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Authors starting with 'O'

  1. E. J. O' Dwyer (Book Title: Thomas Frognall Dibdin, ID: GB/4788)
  2. Baile Oakes (Book Title: Sculpting with the Enviroment, ID: GB/4791)
  3. Whitney J. Oates (Book Title: Complete Greek Drama, ID: GB/4795)
  4. William B. Ober (Book Title: Boswell's Clap and Other Essays, ID: GB/4798)
  5. William B. Ober (Book Title: Bottoms Up!, ID: GB/4799)
  6. Obie Oberholzer (Book Title: Raconteur Road, ID: GB/4802)
  7. Conor Cruise O'Brian (Book Title: Passion and Cunning and Other Essays, ID: GB/4807)
  8. Conor Cruise O'Brian (Book Title: United Nations Sacred Drama, ID: GB/4808)
  9. Sean O'Casey (Book Title: Cock-A-Doodle Dandy, ID: GB/4812)
  10. Sean O'Casey (Book Title: Plough and the Stars, ID: GB/4813)
  11. Clifford Odets (Book Title: Golden Boy, ID: GB/4822)
  12. Clifford Odets (Book Title: Rocket to the Moon, ID: GB/4821)
  13. Marrianne Oesterreicher-Mollwo (Book Title: Surrealism an Dadaism, ID: GB/4824)
  14. Hiroshi Ogawa (Book Title: Art of Papercraft, ID: GB/4825)
  15. Frank O'Hara (Book Title: Art Cronicles 1954-1966, ID: GB/4829)
  16. Zoe Oldenbourg (Book Title: Corner-Stone, ID: GB/4831)
  17. Claes Oldenburg (Book Title: Claes Oldenburg: Large-Scale Projects 1977-1980, ID: GB/4832)
  18. Claes Oldenburg (Book Title: Multiples in Retrospect 1964-1990, ID: GB/4833)
  19. Raymond Oliver (Book Title: French at Table, ID: GB/4834)
  20. Michael Olmert (Book Title: Smithsonian Book of Books, ID: GB/4837)
  21. John O'London (Book Title: Is it Good English, ID: GB/4838)
  22. F. D. Ommanney (Book Title: Isle of Cloves, ID: GB/4851)
  23. Michael Ondaatje (Book Title: Lost Classics, ID: GB/4852)
  24. Iona Opie (Book Title: Treasurers of Childwood, ID: GB/4857)
  25. Iona and Peter Opie (Book Title: Classic Fairy Tales, ID: GB/4858)
  26. Iona and Peter Opie (Book Title: I Saw Esau, ID: GB/4859)
  27. Peter Opie (Book Title: Nursery Companion, ID: GB/4860)
  28. Peter Opie (Book Title: Oxford Nursery Rhyme Book, ID: GB/4861)
  29. Peter Opie (Book Title: Tail Feathers from Mother Goose, ID: GB/4862)
  30. Robert Opie (Book Title: Rule Britannia, ID: GB/4863)
  31. Optical Toys (Book Title: Presto, ID: GB/10462)
  32. William Dana Orcutt (Book Title: In Quest of the Perfect Book, ID: GB/4871)
  33. Baroness Orczy (Book Title: Scarlet Pimpernel, ID: GB/4873)
  34. Enzo Orlandi (Book Title: Life and Times of Shakespeare, ID: GB/7345)
  35. George Orwell (Book Title: Six unabridged books, ID: GB/4879)
  36. Norma R. Ory (Book Title: Wood in Art, ID: GB/4880)
  37. John Osborne (Book Title: Look Back in Anger, ID: GB/4889)
  38. Graham Ovenden (Book Title: Sundry, ID: GB/4896)
  39. Helen Oxenbury (Book Title: Cakes and Custard, ID: GB/56)

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