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Authors starting with 'N'

  1. Vladimar Nabokov (Book Title: Annotated Lolita, ID: GB/4660)
  2. Vladimar Nabokov (Book Title: Eye, ID: GB/4661)
  3. Vladimar Nabokov (Book Title: Lolita, ID: GB/4663)
  4. Vladimar Nabokov (Book Title: Nabokov's Quartet, ID: GB/4665)
  5. Vladimar Nabokov (Book Title: Pale Fire, ID: GB/4666)
  6. Elizabeth Storm Nagy (Book Title: Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection, ID: GB/4667)
  7. Ogden Nash (Book Title: Collected Verse - From 1929 On, ID: GB/4679)
  8. Ogden Nash (Book Title: Private Dining Room and other Verses, ID: GB/4680)
  9. Ogden Nash (Book Title: Versus, ID: GB/4681)
  10. Ogden Nash (Book Title: Zoo, ID: GB/4682)
  11. National Book League (Book Title: British Book Design , ID: GB/4685)
  12. Francis M. Naumann (Book Title: Making Mischief: Dada Invades New York, ID: GB/4687)
  13. Gillian Naylor (Book Title: Bloomsbury, ID: GB/4689)
  14. Gillian Naylor (Book Title: William Morris by Himself, ID: GB/4690)
  15. Terry Ann R. Neff (Book Title: Places with a Past, ID: GB/4697)
  16. Charles Neider (Book Title: Selected Letters of Mark Twain, ID: GB/4698)
  17. Barbara Nemitz (Book Title: Trans / Plant, ID: GB/4704)
  18. Alexander Nesbit (Book Title: 200 Decorative Title-Pages, ID: GB/4707)
  19. Alexander Nesbit (Book Title: Decorative Alphabets and Initials, ID: GB/4708)
  20. Hendrik Neubauer (Book Title: Curious Moments, ID: GB/4710)
  21. Victor E. Neuburg (Book Title: Penny Histories, ID: GB/4711)
  22. Roni Neuer (Book Title: Ukiyo-e, 250 Years of Japanese Art, ID: GB/4712)
  23. Heinrich Neumayer (Book Title: Byzantine Mosaics, ID: GB/4713)
  24. Christopher Newall (Book Title: Victorian Watercolours, ID: GB/4716)
  25. Beaumont Newhall (Book Title: Masters of Photography, ID: GB/4719)
  26. Edwin Newman (Book Title: Strictly Speaking, ID: GB/4720)
  27. Michael Newman (Book Title: Rewriting Conceptual Art, ID: GB/4722)
  28. Nanette Newman (Book Title: Pig Who Never Was, ID: GB/4723)
  29. A. Edward Newton (Book Title: End Papers: Literary Recreations, ID: GB/4726)
  30. A. Edward Newton (Book Title: Format of the English Novel, ID: GB/4727)
  31. A. Edward Newton (Book Title: Greatest Book in the World, ID: GB/4728)
  32. A. Edward Newton (Book Title: This Book-collecting Game, ID: GB/4729)
  33. Ian Niall (Book Title: Portrait of a Country Artist, ID: GB/4732)
  34. Paul C. Nicholls (Book Title: Gauguin, ID: GB/4733)
  35. Peter Nichols (Book Title: Day in the Death of Joe Egg, ID: GB/4734)
  36. Joyce Nicholson (Book Title: Games Competition and Quizzes, ID: GB/4735)
  37. William Nicholson (Book Title: Lillian Browse, ID: GB/4745)
  38. William Nicholson (Book Title: Square Book of Animals, ID: GB/4747)
  39. Harry G. Nickles (Book Title: Cooking of the Middle-East, ID: GB/4736)
  40. Helen Nicoll (Book Title: Quest for the Gloop, ID: GB/4739)
  41. Nigel Nicolson (Book Title: Great Houses of Britain, ID: GB/4741)
  42. Nigel Nicolson (Book Title: Portrait of a Marriage, ID: GB/4742)
  43. Kai Nielsen (Book Title: Philosophy and Atheism, ID: GB/4749)
  44. Koen Nieuwendijk (Book Title: Hans Kanters, ID: GB/4750)
  45. Lennart Nilsson (Book Title: Child is Born, ID: GB/4751)
  46. Louis Nizer (Book Title: My Life in Court, ID: GB/4759)
  47. Isamu Noguchi (Book Title: Sam Hunter, ID: GB/4765)
  48. None stated (Book Title: Trade advertisements, ID: GB/16748)
  49. Harald Nordberg (Book Title: Sophie and the Rainbow, ID: GB/4766)
  50. Harald Nordberg (Book Title: Sophie and the Tree, ID: GB/4767)
  51. Denis Norden (Book Title: You Can't Have Yor Kayak and Heat It, ID: GB/4769)
  52. Gerald Nordland (Book Title: Richard Diebenkorn, ID: GB/4772)
  53. Olle Nordmark (Book Title: Complete Course in Oil Painting, ID: GB/4773)
  54. Philip Norman (Book Title: Your Walrus Hurt the One You Love, ID: GB/4775)
  55. Ian Norrie (Book Title: Publishing and Bookselling, ID: GB/4778)
  56. David Norris (Book Title: Joyce for Beginners, ID: GB/4779)
  57. John Julius Norwich (Book Title: Great Architecture of the World, ID: GB/4783)
  58. Oscar I. Norwich (Book Title: Johannesburg Album, ID: GB/4784)
  59. Rose Norwich (Book Title: Jewish Life in the South African Country Communities, ID: GB/16679)

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