNooder (Book Title: Second Spoonapropnaglisms, ID: GB/13502)
  15. Norman MacOwan (Book Title: Glorious Morning, ID: GB/7385)
  16. Josh Macphee (Book Title: Celebrate People's History, ID: GB/15587)
  17. Alison Maddex (Book Title: Sex in the City: An Illustrated History, ID: GB/4069)
  18. Ben Maddow (Book Title: Faces, ID: GB/4070)
  19. Shinzo Maeda (Book Title: Tree, A Blade of Grass, ID: GB/4071)
  20. Norman Mailer (Book Title: Some Honorable Men, ID: GB/4084)
  21. Aristide Maillol (Book Title: Aristide Maillol, ID: GB/4085)
  22. Aristide Maillol (Book Title: Maillol Vivant, ID: GB/5531)
  23. David Malin (Book Title: Heaven and Earth: Unseen by the Naked Eye, ID: GB/4089)
  24. Saul Maloff (Book Title: All About Women, ID: GB/4093)
  25. William E. Maloney (Book Title: Literary Dog, ID: GB/4095)
  26. Alberto Manguel (Book Title: History of Reading, ID: GB/4105)
  27. Marcia Manhart (Book Title: Elequent Object, ID: GB/4106)
  28. Margaret Mann (Book Title: Introduction to Cataloging and the Classification of Books, ID: GB/4108)
  29. Windsor Mann (Book Title: Quotable Hitchens, ID: GB/13080)
  30. Ethel Mannin (Book Title: Confessions and Impressions, ID: GB/4112)
  31. Anne Manning (Book Title: Mary Powell and Deborah's Diary, ID: GB/4113)
  32. John Manship (Book Title: Paul Manship, ID: GB/4116)
  33. Guido Mansuelli (Book Title: Etruria and Early Rome, ID: GB/4117)
  34. Roger Manvell (Book Title: International Encyclopedia of Film, ID: GB/4119)
  35. Robert Mapplethorpe (Book Title: Ten by Ten, ID: GB/4120)
  36. Joseph Moncure March (Book Title: Wild Party, ID: GB/4124)
  37. Griel Marcus (Book Title: Lipstick Traces, ID: GB/4126)
  38. Herbert Marcuse (Book Title: Negations, ID: GB/4128)
  39. Cecil Margo (Book Title: Final Postponement, ID: GB/4134)
  40. Arthur Markowitz (Book Title: Daughter, ID: GB/4147)
  41. Christopher Marlowe (Book Title: Plays and Poems, ID: GB/4148)
  42. Leo Marquard (Book Title: Blame it on van Riebeek, ID: GB/4150)
  43. Alice Goldfarb Marquis (Book Title: Art Lessons, ID: GB/4153)
  44. Malcolm M. Marsden (Book Title: If you Really Want To Know: A Catcher Casebook, ID: GB/4156)
  45. W. Alexanda Marsh (Book Title: Plays and Patterns for Glove Puppets, ID: GB/4157)
  46. John David Marshall (Book Title: Books, Libraries, Librarians, ID: GB/4158)
  47. Richard Martel (Book Title: Art Action 1958-1998, ID: GB/4166)
  48. Karel Martens (Book Title: Tokyo Papers, ID: GB/30571)
  49. J. L. Martin (Book Title: Circle, ID: GB/4185)
  50. Jane Martineau (Book Title: Genius of Venice 1500-1600, ID: GB/4186)
  51. Poncho Martinez (Book Title: Memoria, ID: GB/30538)
  52. Arthur Marwick (Book Title: Britain Discovered, ID: GB/4188)
  53. Kitty Maryatt (Book Title: Construction and Deconstruction of a Masterpiece: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France, ID: GB/30075)
  54. Jerry Mason (Book Title: Family of Children, ID: GB/4193)
  55. Judith Mason (Book Title: Openbaringe en Johannes, ID: GB/15367)
  56. Bruce Mau (Book Title: S,M,L,XL, ID: GB/3547)
  57. W. Somerset Maugham (Book Title: Complete Short Stories of W.Somerset Maugham, ID: GB/4212)
  58. W. Somerset Maugham (Book Title: Writer's Notebook, ID: GB/4214)
  59. Armistead Maupin (Book Title: Back to Barbary Lane, ID: GB/4217)
  60. Armistead Maupin (Book Title: Maybe the Moon, ID: GB/4218)
  61. Armistead Maupin (Book Title: Significant Others, ID: GB/4219)
  62. Elsa Maxwell (Book Title: I Married the World, ID: GB/4227)
  63. William C. Maxwell (Book Title: Printmaking - A Beginning Handbook, ID: GB/4228)
  64. Erich Mayer (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  65. Peter Mayer (Book Title: Alphabetical and Letter Poems, ID: GB/4232)
  66. Peter Mayer (Book Title: Pacifist Conscience, ID: GB/4234)
  67. Peter Mayer (Book Title: Pacifist Conscience, ID: GB/4233)
  68. A. Hyatt Mayor (Book Title: Popular Prints of the Americas, ID: GB/4239)
  69. A. Hyatt Mayor (Book Title: Prints and People, ID: GB/4240)
  70. Beatrice Mayor (Book Title: Pleasure Garden, ID: GB/4241)
  71. I. D. Mc Crone (Book Title: Race Attitudes in South Africa, ID: GB/7372)
  72. Tom McArthur (Book Title: Oxford Campanion to the English Language, ID: GB/4245)
  73. Doug McClelland (Book Title: Golden Age of B Movies, ID: GB/4263)
  74. Allan McCollum (Book Title: Thanks: Visible Markers, ID: GB/4266)
  75. Mona McCormick (Book Title: Who-What-When-Where-How-Why-Made Easy, ID: GB/7370)
  76. James McCourt (Book Title: Time Remaining, ID: GB/4268)
  77. Donald McCullin (Book Title: Destruction Business, ID: GB/4270)
  78. Ronald B. McKerrow (Book Title: Introduction to Bibliography, ID: GB/4285)
  79. Richard McLanathan (Book Title: National Gallery of Art - East Building, ID: GB/7380)
  80. Ruari McLean (Book Title: Book Through 5000 Years, ID: GB/6815)
  81. Ruari McLean (Book Title: Modern Book Design, ID: GB/4291)
  82. Ruari McLean (Book Title: Nicolas Bentley Drew the Pictures, ID: GB/4292)
  83. Ruari McLean (Book Title: Pictorial Alphabets, ID: GB/11a)
  84. Douglas C. McMurtrie (Book Title: Book, ID: GB/4294)
  85. Larry McMurtry (Book Title: Avedon at Work, ID: GB/10518)
  86. Henry McNulty (Book Title: One for the Road, ID: GB/7381)
  87. Paul McPharlin (Book Title: Roman Numerals, Typographic Leaves and Pointing Hands, ID: GB/7386)
  88. Liz McQuiston (Book Title: Suffragettes to She-Devils, ID: GB/4301)
  89. Kynaston McShine (Book Title: Andy Warhol - A Retrospective., ID: GB/4302)
  90. Bernard McTigue (Book Title: Medici Aesop, ID: GB/2030)
  91. Arthur Mee (Book Title: Arthur Mee's Letters to Boys, ID: GB/4314)
  92. Walter Mee (Book Title: Contributions to the Clerihew Dictionary of National Biography, ID: GB/4315)
  93. Johannes Meintjes (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  94. Johannes Meintjes (Book Title: Frontier Family, ID: GB/4324)
  95. Golda Meir (Book Title: My Life, ID: GB/4325)
  96. Louis K. Meisel (Book Title: Richard Estes, ID: GB/4327)
  97. Paul Mellon (Book Title: Reflections in a Silver Spoon, ID: GB/4330)
  98. Michael Melot (Book Title: Prints. History of an Art, ID: GB/4335)
  99. Herman Melville (Book Title: Moby Dick, ID: GB/4331)
  100. Herman Melville (Book Title: Rock Rodondo, ID: GB/4332)
  101. Susan E. Menconi (Book Title: Uncommon Spirit, ID: GB/4353)
  102. Aubrey Menen (Book Title: Venice, ID: GB/4355)
  103. Boye de. Mente (Book Title: Tourist and the Real Japan, ID: GB/4357)
  104. Theodore Menten (Book Title: Art Nouvrau and Early Art Deco Type and Design, ID: GB/4359)
  105. Prosper Merimee (Book Title: Carmen, ID: GB/4361)
  106. Linda Merrill (Book Title: Pot of Paint, ID: GB/4363)
  107. Susan E. Meyer (Book Title: 20 Figure Painters and How They Work, ID: GB/4381)
  108. Robert A. Meyers (Book Title: Excuses, Excuses, ID: GB/4384)
  109. Leonard MIchaeks (Book Title: State of the Language, ID: GB/4394)
  110. Leonard Michaels (Book Title: State of the Language, ID: GB/4395)
  111. James A. Michener (Book Title: Hawaii, ID: GB/4397)
  112. James A. Michener (Book Title: Modern Japanese Print, ID: GB/4399)
  113. Silvestre Midolle (Book Title: Florid and Unusual Alphabets, ID: GB/4403)
  114. Jo Mielziner (Book Title: Designing for the Theatre, ID: GB/4404)
  115. Herbert Migdoll (Book Title: Dancers Dancing, ID: GB/4405)
  116. George Mikes (Book Title: Humour in Memoriam, ID: GB/4406)
  117. Mike Milks (Book Title: Ultimate Noah's Ark, ID: GB/4412)
  118. John Stuart Mill (Book Title: On Liberty, Representative Goverment, The Subjection of Women, ID: GB/4413)
  119. John Stuart Mill (Book Title: Utilitarianism, Liberty and Representative Goverment, ID: GB/4414)
  120. John Millard (Book Title: Grammar of Elocution, ID: GB/4415)
  121. Alice Duer Miller (Book Title: White Cliffs, ID: GB/4418)
  122. Arthur Miller (Book Title: After the Fall, ID: GB/4419)
  123. Chris Miller (Book Title: National Lampoon's Animal House, ID: GB/4423)
  124. Edward Miller (Book Title: Prince of Librarians, ID: GB/4425)
  125. Edward Miller (Book Title: That Noble Cabinet, ID: GB/4426)
  126. James E. Jnr Miller (Book Title: Salinger J.D, ID: GB/4432)
  127. Jonathan Miller (Book Title: Paradox Box, ID: GB/4435)
  128. Ronald Miller (Book Title: Robert and Elizabeth, ID: GB/4436)
  129. Russell Miller (Book Title: Click - A Pictorial History of the Photograph, ID: GB/4437)
  130. Spike Milligan (Book Title: Floored Masterpieces with Worse Verse, ID: GB/4439)
  131. Sarah Gertrude Millin (Book Title: Burning man, ID: GB/4440)
  132. Sarah Gertrude Millin (Book Title: King of the Bastards, ID: GB/4441)
  133. Sarah Gertrude Millin (Book Title: Measure of My Days, ID: GB/4442)
  134. Sarah Gertrude Millin (Book Title: Rhodes, ID: GB/4443)
  135. J. Mills (Book Title: Modern Outline of Library Classification, ID: GB/4444)
  136. Miriam Milman (Book Title: Trompe-L'oeil Painting, ID: GB/4446)
  137. A. A. Milne (Book Title: Now we are Six, ID: GB/4449)
  138. John Milton (Book Title: Paradise lost, ID: GB/4456)
  139. John Milton (Book Title: Prose Writings, ID: GB/4457)
  140. Khatchik Minasian (Book Title: Five Poems, ID: GB/4459)
  141. Wendell Minor (Book Title: Art for the Written Word, ID: GB/4460)
  142. Edward Minshall (Book Title: Handbook of Elocution, ID: GB/4461)
  143. Betty Misheiker (Book Title: Days of October, ID: GB/4462)
  144. Hal Missingham (Book Title: Design Focus, ID: GB/4463)
  145. Sabrina Mitchell (Book Title: Medieval Manuscript Painting, ID: GB/4468)
  146. W. J. T. Mitchell (Book Title: Art and the Public Sphere, ID: GB/4469)
  147. Ivan Mitford-Barberton (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  148. Phil Mitton (Book Title: Painting and Drawing Course, ID: GB/4474)
  149. Rick Mitz (Book Title: Apartment Book, ID: GB/4475)
  150. (Jean Giraud) Moebius (Book Title: Poemes de Moebius, ID: GB/4484)
  151. Charles S. Moffett (Book Title: New Painting, ID: GB/4498)
  152. Sibyl Moholy-Nagy (Book Title: Matrix of Man, ID: GB/4499)
  153. Cesare Molinari (Book Title: Theatre through the Ages, ID: GB/4503)
  154. George Molnar (Book Title: Statues, ID: GB/4506)
  155. George Molnar (Book Title: Statues, ID: GB/4505)
  156. C.K. Scott Moncrieff (Book Title: Remembrance of Things Passt, ID: GB/5751)
  157. Paul Monette (Book Title: Last Watch of the Night, ID: GB/4507)
  158. Genevieve Monnier (Book Title: Pastels, ID: GB/4509)
  159. Nicholas Monsarrat (Book Title: Cruel Sea, ID: GB/4510)
  160. Patrick Montague-Smith (Book Title: Debrett's Correct Form, ID: GB/4511)
  161. Harr T. Moore (Book Title: D.H. Lawrence and his World, ID: GB/4515)
  162. Henry Moore (Book Title: John Hedgecoe (Photographed & Edited), ID: GB/4524)
  163. James Moran (Book Title: Printing in the 20th Century, ID: GB/4532)
  164. Alberto Moravia (Book Title: Two Women, ID: GB/4535)
  165. Charles Morgan (Book Title: Burning Glass, ID: GB/4546)
  166. Charles Morgan (Book Title: Fountain, ID: GB/4547)
  167. Stanley Morison (Book Title: Four Centuries of Fine Printing, ID: GB/4557)
  168. Stanley Morison (Book Title: Roman Italic & Black Letter, ID: GB/4560)
  169. Stanley Morison (Book Title: Typographic Book. 1450-1935, ID: GB/4561)
  170. Desmond Morris (Book Title: Bailey's Democracy, ID: GB/11088)
  171. Jan Morris (Book Title: Oxford, ID: GB/4568)
  172. William Morris (Book Title: Ray Watkins, ID: GB/4569)
  173. John Mortimer (Book Title: Lunch Hour and Other Plays, ID: GB/4586)
  174. Ruth Mortimer (Book Title: Landscape Alphabet, ID: GB/4588)
  175. H. V. Morton (Book Title: In Search of England, ID: GB/4590)
  176. H. V. Morton (Book Title: In Search of South Africa, ID: GB/4591)
  177. William Morum (Book Title: Little Boy Who?, ID: GB/4592)
  178. Tumelo Mosaka (Book Title: Open House, ID: GB/9363)
  179. Sydney Moseley (Book Title: Private Diaries of Sydney Moseley, ID: GB/4599)
  180. Barry Moser (Book Title: Wonderful Wizard of Oz, ID: GB/416)
  181. Carolyn Mott (Book Title: Children's Book on How to Use Books and Libraries, ID: GB/4603)
  182. Francoise Mouly (Book Title: Covering the New Yorker, ID: GB/4605)
  183. Stanley Mouse (Book Title: Mouse and Kelly, ID: GB/4606)
  184. Joseph Moxon (Book Title: Mechanick Exercises on the Whole Art of Printing, ID: GB/4608)
  185. Damianus Moyllus (Book Title: Newly Discovered Treatise on Classic Letter Design Printed at Parma, ID: GB/4609)
  186. Oswald Joseph Mtshali (Book Title: Sounds of a Cowhide Drum, ID: GB/4611)
  187. Malcolm Muggeridge (Book Title: Three Flats, ID: GB/4616)
  188. Frank Muir (Book Title: You Can't Have Your Kayak and Heat It, ID: GB/4619)
  189. Percy H. Muir (Book Title: Book-collecting. More letters to Everyman., ID: GB/4624)
  190. Percy H. Muir (Book Title: English Children's Books. 1600-1900, ID: GB/30787)
  191. Joseph-Emile Muller (Book Title: Century of Modern Painting, ID: GB/4626)
  192. F. A. Mumby (Book Title: Publishing and Bookselling, ID: GB/4627)
  193. A. N. L. Munby (Book Title: Portrait of an Obsession, ID: GB/4637)
  194. Nickolas Muray (Book Title: Celebrity Portraits of the Twenties and Thirties, ID: GB/4638)
  195. Bruce K. Murray (Book Title: Wits the Early Years, ID: GB/4645)
  196. Bruce K. Murray (Book Title: Wits. The Open Years, ID: GB/4646)
  197. Gilbert Murray (Book Title: Trojan Women of Euripides, ID: GB/4647)
  198. Graeme Murray (Book Title: Art in the Garden - Installations, ID: GB/4648)
  199. Reuben Musiker (Book Title: Bibliophilia Africana III., ID: GB/4651)
  200. Eadweard Muybridge (Book Title: Human Figure in Motion, ID: GB/4652)
  201. Robin Myers (Book Title: Fakes and Frauds, ID: GB/4655)
  202. Robin Myers (Book Title: Millennium of the Book, ID: GB/2757)
  203. R. Myerscough-Walker (Book Title: Stage and Film Decor, ID: GB/4656)
  204. Robin Myres (Book Title: Millennium of the Book, ID: GB/4657)

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