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Authors starting with 'I'

  1. Henrik Ibsen (Book Title: Enemy of the People, ID: GB/3172)
  2. Jacqueline Inchbald (Book Title: Decoration and Design, ID: GB/3177)
  3. John Ingledew (Book Title: A-Z of Visual Ideas, ID: GB/14498)
  4. Brian Innes (Book Title: Book of the Havana Cigar, ID: GB/3183)
  5. Alexander Ireland (Book Title: Book-Lover's Enchiridion, ID: GB/3187)
  6. Ronald A. Irish (Book Title: Auditing, ID: GB/3188)
  7. Clifford Irving (Book Title: Fake, ID: GB/3189)
  8. John Irving (Book Title: Trying to Save Piggy Sneed, ID: GB/3194)
  9. Christopher Isherwood (Book Title: On the Frontier, ID: GB/3200)
  10. Christopher Isherwood (Book Title: People One Ought to Know, ID: GB/3201)
  11. Elder Iverach (Book Title: Nikolaas, ID: GB/3203)
  12. Colta Geller Ives (Book Title: Great Wave, ID: GB/3204)

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