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Authors starting with 'N'

  1. (Gaspard-Félix) Nadar (Tournachon) (Book Title: Nadar, ID: GB/80487)
  2. Raison Naidoo (Book Title: Indian in DRUM (Magazine in the 1950s), ID: GB/80933)
  3. Marilyn Nance (Book Title: Last Day in Lagos, ID: GB/31644)
  4. Albert Newall (Book Title: Images of the Cape, ID: GB/80942)
  5. Beaumont and Nancy Newhall (Book Title: Masters of Photography, ID: GB/4719)
  6. Jackie Nickerson (Book Title: Farm, ID: GB/31107)
  7. Lennart Nilsson (Book Title: Life, ID: GB/80413)
  8. Erika Nimis (Book Title: Photographes de Bamako, ID: GB/81007)
  9. Nicholas Nixon (Book Title: Nicholas Nixon, ID: GB/80511)
  10. Nicholas Nixon (Book Title: Nicholas Nixon, ID: GB/80510)
  11. Nicholas Nixon (Book Title: Pictures of People, ID: GB/80668)
  12. Themba Nkosi (Book Title: Time of the Comrades , ID: GB/80810)
  13. Barbara P. Norfleet (Book Title: Killing Time, ID: GB/80392)
  14. Dorothy Norman (Book Title: Intimate Visions: The Photography of Dorothy Norman, ID: GB/80362)
  15. Cedric Nunn (Book Title: Call and Response, ID: GB/80934)
  16. Azu Nwagbogu (Book Title: Hââbré, ID: GB/31640)

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