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Authors starting with 'K'

  1. Alter Kacyzne (Book Title: Poyln: Jewish Life in the Old Country, ID: GB/80692)
  2. Raynjith Kally (Book Title: Memory Against Forgetting: A Photographic Journey Through South Africa's History 1946-2010, ID: GB/80463)
  3. Consuelo Kanaga (Book Title: Consuelo Kanaga: An American Photographer, ID: GB/80129)
  4. Osamu Kanemura (Book Title: Spider's Strategy, ID: GB/80773)
  5. André Kertész (Book Title: Americana, ID: GB/80641)
  6. André Kertész (Book Title: Kertész on Kertész, ID: GB/80389)
  7. Chris Killip (Book Title: 55 Series, ID: GB/80978)
  8. Chris Killip (Book Title: Here Comes Everybody: Chris Killip's Irish Photographs, ID: GB/80308)
  9. Chris Killip (Book Title: In Flagrante, ID: GB/80338)
  10. Chris Killip (Book Title: In Flagrante Two, ID: GB/80339)
  11. Chris Killip (Book Title: Pirelli Work, ID: GB/80673)
  12. Chris Killip (Book Title: Seacoal, ID: GB/80745)
  13. Lisa King (Book Title: Sometimes I make money one day of the week, ID: GB/31641)
  14. Thomas Kläber (Book Title: Wetterleuchten, ID: GB/80889)
  15. William Klein (Book Title: Life is Good & Good For You In New York, ID: GB/80414)
  16. William Klein (Book Title: New York 1954-55, ID: GB/80503)
  17. William Klein (Book Title: Rome, ID: GB/80729)
  18. John Kobal (Book Title: Hollywood Glamor Portraits, ID: GB/3534)
  19. Alberto Korda (Book Title: Alberto Korda, ID: GB/80621)
  20. Boris Kossoy (Book Title: Conversations with Photographers, ID: GB/80965)
  21. Josef Koudelka (Book Title: Fabrique D'Exils, ID: GB/80223)
  22. Josef Koudelka (Book Title: Nationality Doubtful, ID: GB/80490)
  23. Josef Koudelka (Book Title: Twelve Panoramas 1987-2012, ID: GB/80837)
  24. Joseph Koudelka (Book Title: Joseph Koudelka, ID: GB/80993)
  25. Max Kozloff (Book Title: Moment of Exposure, ID: GB/80475)
  26. Antonin Kratochvil (Book Title: Broken Dream, ID: GB/80087)
  27. Laurie Kratochvil (Book Title: Rolling Stone - The Photographs, ID: GB/3567)
  28. Katya Krausova (Book Title: Last Folio: A Photographic Memory, ID: GB/80403)
  29. Rosalind Krauss (Book Title: Cindy Sherman 1975-1993, ID: GB/3569)
  30. Michket Krifa (Book Title: For a Sustainable World, ID: GB/80943)
  31. Karl Kugel (Book Title: Saudade de l'Esperenza (Mozambique), ID: GB/81006)
  32. Philip B. Jr Kunhardt (Book Title: Life Smiles Back, ID: GB/3591)
  33. Paul Kwilecki (Book Title: Understandings: Photographs of Decatur County, Georgia, ID: GB/80845)

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