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Authors starting with 'T'

  1. James A. Tait (Book Title: Authors & Titles, ID: GB/6330)
  2. James A. Tait (Book Title: Descriptive Cataloguing, ID: GB/6331)
  3. Gay Talese (Book Title: Thy Neigbours Wife, ID: GB/6332)
  4. William Targ (Book Title: Bouillabaisse for Bibliophiles, ID: GB/6356)
  5. William Targ (Book Title: Carrousel for bibliophiles, ID: GB/6357)
  6. Benedikt Taschen (Book Title: Piere et Gilles, ID: GB/6358)
  7. Barbara Tatenbaum (Book Title: Printer's Exquisite Corpse, ID: GB/6360)
  8. Sigfred Taubert (Book Title: Bibliopola, ID: GB/6361)
  9. Frederic Taubes (Book Title: Guide to Traditional and Modern Painting Methods., ID: GB/6362)
  10. Alan Taylor (Book Title: Long Overdue, ID: GB/6363)
  11. Ian R. Taylor (Book Title: Principles and Practice of Auditing, ID: GB/6365)
  12. Marion Taylor (Book Title: American Geisha, ID: GB/6368)
  13. Mike Taylor (Book Title: Out of Print, ID: GB/15524)
  14. Roger G. Taylor (Book Title: Marilyn in Art, ID: GB/6371)
  15. Samuel Taylor (Book Title: Pleasure of His Company, ID: GB/6372)
  16. Nigel Temple (Book Title: Seen and Not Heared, ID: GB/6374)
  17. Sir John Tenniel (Book Title: Francis Sarzano, ID: GB/6375)
  18. Gwen Terasaki (Book Title: Bridge to the Sun, ID: GB/6379)
  19. Marie-Hélène Tesnière (Book Title: Creating French Culture, ID: GB/6383)
  20. Tetsu (Book Title: Drôle de Vie, ID: GB/6385)
  21. Josephine Tey (Book Title: To Love and Be Wise, ID: GB/6386)
  22. Francoise Teynac (Book Title: Wallpaper: A History, ID: GB/6387)
  23. William Makepeace Thackeray (Book Title: History of Henry Esmond, ID: GB/6389)
  24. William Makepeace Thackeray (Book Title: Thackery's Alphabet, A Wood Letter Version, ID: GB/6391)
  25. William Makepeace Thackeray (Book Title: Vanity Fair, ID: GB/6392)
  26. William Makepeace Thackeray (Book Title: Virginians, ID: GB/6393)
  27. Demetrios R. Theocharis (Book Title: Neolithic Greece, ID: GB/6402)
  28. Paul Theroux (Book Title: My Secret History, ID: GB/6404)
  29. Michael Thevoz (Book Title: Painted Body, ID: GB/6406)
  30. Beth Thielen (Book Title: If A Universe Formed in Your Living Room,Could You Ever Tell?, ID: GB/6411)
  31. Dylan Thomas (Book Title: Collected Poems. 1934-1952, ID: GB/6416)
  32. Dylan Thomas (Book Title: Under Milk Wood, ID: GB/6420)
  33. Dylan Thomas (Book Title: Under Milk Wood, ID: GB/6419)
  34. Gordon Thomas (Book Title: Day the Bubble Burst., ID: GB/6425)
  35. Flora Thompson (Book Title: Still Glides the Stream, ID: GB/6452)
  36. George L. Thompson (Book Title: New Better Handwriting, ID: GB/6453)
  37. Leonard Thompson (Book Title: Oxford History of South Africa, ID: GB/6454)
  38. Leonard M. Thompson (Book Title: Politics in the Republic of South Africa, ID: GB/6455)
  39. Paul Thompson (Book Title: Works of William Morris, ID: GB/6456)
  40. Philip Thompson (Book Title: Dictionary of Visual Language, ID: GB/6457)
  41. Roger Thompson (Book Title: Samuel Pepy's Penny Merriments, ID: GB/6458)
  42. Tommy Thompson (Book Title: Script Lettering for Artists, ID: GB/6461)
  43. Klaus Thoms (Book Title: Mitteilungen der Deutschen Exlibris-Gesellschaft e.V., gegrundet 1891, ID: GB/16031)
  44. Henry David Thoreau (Book Title: Annotated Walden, ID: GB/6462)
  45. (Dr) Mark Thorn (Book Title: Taboo No More, ID: GB/6468)
  46. Geo. Thornley (Book Title: Daphnis and Chloe, ID: GB/3960)
  47. John L. Thornton (Book Title: Classics of Librarianship, ID: GB/6470)
  48. Robert H. Thouless (Book Title: Straight and Crooked Thinking, ID: GB/6474)
  49. James Thrower (Book Title: Short History of Western Atheism, ID: GB/6475)
  50. James Thurber (Book Title: Thurber Country, ID: GB/6481)
  51. I. N. Thut (Book Title: Story of Education, ID: GB/6483)
  52. Gilles A. Tiberghien (Book Title: Land Art, ID: GB/6484)
  53. Jean Tinguely (Book Title: Jean Tinguely: Meta, ID: GB/3129)
  54. James Tissot (Book Title: Krystyna Matyjaszkiewicz, ID: GB/6492)
  55. R. M. Titlestad (Book Title: Salamagundi, ID: GB/6493)
  56. Eve Titus (Book Title: Anatole, ID: GB/6494)
  57. Andrew Tobias (Book Title: Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need, ID: GB/6495)
  58. Claire Tomalin (Book Title: Parents and Children, ID: GB/6505)
  59. James Tompson (Book Title: Books, ID: GB/6510)
  60. Feliks Topolski (Book Title: Ex Libris Collection, ID: GB/30143)
  61. Feliks Topolski (Book Title: Russia in War, ID: GB/6511)
  62. Feliks Topolski (Book Title: Three Continents 1944-1945, ID: GB/6512)
  63. Feliks Topolski (Book Title: United Nations Sacred Dram, ID: GB/6513)
  64. Geofroy Tory (Book Title: Champ Fleury, ID: GB/6520)
  65. T. D. Tosswill (Book Title: English in Practice, ID: GB/6522)
  66. Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (Book Title: Art of Cusine, ID: GB/6523)
  67. Michel Tournier (Book Title: Erl King, ID: GB/6524)
  68. Wesley Towner (Book Title: Elegant Auctioneers, ID: GB/6526)
  69. Chris Townsend (Book Title: Vile Bodies, ID: GB/6527)
  70. Arnold Toynbee (Book Title: Study of History, ID: GB/6528)
  71. John Train (Book Title: Most Remarkable Occurrences, ID: GB/6532)
  72. John Train (Book Title: Remarkable Names of real People, ID: GB/6533)
  73. John Train (Book Title: Remarkable Words with Astonishing Origins, ID: GB/6534)
  74. John Train (Book Title: True Remarkable Occurrences, ID: GB/6535)
  75. Marc Edo Tralbaut (Book Title: Vincent Van Gogh, ID: GB/6536)
  76. W. R. Trauseld (Book Title: Wid Flowers of the natal Drakensberg, ID: GB/6538)
  77. Paul Trent (Book Title: Image Makers, ID: GB/6542)
  78. Arthur Tress (Book Title: Male of the Species , ID: GB/6543)
  79. Arthur Tress (Book Title: Talisman, ID: GB/6544)
  80. Hugh Trevor-Roper (Book Title: Age of Expansion, ID: GB/6547)
  81. Lionel Trilling (Book Title: Beyond Culture, ID: GB/6551)
  82. Giovanni Trimboli (Book Title: Charles M. Schulz, ID: GB/6553)
  83. Alexander Trocchi (Book Title: Cain's Book, ID: GB/6559)
  84. Freda Troup (Book Title: In Face of fear, ID: GB/6569)
  85. G. B. Trudeau (Book Title: Doonesbury Chronicles, ID: GB/6570)
  86. G. B. Trudeau (Book Title: Doonesbury Dossier: The Reagan Years., ID: GB/6571)
  87. G. B. Trudeau (Book Title: Doonesbury Special, ID: GB/6572)
  88. G. B. Trudeau (Book Title: Doonesbury's Greatest Hits, ID: GB/6573)
  89. G. B. Trudeau (Book Title: People's Doonesbury, ID: GB/6574)
  90. G. B. Trudeau (Book Title: Portable Doonesbury, ID: GB/6575)
  91. G. B. Trudeau (Book Title: Recycled Doonesbury, ID: GB/6576)
  92. G. B. Trudeau (Book Title: Virtual Doonesbury, ID: GB/6577)
  93. Trustees of the British Museum (Book Title: List of Books Forming the Reference Library in the Reading Room of the British Museum., ID: GB/805)
  94. Jan Tschichold (Book Title: Ampersand, ID: GB/16600)
  95. Jan Tschichold (Book Title: Asymmetric Typography, ID: GB/6581)
  96. Edward R. Tufte (Book Title: Envisioning Information, ID: GB/6589)
  97. Edward R. Tufte (Book Title: Visual Explanations, ID: GB/6590)
  98. A. A. Turbayne (Book Title: Monograms and Ciphers, ID: GB/6592)
  99. Eric Turner (Book Title: Introduction to Brass, ID: GB/6598)
  100. Michael Turner (Book Title: Art for Commerce, ID: GB/6601)
  101. Thomas Tusser (Book Title: Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, ID: GB/6606)
  102. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Portland Works, ID: GB/12709)
  103. Mark Twain (Book Title: Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches & Essays, ID: GB/6621)
  104. Mark Twain (Book Title: Mark Twain's Library of Humor, ID: GB/7409)
  105. Mark Twain (Book Title: Selected Writings of an American Skeptic, ID: GB/6627)
  106. Mark Twain (Book Title: Yankee at the Court of King Arthur, ID: GB/6629)
  107. Maurice Tyack (Book Title: South Africa - Land of Challenge, ID: GB/6632)
  108. Shaun Tyas (Book Title: Book Worm Droppings, ID: GB/6633)
  109. T. Tyfield (Book Title: Living Tradition, ID: GB/6634)
  110. W. R. Tymms (Book Title: Art of Illuminating, ID: GB/6637)
  111. Kenneth Tynan (Book Title: View of the English Stage. 1944-1963, ID: GB/6638)

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