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Authors starting with 'A'

  1. Hans Aarsman (Book Title: Hans Aarsman: Vrrooom! Vrrrooom!, ID: GB/80292)
  2. Ignasi Aballi (Book Title: Conversations with Photographers, ID: GB/80969)
  3. Abbas Abbas (Attar) (Book Title: Return to Mexico: Journeys Beyond the Mask, ID: GB/80717)
  4. Berenice Abbott (Book Title: Berenice Abbott: Changing New York, ID: GB/31627)
  5. Berenice Abbott (Book Title: New York in the Thirties, ID: GB/80504)
  6. Berenice Abbott (Book Title: Unknown Abbott (Five Volumes), ID: GB/80849)
  7. Chinua Achebe (Book Title: Another Africa, ID: GB/80004)
  8. Ansel Adams (Book Title: Ansel Adams: In Colour , ID: GB/80007)
  9. Ansel Adams (Book Title: Changing New York 1935-1939, ID: GB/80107)
  10. Ansel Adams (Book Title: Georgie O'Keefe and Ansel Adams Natural Affinities, ID: GB/80273)
  11. Ansel Adams (Book Title: Photographs of the Southwest , ID: GB/80654)
  12. Paul Adams (Book Title: In Camera: Portraits by Paul Adams, ID: GB/80336)
  13. Robert Adams (Book Title: California: Views by Robert Adams of the Los Angeles Basin 1978-1983, ID: GB/80094)
  14. Robert Adams (Book Title: Cottonwoods: Photographs by Robert Adams, ID: GB/80138)
  15. Robert Adams (Book Title: Early Victorian Album: The Photographic Masterpieces (1843-1847) of David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, ID: GB/80193)
  16. Robert Adams (Book Title: From the Missouri West, ID: GB/80263)
  17. Robert Adams (Book Title: Gone? Colorado in the 1980s , ID: GB/80280)
  18. Robert Adams (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 2009, ID: GB/80722)
  19. Robert Adams (Book Title: Listening to the River: Seaons in the American West, ID: GB/80419)
  20. Robert Adams (Book Title: New West, ID: GB/80501)
  21. Robert Adams (Book Title: On Any Given Day In Spring / Light Balances , ID: GB/80523)
  22. Robert Adams (Book Title: Skogen, ID: GB/80761)
  23. Robert Adams (Book Title: To Make It Home: Photographs of the American West, ID: GB/80819)
  24. Robert Adams (Book Title: West from the Columbia: View at the River Mouth, ID: GB/80887)
  25. Robert Adams (Book Title: What We Bought: The New World, ID: GB/80890)
  26. Paola Agosti (Book Title: Dal Piemonte al Rio de la Plata: Immagini di Emigrazione, ID: GB/80149)
  27. Paola Agosti (Book Title: Donna e la Macchina, ID: GB/80174)
  28. Paola Agosti (Book Title: Immagine del "mondo dei vinti", ID: GB/80330)
  29. Paola Agosti (Book Title: L'Italia Fuori di'Italia, ID: GB/80420)
  30. Paola Agosti (Book Title: Volto D'Autore, ID: GB/80863)
  31. Paul Alberts (Book Title: Buite die hekke van Eden, ID: GB/80090)
  32. Paul Alberts (Book Title: Faces of Age, ID: GB/80228)
  33. Paul Alberts (Book Title: Forgotten Highway through Ceres and the Bokkeveld, ID: GB/80249)
  34. Paul Alberts (Book Title: Smarte Van Oorlog , ID: GB/80168)
  35. Paul Alberts (Book Title: Some evidence of things seen: Children of South Africa, ID: GB/80764)
  36. James Aldridge (Book Title: Living Egypt, ID: GB/80424)
  37. Jane Alexander (Book Title: Jane Alexander Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope), ID: GB/80369)
  38. Jane Alexander (Book Title: Jane Alexander: Daimler Chrysler Award for South African Sculpture, ID: GB/80370)
  39. Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Book Title: 100 Years, 100 Days, ID: GB/80447)
  40. Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Book Title: Instante y Revelacion, ID: GB/80358)
  41. Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Book Title: M. Alvarez Bravo, ID: GB/80438)
  42. Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Book Title: Manuel Alvarez Bravo, ID: GB/80445)
  43. Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Book Title: Manuel Alvarez Bravo, ID: GB/80446)
  44. Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Book Title: nudes: the blue house, ID: GB/80517)
  45. Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Book Title: Revelaciones, ID: GB/80718)
  46. Emily Anderson (Book Title: black and white photographs , ID: GB/80068)
  47. Erik Andriesse (Book Title: Fast Forward [not photography], ID: GB/80234)
  48. Paul Andriesse (Book Title: In-Between, ID: GB/80351)
  49. Paul Andriesse (Book Title: Ipsamas, ID: GB/80363)
  50. Maya Angelou (Book Title: Maya Angelou: The Poetry of Living, ID: GB/80458)
  51. Aperture Foundation (Book Title: Aperture 220: The Interview Edition, ID: GB/80008)
  52. Apperture (Book Title: Photography Past Forward, ID: GB/80936)
  53. Diane Arbus (Book Title: Sixties, ID: GB/269)
  54. Diane Arbus (Book Title: Untitled , ID: GB/80850)
  55. David Armstrong (Book Title: Nan Goldin / David Armstrong: A Double Life, ID: GB/80488)
  56. Saskia Asser (Book Title: First Light: Photography and Astronomy , ID: GB/80240)
  57. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Atget Paris, ID: GB/80022)
  58. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Atget: Photographe de Paris (Books on Books series), ID: GB/80023)
  59. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Atget: the Pioneer, ID: GB/80024)
  60. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Atget's Churches, ID: GB/80025)
  61. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Atget's Seven Albums, ID: GB/80026)
  62. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Eugene Atget, ID: GB/80997)
  63. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Vision of Paris: The Photographs of Eugène Atget. The Words of Marcel Proust, ID: GB/80861)
  64. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Work of Atget. Volume 1: Old France, ID: GB/80902)
  65. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Work of Atget. Volume 2: Art of Old Paris, ID: GB/80903)
  66. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Work of Atget. Volume 3: The Ancien Régime, ID: GB/80904)
  67. Eugene Atget (Book Title: Work of Atget. Volume 4: Modern Times, ID: GB/80905)
  68. Kader Attia (Book Title: Kader Attia, ID: GB/80384)
  69. Alan Aubry (Book Title: Orania Afrikanertuiste, ID: GB/80532)
  70. Richard Avedon (Book Title: Autobiography, ID: GB/10516)
  71. Richard Avedon (Book Title: Avedon: Photographs 1947-1977, ID: GB/80034)
  72. Richard Avedon (Book Title: In the American West, ID: GB/80343)
  73. Richard Avedon (Book Title: Sixties, ID: GB/269)

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